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  1. Hmmm, the mighty revolutionaries, flag waving patriots showed up with limp dicks, whatta surprise. These right wing ammo sexual assholes talk about taking America back. Back "From What"?! These pampered entitled white privileged jackoffs show up in 70 thousand dollar pickups, waving thousands of dollars in flags around. Pathetic joke. Pampered pussies working for their daddies. Revolutions were never fought and won by the pampered entitled portion of any society in history. America's right wing assholes are noise makers and people are laughing. Too bad, years ago people actually feared this segment of society
  2. Get used to me baby. I ain't going anywhere. Oh, alittle advice, all these right wing blow hards here can't even get it hard enough for insertion. So your wasting your time here.
  3. Hey you right wing flapping cunt. Tell that to those corporations you morons stand behind and want to have deregulated. You morons always figure a way to bend your dicks to fuck yourselves in your own assholes. You guys are being reamed by that big red white and blue free market dildo. LMAO
  4. I shoot one or two posts accusing this idiot of homo sexuality and he's up to about 20 stalker post to any reply I've made since. What Drivel doesn't realize is I don't read his posts and no-one cares that his lil fewlings were hurt. Hmmmmm, kinda makes you wonder why he gets so defensive about the whole homosexuality thing, LMFUCKINAO!!
  5. People are sitting in their cars in hospital parking lots dying from heart attacks because emergency rooms are overrun. I celebrate the insurance industries idea to hammer the unvaccinated right wing twits financial who get sick with Covid.
  6. Those days are over. Obama Care stopped insurers from playing the only insure young healthy people game. But they certainly have the right to boot people who are too stupid to get vaccinated. Funny how the tables have turned
  7. I love how right wingers who can't get their noses any further up some military members ass completely turn on them as soon as they speak truth about their lifetime con man and fraud Cheeto Messiah
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