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  1. The point was that those parents got so stuck on their personal problems they couldn't make a decision for a while! I believe that a loving family would pay attention to the death of their child not to their relations and personal attitude!
  2. Urrrr...... are you okay! Seems that you've lost the connection with reality. Again! None of the Arabian countries (except the partner countries like Saudi Arabia) asked the US army for help. Just accept that!
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/17/nyregion/in-death-girl-2-is-caught-in-fight-over-organs.html?_r=0 There's a story about a dead girl whose divorced parents couldn't decide for almost 2 days whether to bury her or to sell her organs for other children. So I wonder what happened to the minds and ethic values of those parents, who hate each other that much, they can't even worry about the destiny of their child after her death!
  4. I believe they already know multiple ways to get this guide but the Bible! For me it's a really good thing that there still are kids interested in something but sex and booze!!
  5. ha-ha my votes! i agree that ordinary soldiers just take orders and can't be responsible for the economical situation in the region. But there are "some people" in the White House who have to take responsibility for that! That's what I believe! If our army takes the responsibility to destroy the evil in the world (ha-ha), they have to understand that the life of civilians also worth a lot!
  6. The US army has to accept already they're not saving or protecting any other nation. There's a news on the NYTimes, saying that the civilians of the Raqqa city, Syria, say that after the beginning of the Air Strikes from the American army, the life in the city became even worse than it was when ISIS was holding power in the region. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/14/world/middleeast/airstrikes-blunt-isis-in-raqqa-but-many-syrians-there-arent-grateful.html?_r=0 People are left with higher prices on goods and oil and in total disorder in government! So I wonder what do you think about that?
  7. I guess so! After the elections the GOP finally felt they are powerful enough to do and say whatever they want. But it's known that it takes long time and ponderable reason to start the new war! Especially knowing that the USA hadn't started WARS wince the WW2
  8. Literally we are the State of Democracy (as Democracy was represented by the Ancient Greeks) Cause regardless our authorities lie us about equality through media, it's absolutely obvious that the society is divided into Demos (free, rich plantators) and Okhlos (ordinary free people with no fortune). And democracy is the ideology where Demos rules okhlos
  9. I guess he would if he could! But the politicians of the upper ranks get too pissed off to act seriously quite after they cross threshold of the White House or Capitol! Cause they can loose everything they got! That's why there's no such thing as justice for those who rule this country!
  10. Urgh, pardon! Whut?? That was a really good trolling, cause you got my reaction! But can you please explain your point of view?! I'm really interested what can you say against kids, who chose their faith to drugs and sex and crime!
  11. I believe he thought he can talk it over and finally win some good relations with the Chinese! But he'll fail here again! Asian people differ a lot from the Western civilisation! You have to get their respect! And it's not so easy with our Mr. President!
  12. I doubt that those kids were doing something that disturbed other people! Or took time from their studies! It's just the ignorant head master and the other teachers who were to scared that those kids got involved in a sect!
  13. I guess you've mixed the prepositions! That must be the freedom OF religion! And in a free country it always has to be freedom OF religion! Cause it's better for people, especially youth to be closer to God than to drugs, crime etc...
  14. It seems that you got me totally wrong! I'm not trying to set anybody against the government! (okay, maybe sometimes I do) I just clearly see that they are contradicting to the greatest statements of the American society!
  15. Hey people, you all cry out your Constitutional rights to love whoever you want or to bear you shooting machines and to trust any god you like! But it's obvious that the authorities (especially local) don't give a damn crap on your rights! There's a news that the school in Colorado banned students from praying together. http://www.wnd.com/2014/11/school-bans-students-from-praying-together/ Like if they were trying to harm anybody! How can this be legal when a person just wants to share his religious beliefs?
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