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  1. With the camo wearing, methed up white trash I've been seeing in our country lately, I say Yes, bring on the Mexicans who actually work for a living, unlike the lowly white trash , inbreed sister Bad worders that inudate this country.
  2. You enjoy being a queer and having your bung hole reamed? Serious question?
  3. Time to Obstruct everything republicon and everything Drumf. Sweet revenge 2019. Trump has now been rendered dickless, castrated, neutered 🤣🤣
  4. This country has begun the process of splitting up some time ago. When you look at the differences between states in the Northeast in comparison to Southern states the difference is Stark with things like healthcare, standard of living etc
  5. Draft Dodger pussies like you and your Cheeto Messiah make me sick
  6. Red state Southerners are fat, sick and too outta shape to do the jobs emigrants do.
  7. A conservative diddling a young boy. What a surprise. Bad wordin Perverts
  8. This sassy Latina Lass gets old white haired conservative panties bunched so tight they have to pull those unter hosen out of their assholes.
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