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  1. I personally know only one lesbian couple who have adopted. Their kids seem to be doing well. Still, I don't think it is ideal yet it is legal as will be country-wide homosexual marriage. The church-state separatists have had their way with our spineless pols who have "evolved" on the issue. It's funny how their evolution took place within about a three-month window during which they(liberals) had much to gain politically. Without question, adoption by gay couples will become commonplace very soon. It will be interesting to see the stats in a couple of decades on how many of their kids have homosexual encounters in their lifetimes. I will bet that more of their kids will endeavor into gay relationships than those with hetero parents.
  2. William's comments project from his ignorance of hermeneutics. When one starts a thread with a declaration so ill-founded in knowledge, it exposes him as an antagonist who desires the wasting of people's time. I'm currently wasting my time on his baseless statement to warn others to avoid the frustration of dealing with a person unwilling to study a subject before he posts drivel. You are all welcome for my sacrifice in this matter.
  3. Your WHAT is hard? Are you fantasizing about Bruce Jenner again? Your nonsensical gibberish is indeed priceless.
  4. I predicted in 2012 that Hillary would win the presidency in 2016 if she avoided self-inflicted wounds. So far, her lack of oratorical skills has hurt her and opened the door for an inferior Dem candidate to overtake her just as O did in 2008. The USA can't afford another mistake like O.
  5. Yes, Mandrew, all issues regarding her health should be fully vetted. I agree with you.
  6. Karl, Rush works his butt off daily. He deserves some time off when he wants it; because he takes occasional breaks doesn't mean he doesn't work hard. I'd bet that you take vacations, too.
  7. Bush's actions were to protect America's homeland. Saddam and radical Islamists actions were to harm America at large. This is true whether or not you favored our decision to enter what has become known as the Iraq War; I did not favor it.
  8. Dear Evince, Your ignorance knows no bounds. Why do you cite a dictionary when the conversation is about history? Webster doesn't taint its definitions according to a particular connotation. Specifically, Mussolini's Italy is not comparable to the modern USA.
  9. Obama and Holder have certainly worsened race relations in our country. They have demonstrated incompetence in many areas and share much of the blame for recent racial tensions.
  10. Gator, Unions are indeed generally good. They aren't losing ground for any major reason other than America's labor force has been hurt by foreign labor which is cheaper. When US labor was essentially the only game in town, unions had leverage. Now they don't have much leverage thus they are not as effective and with resultant membership diminution. The tide will turn eventually for American labor and unions will become more relevant again.
  11. Dear Big Zero, USA has the best healthcare in the world from a quality standpoint. However, I suspect you are talking about access to healthcare for all citizens, and this is a different subject. Single-payer would eliminate access problems but would do so at the expense of quality; this is an a priori prediction. O and his Dimocrats used Ocare to redistribute wealth vis a vis forcing people who earn good money to pay via taxation for healthcare of those who purportedly can't afford it. Government cannot run such a program effectively so I would prognosticate that many people's healthcare services wold see reductions in quality and patient satisfaction.
  12. Has anyone noticed that Evince likely represents two posters: one is so stupid that his prose is incomprehensible and laced with profanity; the other actually can write understandable sentences even though they are consistently wrong on most points. Other posters have suggested that he is on medication. I doubt this....I think two people(one stupid and one misinformed) are using his avatar.
  13. Evince is not "talking history." He is selectively dissecting tidbits of his uneducated understanding of past policies and projecting his illusory interpretations onto unrelated political situations. It would take someone with much more time on her hands than I to educate him to the level at which he can comprehend even a modest amount of robust material.
  14. Jim, when you converse with Evince, please know that he is a no-mind. You could drive the guy to the beach and he would swear he was in Iowa....absolutely clueless on most things. You are wasting your time with him.
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