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  1. McCain isn't republican, he's a RINO. Which means he's a moderate Democrat.
  2. Look at the mouth on evince. I'd slap the shit out of her if I heard her say that shit in person.
  3. If Obama brought down gas prices why is diesel still in the $3.50/gallon range? Because Obama is crucifying the oil producers by having the EPA force ultra low sulfer levels in diesel fuel. So the answer to my question is actually Obama didn't bring gas prices down. The free market/ fracking and production have brought prices down despite Obama trying to keep prices high.
  4. I see you gave up your man card. Pussy. Those "rights" are enumerated in the Bill of Rights, the supreme law of the land. Don't like it. Move elsewhere. Pussy.
  5. He was also a cross dresser and liked to have his poopy hole filled with penor.
  6. They don't wanna bang the fat ones. You know, the ones like you.
  7. Are you fuking kidding me? They represent the unions. Not the workers, the union bosses that give them money.
  8. The video is full of common sense so I hope your little heads don't explode. Try to refute the facts................
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