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  1. What have you ever done to benefit the white race. Or you just like tagging along on others accomplishments. Your a useless shit stain on the white race
  2. Abbott wears diapers and has to be lifted to the john to shit. Put a cowboy hat on the cripple and throw em up on a horse and watch him fall off, YEEEEEHAAA! LMFAO!!!
  3. Dude, I was here ten years ago and all you did was post dumb assed little one line questions. Here it is ten years later and your doing the same stupid shit. Isn't there anything else in your fucking life than coming here every single fucking day and asking snarky little dickbag questions?
  4. Eat shit. Biden is president and his new bill has tons of free healthcare that you're going to pay for. You lost, stick a gun in your mouth shit stain
  5. And don't fergit, take yer guns, good books, and pickup trucks you dumb cunt
  6. I'd like to bend you over and do the ole reach around and grab one of yer balls with each hand and stretch your saggy nutsack round n back to hold you in place while I sodomize you. Gittin horny yet scumbag?
  7. I do, but some nights I just have songs that pop into my head from 25 yrs ago. I search and find the song and it's like WTF is this shit. Then eventually I'll find an orig version and put it into a list.
  8. Better believe it mother fucker. Someone has to teach them the truth. We'll eventually weed out dumb fuckers like you with public education
  9. I've had Spotify for quite some time now and hate the alternate versions of popular songs they play
  10. You mean T-Rump pulling the wool over someones eyes and hanging out to dry? Really
  11. Seasonal mexicanos come in every year to work in agriculture and construction on HB-1 visas and that's where 70% of our illegals come from beci they don't leave!. Your never going to stop that no matter what your one term failure of a president promised you
  12. Border was closed, LMAO, Who the fuck do you think picked all the veggies and slaughtered all the chickens you eat
  13. Fuckin country is nauseating. New Mother fucker in my shop thought he was going to play that shit before I set his pussy country ass straight. Shit don't fly in NY
  14. Yea, hard to fathom. Sucker born every minute
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