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  1. As a kid, I did a lot of growing up in San Antonio . . . I think Texas is a great state ! But, when they found out I don't like beer and didn't own a Stetson - they suggested I consider moving . . . LOL
  2. Yeah - these leftist popularity polls today are about as accurate as their election polls were six months ago . . . . LOL Yeah - let's all believe those, eh ?
  3. Oh. . hey, how about that !! LOL - Life in the DC suburbs (Maryland) is a continuing miserable existence among these self-absorbed, progressive leftist loons. I can't wait to get the fuck out of here when I fully retire from gainful employment in two years. Tapping my foot. . . !
  4. A basketball coach. . . ? Now there's a valid source of political analysis. . . ! LOL. About as valid as consulting a Kardashian for a surgical second opinion !
  5. Sure they are. . . don't hold your breath - Or, better yet. . please do.
  6. These liberals are going to be profoundly embarrassed when it comes out that there never was any "Russian connection" in the conduct of the election, or Trump's campaign. But they're so desperate to try to find some little thing that someone said that might be in error, so that they can honk and holler that someone is "lying" for Trump !! This "Trump derangement syndrome" seems to be a direct by-product of the immense butt-hurt they all felt as the election turned to shit for them. With regard to Comey. . . it really doesn't matter why Trump fired him, since he serves at the pleasure of the President. There's likely not going to be any drawn out, expensive independent prosecutor or intensive investigation into the "Russian" claims since there's not a single shred of evidence to indicate any such connection existed - ergo; no justification for the time or expense. It makes one wonder why these frantic, desperate leftists don't get a hobby, or something . . . Their blood pressure must be off the scale - LOL
  7. Believe what you wish. The facts are that Comey's gone, the agency can now recover some of the respect it had for unbiased investigative work - and McCabe will not be it's Director. It's not that Comey is an unpleasant guy, but he seriously damaged the reputation of the FBI by his horrendous handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation and his clear willingness to do the partisan bidding of the Attorney General Lynch.
  8. McCabe is a close friend of James Comey and, of course, he can say complimentary things about him since there's no consequences to doing so. That's all that statement was, a compliment to a friend. It doesn't have to be very accurate, which it isn't. I have an extensive background in law enforcement and the FBI agents I know have stated that the large majority of field agents are glad there's a replacement coming. Oh - and it's not going to be Andrew McCabe. He's only serving as an administrative place-holder and he knows it.
  9. Americans want Tramp Imeached

    What an absurd, juvenile, and foolish waste of time and effort. "Largely symbolic" is putting it mildly. It 's just another version of displaying the deep effects of leftist butt-hurt over Hillary getting kicked to the curb. The number of people who want Trump "impeached" is nowhere near as large as they would like you to believe. Clowns.
  10. Things I know about Africa

    This is the kind of thread, started by that kind of deranged member, that caused people to not come here, or stay for very long. . . . you have to just assume that the owners of this site simply do not care about site quality and if that's the case - AMF !
  11. Is everyone here addicted to posting random music videos. . . on a political discussion site. . . ?
  12. That may be, but answers can be sent to him via private messages. . .
  13. Stupid people

    laripu - excellent response. You're quite right. The human, with all of it's vaunted capabilities, is fully capable of making oddly inappropriate errors. It also makes them volatile and, of course, the most dangerous creature around.
  14. So why bother coming here, Jonathan, if you're just going to put everyone on "ignore". . . ? Seems. . well, . . stupid.