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  1. If we don't go brown we will go down. Dems have to bring up a candidate soon and he has to be of Latino decent or better yet a Black Latino. Last election Hillary caused black Americans to stay home. Alot of our Latino base voted fuckin Trump. Millinials had the wind knocked out of them after the Dems used super delegates to put out the Bernie fire. Although I have yet to really hear how articulate Dwayne Johnson is, physically he is exactly what we need and who knows if him being able to put together a sentence really matters anymore. Lilly white faces are a turnoff and considered the establishment enemy of too many of the groups that Dems need to win the presidency today.
  2. I truly love Bernie, he reminds so much of what I grew up with friends, teachers, etc. We lost because a good portion of the middle who votes Dem flipped for Trump after hearing his promises who to Trump's credit seemed to suit everyone, healthcare, draining swamps etc. How quickly they found all that to be lies, heck I even fell for some of it. The second biggest factor is we lost the black and people of brown skin vote, many of whom who just seemed to lose interest. One thing we are really up against is that conservative whites are some voting motherfuckers and will show up at the polls with their legs cut off. Blacks Ahh not so much, sorry for that racist sounding statement but the numbers don't lie. We have to stop running pure white candidates.
  3. Al Franken, Bernie, Warren, Biden are you kidding me?? This is why we Liberals are currently being sodomized. We are in desperate times here folks, and there's nothing I've seen yet that gives me any hope for 18. We might even lose more seats, who knows? We need something Bright Shiney and​ New. If we run any of the names I'm hearing here you can bet Trump has a good chance at a second term. You can keep praying for impeachment which might make us feel good but in reality does very little to help us.
  4. Guys it's time to fight fire with fire. Laugh at me but I think Dwayne Johnson and​ Tom Hanks might have to become a reality. No more fuckin around here. We need Hollywood and Brown skin, if Hillary didn't prove that to you I don't know what the fuck will
  5. Your dear mothers cunt was nice and tight but then she shit your oversized cranium thru it and fucked all that up.
  6. What you'll be guilty of is when you get sick and go to a hospital (which you will to save your miserable life) for treatment you won't be able to pay, you probably have no assets or money like most Trump voting right wingnuts and then hard working well educated Americans will be stuck with your bill in the way of increased hospital, insurance and drug costs. If your the true patriot I'm sure you are you will refuse medical care and die quietly and quickly in your rented single wide at no cost to me, but I'm sure that will never happen. So basically your guilty of cowardice, being a failure and hypocrite.
  7. Hey Ole Mackey, have any good cock slid up yer keister lately ya ole Fag?? ROTFLMAO!!!
  8. you get an 8x10 of my cock for 10 bucks which you can ogle forever you old fuckin fruit wagon.
  9. Ole Mack loves it up his Ass without lube. Come on Macky, open up and tell everyone the truth you ole Fag.
  10. I don't have to imagine that Jews Hate Confederate flag flying Racists like you.
  11. He would sure enough show these Evangellohead, right wingnut, bible thumpin Dingbats what Jews reeeaally think about them. Wouldn't be long before idiots like Cruz stopped using the term "Judeo Christian" in some feeble way of showing some kind of biblical kinship between Jews and right wingnut Christians. It's always cracked me up how bible thumpers try and align themselves with Jews and Isreal. It wouldn't take long for a Brooklyn Jew like Bernie to show em the light.
  12. I love uncle Bernie, but be has to win the nomination to become president. Early on he decided to run as a Dem to prevent taking votes away from the Dems and handing an easy victory to the Cons which we all know would spell disaster for the American people. I really don't think he or anyone really thought this "Bernie" ground swell would turn into the tsunami it has. At this point Bernie could run as an independent and maybe even win but he's not going to do that.
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