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  1. 1.8 million ballots sent out ... 2.5 million ballots counted. Hahaahaahaaaaaaa ... kj
  2. You are an ignorant simpleton. The internet can teach you. kj
  3. Dipshitnow wants to try and take their guns away. Hahaaahahahahahaaaaaa kj
  4. Self absorbtion at a new level. Even the guy who takes 1:14 to get on w/ it. OMG ... gag me with a spoon ... totally ... It's like half the libs here when they realize they are commuists. kj
  5. The heat is on Joe Biden and the Biden family with the new report out today (see below) from Senators Grassley and Johnson exposing Biden family members for taking millions from foreign entities. The Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, as reported in May, also has millions from China labeled as “Anonymous”… Also, according to The Washington Free Beacon, The Biden Cancer Initiative, which had $2.1 million in total assets in 2018 before suspending its operations last year, according to its tax records, declined to provide a list of donors. The Biden Institute at the University of Delaware has also declined to reveal its funders. Is anyone surprised by this? The Buy-dems are a cancer. kj
  6. DipShitNow is back to provoke a response w/ inanely illogical ignorance. Some other dipshit let him back in ... kj
  7. "Holy vodka teenie Batman, it's been the Russians all along." Dimwitted Progs still believe. kj
  8. "Sonova *****, he fired the prosecutor." "Holy vodka teenie Batman, it's been the Russians all along." kj
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