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  1. There is nothing stupid in the word RINO, to my mind
  2. The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, has ordered a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from the Capitol. Calling the Commandments “religious in nature and an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths,” the court said the monument must go. Gov. Mary Fallin has refused. And Oklahoma lawmakers instead have filed legislation to let voters cut out of their constitution the specific article the justices invoked. Some legislators want the justices impeached. Fallin’s action seems a harbinger of what is to come in America — an era of civil disobedience like the 1960s, where court orders are defied and laws ignored in the name of conscience and a higher law. Only this time, the rebellion is likely to arise from the right. Certainly, Americans are no strangers to lawbreaking. What else was our revolution but a rebellion to overthrow the centuries-old rule and law of king and Parliament, and establish our own?
  3. Yes, the US should stay the hell out of Ukraine. I would say that the US, at the difference of the British Empire before, were never able to sort out, what were their real geopolitical interests, from what was internal politics within the country. Is it because Americans tend to project what they feel their identity is in international matters and for example need often to believe, that they have a mission toward the rest of the Earth and that anyway American standards are the best and probably universal... And this is not only about our big politicians
  4. Some thoughts. I`m sick and tired of dirt. Putin is not Hitler. This does not mean he is trustworthy, or that he doesn’t dream of re-establishing the Soviet empire. Who knows what is he thinking about? But nothing good can come of treating him like Hitler, no matter what he is really like. Recognizing the mythology surrounding Ukraine that has arisen in the marketplace of ideas will not eliminate it, but it might help the rest of us resist its charms. Fortunately, the don’t-just-stand-there caucus has not yet been able to affect the general prudence of the American people, who stubbornly (so far) refuse to believe that much is at stake here, and insist that we stay out. But repeated pathological hyperbole might change that, if left unchallenged by reason.
  5. Our own domestic oil industry is a bullshit. Before Obama leaves office, domestic oil production could top the U.S. record set in 1970. But it is not enough to substitute all of Iraqi oil
  6. Iraq had a very large external debt in 1990 and US authorities hinted to Saddam Hussein that they would not mind if he robbed Kuwait. However, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, the United States declared war to Iraq. Characteristically, this war was financed by US allies: Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who paid the Americans 54.5 billion dollars. As a result, the "Operation Desert Storm" was completed with a net profit of 19 billion dollars. This war was necessary to strengthen position in the Middle East and to intimidate allies in Europe and Asia. Similar to the reasons for the 2003 war.
  7. The same people involved in gun-smuggling to Mexico that became known as the Fast and Furious Scandal, were also responsible for smuggling weapons from Libya to the Syrian terrorists trying to overthrow Syria’s Assad Regime, according to information finally revealed this week. http://www.newswithviews.com/NWV-News/news443.htm These documents point to connection between the collapse in Libya and the ISIS war – and confirm that the U.S. knew remarkable details about the transfer of arms from Benghazi to Syrian jihadists
  8. A think tank with ties to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton issued strong criticisms Thursday of the Obama administration’s strategy to combat the Islamic State, with analysts writing that the U.S. is “failing” and needs to change course. Two former Obama national security aides broke with the president by urging the deployment of American ground troops to directly help the disheveled Iraqi army. One used the word “failing” to describe how the administration is arming the Baghdad military. Does it mean Hillary loses black voices? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/may/28/hillary-clinton-tied-think-tank-bashes-obamas-isis/
  9. And Bush is not the most liar yet. How about Barry? He fooled his own party. Fooled Repubs. Fooled Americans. Fooled the entire world. The only ones that Obama did not dissapoint are homos and immigrants
  10. The concept of straight government marriage is clear. Perpetuation of the species (except those straight couples who don't intend on having children). It is the best situation for kids to have a traditional family with a mother and father. How financially do the rest of us benefit that government should be charging us higher taxes to make up for lower taxes for people to have gay sex who do not perpetuate the species? Why do we gain for that we should pay for it? There is no benefit to society from gay marriage
  11. The State Department has reportedly deemed any mission to rescue U.S. government assets in war-torn Yemen too risky. The Wall Street Journal, citing a State Department official, reports that any evacuation point designated in a country where an Al Qaeda affiliate is active and an unstable security picture puts Americans and any U.S. military assets involved at risk. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/05/02/state-department-reportedly-deems-mission-to-rescue-americans-in-yemen-too/ Why try to save them and take risks when Russian rescuers will do it? If they were black drug dealers, Barack would be there personally to escort them home. By the way, the NAVY recruiting ad says: "They will need to get through us before they get to you".
  12. The 2016 campaign has finally arrived. Here's a glimpse of what we'll be watching next week: 1. Clinton on the trail, New Hampshire edition 2. A vote, finally, for Loretta Lynch? 3. TPP on the trail: Dems debate trade 4. Conservative Cattle-Call: Republicans flock to Iowa 5. Iran debate could begin in Senate So, what is your top subject-matter of next week? and why?
  13. The phrase "dropout factory" is ordinarily applied to America's failing high schools -- the ones where students are expected to fall through the cracks, where those who make it past graduation and on to college are considered the exceptions, the lucky survivors. But by that definition, another level of U.S. education counts as a "dropout factory": our entire higher education system. That's the basic message of an article by Reuters' Lou Carlozo, which digs into the reasons why so many American college students fail to finish their educations. Just 56 percent of students who embark on a bachelor's degree program finish within six years, according to a 2011 Harvard study titled Pathways to Prosperity. Just 29 percent of those who seek an associate's degree obtain it within three years. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, just 46 percent of Americans complete college once they start, worst among the 18 countries it tracks. We're behind Slovakia...Slovakia
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