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  1. Instances of true wrongdoing generate their own justification. But I'm talking about enforcing laws against things which are NOT wrong, such as smoking weed or paying less than minimum wage or selling moonshine or owning a certain type of gun.
  2. In other words, you openly admit that government has no real justification. Thank you!
  3. I don't see how you addressed my question. I want to know where the government gets legitimate authority.
  4. Question for all of the statists here. I want to hear the BEST argument, no bad ones please. I will not address shitty arguments because it is not worth my time. My premise: Government have no authority over private land owners because authority to enforce rules depends on your ownership of said land. The idea of property ownership contains the right of exclusivity. If you own a car, you can do WHATEVER you want to that car as long as you do not violate other peoples' rights (such as drive on private property or run people over, etc.). Makes sense, right? This is basic and foundational to the concept of property rights. The same concept applies to land. If it's truly YOUR land, then you can decide who gets to come on it, and you make the rules. For instance, I can't walk into your house and tell you that you can't drink liquor, because it's your property. However, I CAN prohibit you from drinking hard liquor in my house because it's my property. The US government actually fully recognizes private property rights in the beginning times of America and even now. The government basically sold land to people and granted them "allodial land patents" which, in no uncertain legal terms, meant that the new owner owned the property INSIDE AND OUT. Definition of allodial: From Black's law dictionary: Allodial — Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal. Allodium — Land held absolutely in one’s own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. An estate held by absolute ownership, without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof. SO, here's the interesting part. IF YOU OWN YOUR LAND FULLY (not beholden to ANY higher authority), and land ownership means "your house, your rules", WHERE does government claim to get the authority to enforce laws which people never agreed with on private land? For instance, what authority does the government have to stop me from doing drugs or paying less than minumum wage or any other illegal activity on my own private property? It's my land and my rules. The government cannot claim to have overarching authority over my land because that would defy the definition of allodial. Fire away! I want to hear the best and brightest arguments as to where government gets its rightful authority from. Remember: Authority does not come from majority opinion (democracy) If you don't believe in property rights, you cannot claim that the government has authority to enforce laws as a result of owning land
  5. For all you would be gun confiscators, let me help you avoid an early grave: That is all.
  6. Damn right! I hate you too, actually. Still waiting for an actual argument to stumble out of your mouth, but I won't hold my breath.
  7. Aaaaaaaaaaand I'll let that statement speak for itself. Moron. (Sorry, I couldn't resist).
  8. Thank you for asking. Anarchism is the lack of a government. It is a logical conclusion of the non-aggression principle. One aspect of the NAP is universal respect for property rights (for instance, taxation is theft). Another is the fact that government has no legitimate authority to coerce peaceful people when they have not violated the rights of others. Where does government get its authority? Well, majority opinion (democracy) doesn't grant legitimacy, which should be self-evident. Similarly, a piece of paper that a bunch of people agreed on hundreds of years ago (the constitution) does not grant legitimacy because no human has the right to sign other humans up for contracts against their will. In short, anarchism is a natural consequence of respect for the non-aggression principle and universal human rights. Why is that important? Because government is nothing more than an institution which violates peoples rights, and as such we ought to do away with it and any hallucination that it has legitimacy. It is what fuels war, poverty, and misery in general. It is the vehicle by which humans violate the rights of other humans because it is the only institution wherein what is normally prohibited in society (theft, murder, etc.) somehow becomes legitimate and righteous. Obviously I have just skimmed over these topics, but that's the fly-by explanation. Each topic can be delved into in greater detail if you wish.
  9. ...Seriously? This that your idea of a thoughtful post? "IT WAS BUSH'S FAULT!" If you're just relying on the next politician to be a better person, you're gonna have a bad time because political office always draws in the most evil and power hungry among us.
  10. Witnessing the horrors of war through the internet has taught me something. The history of human civilization is both inspiring and disheartening. It is marked by moments of breathtaking brilliance of human ingenuity, as well as moments of unbelievable tragedy and depravity. This has taught me that we humans can make this world and this life anything we want; Fantastic and beautiful, or sad and miserable. We are all born equal, pure, and innocent. Yet some of go on to improve this world, and some of us go on to destroy this world and create piles of dead bodies. What if you were born into the same circumstances as the most evil people in the world? Would you have done the same? Instead of responding to evil with hate, as tempting as it is, we need to find out the root causes and address them instead of playing whack-a-mole with bullets and bombs. We MUST work to fix this world. This is literally a matter of life and death. How you leave this world determines how your children, grandchildren, and future generations will live. Every human is an end in themselves. One person dying or suffering needlessly is too many. War, poverty, and criminality are all needless dead weight on the human condition. I appreciate everyone's patience in my philosophical rants. I know they can be burdensome, but I really believe this is important. If you've been following my rants on Facebook, you may have noticed a common thread: The non-aggression principle, AKA voluntaryism. It means peaceful parenting, peaceful and voluntary human interaction, respect for others' property. It means anarchism. If you're truly interested in improving the world, I beg you to open-mindedly consider the concept of voluntaryism/ the non-aggression principle. If you truly care, you won't mind when the irrational people in your life start to fall away. You won't mind when people try to humiliate you in public. You will have something that very few people have: Moral clarity. Join the conversation, and let's change the world.
  11. Don't leave a comment unless you actually watch the video (Yes, I'm talking to you, progressives).
  12. Time to put this tired, old idea to rest. Enjoy my video ladies and gents! Constructive criticism welcomed!
  13. The modern day liberal is a pathetic, state-sucking fuck. Conservatives aren't too much better. Only anarchists get it.
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