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  1. More details about Tea Party scandal http://butthis.com/news/the-lesson-of-lois-lerner
  2. Another one shooting... and what comes next? Silly, but the rise of gun-sales http://butthis.com/news/one-dead-two-hurt-in-tennessee-state-university-shooting-in-nashville
  3. Personally I don't care what Personally I don't care what George W. Bush thinks, moreover, none in this republican pool is good. http://butthis.com/news/george-w-bush-unleashes-on-ted-cruz
  4. Look! This guy decided to show his opinion on gays http://butthis.com/news/rand-pauls-misguided-take-on-anti-gay-discrimination
  5. Yep, Bernie is much better... The only thing I don't like about him is that he is a socialist
  6. Freedom fries is probably the worst food in the world cause they don't have any nutritious qualities.
  7. There is no worthy candidate from the Liberal Party today. Sanders is so comic
  8. Is he a legend or real hero? ... I don't know for sure. Maybe, you can tell me something about it?
  9. Have you heard something about the Black Lion Agent?
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/senate-expected-act-nsa-collection-phone-records-071757895--politics.html So, national security versus personal information and private life. What do you think wins? Personally, I’m against this Section 215, let them prove they really need my or anyone else’s data. I don’t like the fact that government feels it has the right to do whatever it feels necessary or right because everyone has different idea of what’s necessary and right. 1984 is a great illustration to my concerns.
  11. Someone said that hate is not the worst thing. The worst thing is indifference. I have been thinking about the saying since the moment I learnt that story about a woman raped in Florida where incident was "captured on videotape and witnessed by scores of rowdy spring breakers." link I mean, since when it is normal to shoot a person in trouble on your phone rather then help this person? How did our kids, youngsters and just people become so indifferent to others? What is it, the victory of individualism or some twisted morale? Do you think it's just an episode or a real symptom of real problems in our society that indicates the total indifference?
  12. http://news.yahoo.com/judge-denies-request-let-immigration-action-effect-072907248.html Frankly speaking, I love how they day by day demonstrate who the real traitor of the country’s interests is. They don’t even understand how their words are the brightest indicator of their intentions. And I’m glad there’re people who still can oppose the crazy decisions – thanks to Founding Fathers who provided us with such opportunity in case someone decided he had absolute power. Still, I have doubts that the judge and 26 states would be able to resist long enough.
  13. Exactly! It feels like there is lots of stuff done, but not to make people really equal and create a just society, but to get some sort of a payback for all the years of sufferings and whatsoever.
  14. http://theithacan.org/news/ic-sga-passes-bill-to-create-system-to-report-microaggressions/ Lovely things are done by kids in colleges. I just can't get the idea what they mean under 'microagression'. And what are they planning to do next, after winning this battle? Fighting against thoughtcrimes? There was only one reasonable person among those activisits, who said: "The very definition of a microaggression is that it isn’t intended, so the very idea of taking legal action against somebody for not intending to say something that happened to be harmful is not my idea of living in a free society." What I don't like even more is that these kids will grow up and move on promoting such ideas in the world...
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