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  1. KneeJerk

    What did Barry know and when did he know it?

    "But I didn't do it. He told me to do it. Yeah, the one w/ the ... you know." kj
  2. Collective bargaining is one thing. It should be their only thing. It should take much 'dues' to have that. kj
  3. "I swear to uphold O'Bammy's laws of Progetry, that I willingly abuse and harrass innocent citizens in the name of the Great and Glorious O'Hole and may Allah forever be fingering my ass." kj
  4. Treason Monkey hasn't even watched the video. O'Baamaaa colluding w/ Deep State Progs. "I swear that I am a Prog Deep Stater in collusion w/ President O'Baamaaa's deep desire to fundamentally fuck this country up." kj
  5. Not a flaw in Capitalism but a flaw in social engineering. "Income tax is for the purpose of redistribution." - 1946 Chairman New York Fed Reserve Cartel. 45:05 - Income tax and Fed Reserve ... same people. 49:00 - The purpose of the Income Tax is NOT to raise revenue. 51:15 - All taxation is social engineering. kj
  6. "Nads" Nadler - A Player In the Management Profession. kj
  7. ... and he was right. And now ... "Shit." kj
  8. Tax breaks ... brought to us by the 16th Amdt. The corruption from it is everywhere. Repeal and be free. You know you want to. kj
  9. p How illustrative of the what most citizens see when they think of "something". AC in DC ... there must be a better joke than that. kj
  10. What is "no collusion" supposed to look like? So desperate ... Ever since Hitlary lost ... The Polls said ... kj
  11. Stupidity is not weakness leaving the body, it's just expressing itself. kj
  12. Beater's got some 'splainin' to do ... Oh, BTW, dishonest thread title. kj