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  1. OldCM


    One thing that has crossed my mind more than once is the videos I have seen on broadcast news of ISIS running up and down roads in Iraq in military style vehicles (jeep, trucks and tanks). It seems to me that if we know what areas ISIS controls, it should not be a problem to eliminate all such vehicles moving around in their area of control. And from the air (drones or fighters). I haven't seen such a tactic reported on the news but they do not usually devote enough time to ISIS to really inform anyone very well. Other than air strikes I cannot imagine the USA engaging in another ground war in Iraq or Syria. Been there. Done that. With less than decent results. JMO, of course. YMMV.
  2. 1. How about unemployment and underemployment because of jobs being shipped overseas? 2. I haven't a clue about this one except I have never known anyone on welfare or government assistance. 3. Depends on their community and location, IMO. 4. Unions are not bad entities and are frequently necessary to prevent exploitation of the work force. 5. Minimum wage laws have been around most of my life. Without them some people would still be working for $1 a day. 6. Big corporations and financial institutions are what created this latest economic disaster commonly called a 'recovery'. 7. The easiest way to deprive someone of life is to deprive them of a decent wage job and affordable healthcare. 8. Nowhere in the New Testament does it say being wealthy is a sign of approval by God. 9. Some of the wealthy are trying to use their wealth for the general welfare of people who are not wealthy. 10. None of our problems have quick or simple solutions. And this Congress has not and will not solve anything.
  3. I doubt that the truth has yet to hit the news media. It may be hidden in all the stories somewhere but has probably not been really told yet.
  4. Goody! I hope he gets convicted in court. The governor indicted in 1917 was also impeached and resigned before the state Senate convicted him of almost the same offenses.
  5. Im Lewstherin, Im so butthurt and angry because my mommy made me dress like a girl yesterday and suck on my daddy's d!ck, that's the reason why I hate Real Estate brokers, because my mom who is a real estate broker, made me dress like a girl in pretty little pink high heels and white panthose with red g strings, and lipstick, and made me suck on my daddy's d!ck like the little f@ggot I am..

  6. They're just trying anything and everything to scare voters into voting for their candidates. In one state I read where they were trying to overturrn a law that prevents a candidate from telling lies about another candidate (things they know to be lies). Hopefully they failed at that attempt.
  7. One point: Congress cannot pass anything without a Senate vote. So the House of Representatives can pass all kinds of stuff, and I think that they have recently, like repealing the ACA over 50 times. In order for Congress to pass a bill on to POTUS for signature or veto, both chambers must pass the very same bill.
  8. Yes, I heard that on the evening news tonight. Goody! Although I doubt the victim will get justice, perhaps the cops will not be doing that procedure in the immediate future. Give them a few months, though, and one of them will do it again.
  9. They're too busy positioning themselvees to run for POTUS in 2016 to cooperate with the 'lower' House.
  10. Personally, I do not think that civilians carrying guns with them makes anybody that much safer. There are some people, no doubt, who want to carry a concealed handgun and as long as they are licensed to do so, I'm OK with that. But open carry is a different thing to me. I don't think we could or should 'ban' the 2nd amendment but I think it needs to be limited by reasonable regulation like most states do now (or used to, before the open carry demonstrators starting giving me nightmares). But that's just my opinion, Isn't worth much.
  11. Supposn, I don't even advocate for the same things I used to. I considered myself to be pro-life, until the demonstrators/terrorists starting killing abortion clinic doctors and bombing the clinics. Then I became pro-choice. A true pro-lifer cannot be all about unborn babies. What happens to them after they are born? The current GOP doesn't care what happens to them, whether their parents wanted them or not, can afford them or not. But they are mostly against the government helping people (except for the extremely wealthy) at all. How can a sane person insist that a woman who gets pregnant must carry that preganacy to term whether she wants to or not and whether she can afford it or not and then not offer even a small amount of help to raise that child, help feed it, clothe it, care for it?
  12. For most of my life I voted for a Republican ticket in every election from Richard Nixon through the 2000 election and SCOTUS selection of George W. Bush. I voted for Bush in 2000. But by 2004 I was horrified at what the GOP was perpetrating on the nation from Washington, DC. In 2004 I sat out the election process, not willing to vote for Bush again, and not willing to vote for a Democrat. But in 2008 I enthusiatically voted for President Obama, even though I had voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary. I'm 70 years old and I will NEVER vote for another Republican for any office. That means I will never win an election here in Texas. In the county in which I live many local offices do not have any Democrats running for the office, so I end up voting for Independents and/or third party candidates who never win.
  13. Yes (partially). I think the federal government needs to have a more balanced budget. I don't know if they can ever really balance their budget, but they should be a lot closer than 17 trillion dollars. Of course the party that claims they are for that, also claims "no increase in taxes" which means they can never balance the federal budget. And they are also the ones that prosecuted two wars without paying for them. And by "balance" the budget I do not mean shutting down the government or cutting out any of the departments of government.
  14. I sincerely hope so. But hope is about all I can hang my hat on. If the GOP gains control of the Senate this year, the government will come to a complete stop and they will bring on more and more government shutdowns and refuse to do any of the things the government needs to do until they get "their way" on everything. Gawd! I hope that doesn't happen.
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