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  1. Oh, I reported him. Wheeeeeee ... kj
  2. The sound of dipshitnow mumbling to himself "Just when I thought I was going to be somebody ..." kj
  3. My bad. Poor excuse to bump the thread. "I do one thing, I do it very well ... and then I move on." kj
  4. Operated under O'Bunghole's FCC and FEC from 2014. Single payer will be alot like this. kj
  5. Progs will want to know if it comes in pink. Color fairness you know. kj
  6. Well, the tutu thing was over the top ... sorry. I've been a beer and blue agave tequila aficionado since mid highschool. When I discovered Pacifico Claro, I got "chills up my leg". Strong, almost dirty taste reset my mmm o'meter. A case or six later, I had a new brand. Tsingtao, Molsen, Sam Adams, Lowenbrau (before Miller brewed it), Corona, been through them all ... and more. I still have a case of Weinhard's number 69 in the basement. Still, try Pacifico. It's like straight coffee ... really good straight coffee. kj
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