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  1. Nice to finally see the US Gov. doing it's job and going after the employers that facilitate and attract illegal immigration. We should have been doing this many decades ago, and continuously.
  2. Ridley Scott has a realistic grasp of the benefits of this tax reform measure, as usual. Not only is he a talented director/producer but he thinks clearly with a realistic view of the facts of the world . . . something sorely lacking across America recently.
  3. Politifact, from the Tampa Times, is a well known progressive leftist and ultra liberal construct, set up to delude people into thinking that it must be a even-handed, non-partisan info source. It's even more left-leaning than Snopes and just about on par with the Washington Post editorial policies. In other words - it's garbage.
  4. Sure you would, tough guy . . . Typical keyboard ranger bullBad word. Like most other semi-deranged progressive leftists, you think your deluded "crusade" against what you like to call "Nazis' is a justification of any crime you want to commit. Well . . that just makes you a moron and a criminal, two things we've all become used to dealing with for many, many years. Let me tell you what you're going to be. You're not going to be any kind of hero or patriot because you're deranged and actually intellectually limited. You're going to be frustrated and disappointed most of the rest of your fairly useless life. You'll be angry and constantly fighting with a world that laughs at you, marginalizes you and labels you accurately as a deluded moron. Much later in your life, you'll realize you wasted what you had on stupidity that you and your kind just couldn't make come true and you'll die heavily wrinkled and with irritable bowel syndrome. Enjoy . . .
  5. Pretty clearly a physical attack for political reasons. The leftist didn't like what Spencer was saying , or his politics so he physically assaults him to shut him up, to hurt him, and to stop his right to speech. This is exactly the tactics used by Hitler's Brown Shirts (The SD) when National Socialists Party was growing in Germany in the late thirties. Now who's the real NAZI, you worthless douchebags. . . ?
  6. This is a political move and a dangerous one. There's simply no evidenced that would support 1st degree murder (which required premeditation to kill). If charged with and unwinnable charge, a jury may have to find him not guilty, or worse - an acquittal ! Then there's not going to be any other major charges related to the same case permitted !! He's clearly guilty of manslaughter and should be charged with that.
  7. I seriously doubt the BS story about "dragged kicking and screaming" from the WH. But, I also can see how she would present an incompatible element in a difficult staff to manage, and Kelly was probably right to cut her loose. I doubt Trump was physically involved with her but I can't see what she would bring to the staff to warrant her employment, either.
  8. With no evidence of treason whatsoever, your desire for his death simply makes YOU a murderous predator. Now , who should be hanged. . . ?
  9. Be thankful to whatever god you pray to that you were born at the top of the heap. Most of us here are American citizens, living here. If you don't think you're at the top of the heap, generally speaking, take a closer look at the rest of the "heap" !! On this planet, at this timeframe, it doesn't get any better than being born American.
  10. Jimsouth - you seem to be doing pretty well. You seem dedicated and serious so it's highly likely you will succeed. Never stop trying, and don't worry too much about an occasional slip. They will become very rare to non-existent soon enough !!
  11. Good for you for taking that step into self-control of your own life. If you feel comfortable with it, later, you may want to look into a concealed carry permit, or just have the gun at home. either way - congratulations and be safe !
  12. Static electricity discharges caused by the earthquake's slight alteration of the Earth's magnetic field at the localized level. Very Temporary and harmless.
  13. As a kid, I did a lot of growing up in San Antonio . . . I think Texas is a great state ! But, when they found out I don't like beer and didn't own a Stetson - they suggested I consider moving . . . LOL
  14. Yeah - these leftist popularity polls today are about as accurate as their election polls were six months ago . . . . LOL Yeah - let's all believe those, eh ?
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