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  1. We have been jettisoning pieces of the economy basically as bribes to get people to tolerate our empire for as long as I can remember. When Japan's heavily subsidised TV companies were killing our tv companies, Nixon would not even talk to the tv execs. This has been going on for a long time, and we've lost millions of jobs because of it. What can I say, go Bernie.
  2. How many times do you want to hear no? You reap many benefits, and you pay for them. Or you can go somewhere where they don't have taxes.
  3. Nope. The Renaissance ushered in a new way of doing things, a cooperation between government, business, and skill. The skill would evolve into science and universities. To make a long story short, the modern world is a package deal. You have to have all of it, and it don't come free. But...don't put up with it!!! Buy a plane ticket.
  4. and the generation before that, and then the generation before that... and some want to go back to where we were before the Civil War.
  5. So They have facts on their side??? So why do Republicans lie constantly? Back in the 80s, Koch and his pals funded a new kind of propaganda machine. This one had scientists. It was very effective, but it was propaganda, which is kinda the opposite of having a better message. Republicans cheat. One of the ironies of the VRA decision is that about 50 violations of the VRA were tried the same year the Supreme Court gutted the VRA. The day after the decision 4 states said they were going to do Jim Crow laws, and North Carolina passed the single most comprehensive Jim Crow law in the history of the country on that very day. It's interesting that the author says "social cohesion" when the Republican Party is fighting with itself... Next, if you look at the major reforms of the last 100 years, they were single issue groups. Unions, civil rights, environmentalism. The reason is that the government is designed to resist change. You have to bring enormous pressure to bear. Issue silos my ***. The change will be demographic, assuming the South doesn't pull off it's attempt to bring back Jim Crow. It's a numbers game. Republicans have been able to cheat and win by cheating very carefully. It's one thing for Florida in 2000 to illegally kick tens of thousands off the voting polls. Kicking off hundreds of thousands would stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. That is libertarian. They advocate radical change, which by definition is the opposite of conservatism. I will have to do a post about them at some point.
  7. The Whigs split over slavery. The Northern wing reformed into the Republican party. That isn't quite the same as saying it was founded to stop the expansion. They formed because they needed a party to represent their interests. Fighting the expansion was one of those interests.
  8. Conservatism is dead. But the idea behind conservatism is not, to preserve and protect. The problem is that we have developed a world where things change, and there is a Darwinian side to change. Adapt or get smushed. Which means the impulse conservatives have to resist change is one of the worst things you could do. The only way to preserve is to adapt to change. Which means Progressives are the new Conservatives. I sometimes have a dry sense of humor. The one thing I like about conservatism (the real thing, not the fake stuff you see today) is the idea that we have an obligation to protect society.
  9. Civilisation comes with a pricetag. Btw, why do you put up with it??? When will you realise, Somolia waits for you (with apologies to Billy Joel).
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