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  1. Someone has yet to mock the facts in my links. This thread was obviously seen as threateningly logical if you felt the need to answer me. I should probably point out that I'm 18 to clear up some confusion.
  2. Why have teens done so little? Because of their lack of freedom.And yes, I have a open and proud agenda against those that maintain power in the hands of a few. Judging by the number of people I got talking, this post was a success. I knew it would come down to name-calling. It always does.
  3. Johndnorth- "they found out how a hierarchy works" talk about class warfare! It's types like you who are always respecting authority that will be forever beneath it. Challenge it, and you'll become greater than the authority itself.
  4. While you spend your time trying to make the world a terrible place for all but the "elite".
  5. You continue to prove my point. I bought my phone for 20$ from a friend and use someone else's wifi. But no, I don't suffer that much. I'm sorry I care about those that do.
  6. Typical barbaric conservative. Ready to let thousands suffer because a few take when they don't need.
  7. That's why Americans think liberal on almost every issue.
  8. Any more money you'd need to pay in taxes, someone would otherwise need to pay as a parent. In both cases, it's called human decency.
  9. Do you check the links I provided? They clearly show that there is very little difference between teenagers and adults. And this is even when society treats them like they are retarded. Parenthood can be a great thing for a young person, just like it can be for adults. But sometimes it can be terrible, and young people should be allowed and given the tools to do their own things, and if necessary, make it on their own.
  10. My point was that these people WON'T go to an interview like that, even if they'd socialize like that. Also, that shows nothing about how serious they are about working. I find it extremely strange that you'd hire someone just because they have a tie. But what's worse is that that's NOT what usually is the deciding factor for these jobs. Rather, they look at the age, race, gender and manner of speaking to make assumptions about them or use their appearance or the people they know to make decisions.
  11. That minors have no control or freedom with their lives, and are stuck in bad situations because they aren't given independence in our culture and under the law.
  12. Hanson, I think I was pretty clear on who would be born with less equality (poor, unskilled, undesirable). That CEO earning that much is the product of human stupidity, not productivity. They didn't always earn this much. Rather, a system developed where there had to be huge variation in income so that the rich could infinitely get richer. Humans are very imperfect in assessing productivity. As a group, they're much wiser. And even a society that did reward productivity would be imperfect. That CEO, even if he produced that much more (the truth is he's replaceable), would not need that much money as an incentive to work hard. This society would reward capabilities, instead of the effort needed, and would therefore lead to the poor and the rich putting less effort in. The disabled would just be left to suffer. About representative democracy, you're right about the original intent. But the reason it's important today is so that people vote for leadership instead of issues. This way, if there's something a minority supports and cares a lot about, but the majority doesn't care but is against it, the candidate will side with the minority. Is it not discrimination? Yet you just suggested it's the solution to people being born with undesirable personalities.
  13. Did you just make up that that's how they'd show up for an interview? They dress like that in social situations, because that's what is respected there. If they did dress like that at an interview, it'd because society doesn't consider it important to show them otherwise.It's important to point out that there really is nothing wrong with that dress. It's just stiff-necks like you that have these problems. For those in good situations, that may be true. For others, not so much. It's about freedom, not forced independence.
  14. It looks you find a lot of humor in other people's hardships. I responded to what you said about education already. I'm happy you don't discriminate, but many employers (and service provides) do. And my main point in this discussion is that the government should help those with built-in disadvantages, like it did with the ACA. So it looks like you agree with me. (What's funny is that you think people can change their personalities, just like that.)
  15. And then they start to complain about slouching pants, of all things. It might be hard for you to understand, but teenagers are ACTIVELY creating that casual impression, in response to the expectations of society. It seems like you didn't even bother reading the post you replied to.
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