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  1. dontlooknow, As I said in another reply, I don't. But if negros dislike it, then for that reason alone, I like it.
  2. Slowmotion426, Don't worry. You were right in a way.
  3. Old Mack, You said that's what you think. And it is an extraordinarly stupid idea. Also, if we were to compensate negros, we would have to compensate Indains. Then we would probably have to compensate England. None of this is going to be done. But there is one thing you should worry about. Someday, China is going to want something besides numbers on a sheet of paper as compensation. Those in power are already trying to make us part of Mexico. Are you ready to become part of China? Slowmotion426, I owe blacks something. A bullet in the head. dontlooknow, Both the confederate flag and the American flag should be flushed down the toilet and replaced with a Nazi flag. TrueDem, Being White is practically enough for you to need a bullet proof car to drive through a ghetto. If you really want to have some fun, put a Nazi flag on your bullet proof car and drive around anywhere.
  4. Old Mack, Pretty silly. But I will tell you what I would be in favor of. Apart from south Africa, (White people there already have too many negros around) all black people in this country should be given a one way ticket to Africa and have their illegal U.S. citizenship taken from them. Once there, all adult men can be given 40 acres, a tractor, seeds and whatever personal belongings they want to bring with them.
  5. kal-el, You have an avatar like somebody elses I saw at another forum. But judging from what you said here, you can't be that person. Next, I doubt if Obama would push for reparations to negros for their ancestors having been slaves. First of all, I don't think he's that stupid. Also, Obama is just a corporate meat puppet. I don't think that giving reparations to negros is a dance corporations would have him dance. Next, neither democrats or republicans want a race war. It would be bad for business. Not only that, it could force politicians to do more than kiss hands and shake babies.
  6. punditry, You got that right! One way negros pay us back can be found in the second half of my thread "Are negros worth the trouble?" If you care to take a minute or so to read it. You also sound like the kind of person who might be interested in my thread, "Examples of free speech." If you would care to take a minute or so to read it too. If you feel like replying, please do so within those threads. It will move them back up to the top of the list. Then maybe a miracle might happen. Somebody who can get past their negative Pavlovian response to my avatar might actually read them too. And maybe even debate me over their content.
  7. personreal, Our whole country is already bankrupt. I think they're just wating to see how big a hole they can dig themselves before they default. The question I have is how much U.S. territory the U.S. plans to surrender to China as compensation. I don't know if this will happen. But it could. And being all "politically correct," our nation couldn't refuse them for politically incorrect (racial) reasons.
  8. TxRanger, Oh. So now you're going to give me the human caused global warming denier treatment. I've been down that road. No matter how much proof I give, it is never good enough. Though I don't really have any proof anyway. It is just a point of logic that a different mind would come up with different cultures. But when it gets right down to the nitty gritty of the matter, it doesn't matter. Because though our brains are quite different from that of a chimpanzees, every unseemly thing that chimpanzeed do, humans sometimes do the same sorts of things. Have chimpanzees ever indulged in necrophilia? I wonder.
  9. TxRanger, You're talking a lot of pointless crap. As I said, if you REALLY want to get into tha matter, you should read my thread, "Is the White species superior?" Though for now, what makes you think that differences in culture isn't rooted in differences in brain function. Next, have you ever seen any of the reconstructions of neanderthals. Or the differences between their skeletons and ours? They were barely human. Yet we could apparently interbreed with them. And their ability to think is thought to be pretty much equal with ours. Yet having seen the differences between their kind and White people, I by far prefer White people.
  10. native, On that point, I have to agree with you. Not that I am against what the U.S. did to the Indains. For one reason, Indian tribes used to try to do the same sort of things to each other. Also, in all things, it comes down to, "It's either them or us." Though there is one thing I can say about American Indians. They are a better breed of Indian than those flooding up over the southern border. It disgusts me that we should have killed off so many decent breed of Indains only to have them replaced by the less desireable ones from south of the border.
  11. shintao, Don't call me a boy. Boy. Also, I think you're full of crap. Do I have to go look up what 40 acres and a mule cost back in 1865? And then adjust that number for inflation and then divide that up among all their living descendants? Also, who would have received 40 acres and a mule. I could see it going to a male head of a family. But would it also have gone to each woman and child? You can slice it any way you want. It was just a stupid idea. Despite any order that some general gave or whatever bill may have been introduced and passed. Recently, there is one person who gave negros the compensation they deserved. Dylann Roof.
  12. Sure are,.................. Sherman's Special Field Orders, No. 15 & The Freedmen's Bureau bill shinto, I don't know what Sherman's special order no. 15 was. But for American people who weren't in the military, Sherman's orders didn't mean anything. As for the freedmen's Bureau bill, I never heard of that either. But aside from that, all those mules would have had to come from somewhere. And the land they were supposed to get, maybe they did get that. I don't know. All they woukld have had to do is divide up some plantation owners property. But even if they were given such land, I doubt if they would have kept it. They probably would have ended up being share croppers one way or another. As to any link showing that Lincoln at one point was planning to send ex-slaves to Panama, I don't have one. It was just something I saw on a history show once. Though if you were to type into your browser, "Lincon's plan to send ex-slaves to Panama," you will find something about it. Also, other presidents did try to deport at least some negros. If I remember right, the country of Liberia was founded by ex-slaves who were sent there.
  13. Steelfoot, First of all, there is nothing wrong with Fascism. The only opinion of it that you probably have comes from the Jew controlled media and our corrupt, criminal, capitalist government.. As to which forums I have been banned from, it would be a shorter list to say which ones I haven't been banned from. For example, enter into your google browser, "political forums." Except for a couple that weren't worth joining, I have been banned from all the political forums on the first page.
  14. Toastmaker, Let's talk about despicable sweage. Do you know what despicable sewage would call something clean? Despicable sewage. That is an undenyable truth that you're just going to have to live with. It is also the real reason why I have been banned at so many forums. Now let's talk about what is clean. Take my threads, "The cost of not bacling Hitler," "Why vote national socialist. (nazi party)," "Is the White species superior?," What is a species," "Jewish Warfare," and "Are negros worth the trouble." Find just ONE thing that I said in any of them that you think is wrong. Tell me what that thing is, if you dare. I can set you straight. Then we will see who the real "despicable garbage" is. Also, I've thought about consequences and everything else concerning the things I write about to a far greater degree than you can probably imagine.
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