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  1. Who gives a fvck if the joos are offended or not
  2. I think this is actually a good idea for cops. If they kill somebody its automatic death penalty. And not lethal injection. Public hanging
  3. Why do people say it as if Jews aren't white? I know of a few (half) black Jews like Drake but most Jews are white
  4. But why are the Joos so successful? And why does every political leader bend over for them?
  5. Jews own half of the business and bankstering industry. Fvck'em
  6. Good observation i guess that's why I picked the name muon. I was only testing to see how people would react to these threads. Since this site allows racism against black people to go unchecked I wondered how it would be perceived if someone made racist ridiculous arguments against white people
  7. Simple answer. The Jews were offended. They make up 1% of the US population but hold 40% of the top banking jobs. They control the corporations that started the whole happy holidays thing. Why should 99% of the population have to bend over for 1%?
  8. I want to go to Mars I've wanted since I was like 5
  9. "Our failure to segregate morons" She was right. Morons shouldn't be allowed to breed since they tend to produce too many kids. They breed much more than smart people
  10. I just started a thread about this topic Zionists tend to be nut job Christians
  11. Black people already have black friday why cant white people have white friday too?
  12. I'm worried that if I am running from the pigs, and I get away, now they'll have my picture from the body cam, so they'll be able to indentify me
  13. Now black people finally gave a word for white people that's very offensive Yes we're you able to decipher the meaning of that phrase I write there?
  14. That's the new name I invented for cops/white people in general
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