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  1. Just b/c you claim that the "initiation of force" is always illegitimate doesn't mean that it is. You need to demonstrate this claim. But we already went over this, didn't we? Your parents "initiated" force in creating you, raising you, and disciplining you. Oops! Initiation of force is not always wrong by your own earlier admission. But it gets better. What is "the initiation of force"? What, do you believe in some "god" thing that gives you alleged "freewill" to "initiate" stuff of your own accord? Freewill is an illusion. Force happens in the universe due to necessary antecedent preconditio
  2. Yes, it is pointless for you to continue arguing the same arbitrary, strawman, ad hominem, and presuppositional arguments when they have been thoroughly rebutted and when you have failed to meet your burden of proof. Good day.
  3. “First, no it’s not. Most of the economy runs on voluntarism and it’s not even a slight stretch to imagine government services privatized. Secondly, even if this were “speculative”, it would not hurt the moral arguments at all. Only those with money have rights? That’s the exact opposite of the truth. Everyone would have the basic human right to…wait for it… NOT be forced to pay for things that they don’t want! But you have shown that you are incapable of debating with consistent principles and have no recognition of human rights, which is fine. Theft does not exist in a world without prin
  4. “Jesus…” You are the one who brought up children killing themselves, remember? How ironic. “I have an idea, what about getting to opt out by NOT consuming certain goods and services in society?! Why is that such a difficult concept?” Because it isn’t just about “consuming”. As others here have already pointed out to you, in virtue of living in society you are already utilizing goods, services, and privileges. That is a basic fact of living in society. Maybe you just don’t want to live in society? Although I’m not sure why this would be since you are benefitting greatly from it. “We hav
  5. “Yes, I know that it’s fiction. It’s called a “hypothetical situation” to illustrate this thing called a “point”.” “Like I said multiple times, then instead of referring to a car, let’s refer to food or protection services or roads or whatever. You are completely missing the main point. The main point is that the good or service in question does not change the fundamental mathematics of being able to have these things without any “debt to society”. So basically you think just repeating your same old arguments over and over again are going to win the discussion? I actually did address thi
  6. “If you believe that people have an obligation to help others in society, then clearly you should believe that there is no problem with forcing people into the "most effective" professions to serve the greater good, right? Sacrifice the individual for the collective. Let's say one person would better serve society as a doctor, but he doesn't much want to become a doctor. Do I have the right to force this person to become a doctor if it will increase overall well-being in society? After all, he SHOULD choose the career that best serves society. He has an obligation, no? Obviously I do
  7. “Let me try this... I "reject" your claims. Whew! I win! That was easy (sorry, learned it from you bro). Address the arguments and the data or don't talk.” This response, and the others from your post #467, basically ignored major parts of my rebuttal (which is quite ironic given your assertions about “despicable human being”, which has nothing to do with “the arguments”, and your command you gave above). Could you get anymore hypocritical? I not only stated that I reject your assertion regarding “rights”, I also gave reasons for that rejection. If you choose not to rationally address those r
  8. A stateless society on a big island with no government is fiction (just like the alleged "free market" is and like the concept of “freewill” is) but I will respond anyhow. The analogy is another false one, since you're having a car (in this little scenario) is not a necessity for keeping the general welfare of all peoples living among one another in a society (unlike something like clean water which is). So there is no rightful or accurate correlation there and in my view you are putting way too much trust in people's 'good graces' to keep society functioning smoothly (unrealistically). Many p
  9. Hm, that's weird. I have over 10 posts and I still cannot message friends.
  10. PART II “Did you know that society is made up of individuals? What you deny the individual, you also deny all of society. The well being of society (or the greatest number, or the collective, or whatever you want to call it) is measured by the good experienced by each individual. It's also funny that you seem to think that because I stick up for the individual, somehow I'm necessarily against all of society, as if those two things are mutually exclusive when in fact they're one in the same. The data clearly shows that respect for individual rights (AKA Economic freedom) brings the most good
  11. How many posts and/or how long is the wait?
  12. "I don’t think you get it. I am a part of society too. I contribute to society’s success too. Therefore, society owes me something back as well. If I owe each person in society a small amount for contributing to society’s success and each person in society owes me a small amount for contributing to society’s success, the sum of transactions equals zero. It’s simple math. Furthermore, it adds completely unnecessary confusion to the situation. If every service is privatized and voluntary, all “debts to society” are paid in full immediately when people consume said services." This response
  13. Is there a way to private message someone on here or does this forum not allow it? I have tried to find a "message" button on some users profiles (which is standard on most forums) and cannot find one. Also, can someone change the timeout feature on here? The website logged me off while I was in the middle of a response to someone and (after clicking Submit) I lost everything.
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