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  1. Because I firmly believe that anyone who thinks other people deserve to die so they can pay less for their taxes is a bad person. And I also feel that the government should be dedicated solely to improving the lives of it's citizens through social programs. And like I said, I'm not going to be on these programs for my whole life, in 6 months I'll be looking for a job, and when I have a job I fully intend to pull my wieght by donating as much money as possible to charitable organizations. Also I'm a bit suspicious as to if you're actually a liberal, this section is for liberals only.
  2. They are payed for, that's my point. The conservatives don't want them to be paid for, and that would literally kill me.
  3. I'm just going to say that Breaking Bad includes only the most basic information on how meth is made, it doesn't really tell you how to do it. When I watched it nothing was censored, but I watched on netflix.
  4. Believes in sane and rational policies that would benefit the general public.
  5. I'm not really a democrat, but I'm not sure how I would feel voting for a socialist candidate that I believed in. On one hand I wouldn't have to choose the lesser of two evils, but on the other hand, it's pretty unrealistic that a socialist will be elected in to office. Most people in America don't even know what it is, they think it means communist dictator.
  6. It's the first time I've heard of it, but it's got it's own wikipedia page and everything.
  7. That's a rather disturbing idealogy you have. I'm half Jewish and I can assure you that there is no zionist conspiracy. That doesn't sound awfully liberal either. On topic, I love mature animated movies and anime. The idea that animation is for kids is not based on any sound theory, just that because most animation here is made for kids, that's how it should be. That seems a bit ridiculous don't you think?
  8. Maybe there are some black people who don't feel there is anything wrong with the way they are treated. In the gay community there is a concept called internalized homophobia that is responsible for some LGBTQ people to think that the negative sentiment they get is justified. They are usually encouraged to keep working on their issues until they feel they deserve equal treatment. Maybe it's a similar thing with any minority that is discriminated against and doesn't see a problem.
  9. Recently my mom had her food stamps cut in Michigan, does that have anything to do with this?
  10. In my life, I try not to let any people be my enemies, and I like to atleast act like I'm not against anyone's beliefs. But I'm queer, and my insulin comes from government aid programs. Without my insulin I would suffer and die, and it costs over 1000 dollars a month at the doses I take. I don't have that money, and through no fault of my own I don't have an income. I'm disabled, and my doctor says my condition should be stable for a year before I think about getting a job. It's been 6 months with few symptoms, so things are looking good. When I hear conservatives say we should ban me from getting married, allow me to be fired for my sexuality, get rid of government aid programs, let me die, and let anyone in the same situation as me die, it is a bit hard not to take it as an insult. It gets hard to respect their beliefs. In fact when I look at most right wing idealogy, it all seems contrary to my religon. I've never understood why people think the party that hates the poor is in line with Christianity. I could never date someone on the political right either, their beliefs seem to reflect part of a personality that I don't find attractive at all. Do you have any trouble respecting their views, or does it come easier to you? Or do you feel like we shouldn't respect their views at all? Interested in hearing what others feel about this.
  11. I'm very far left on the political spectrum, I would consider myself a democratic socialist, but there is a single conservative ideal that I agree with, I'm against abortion. This is mostly due to my belief in biocentrism, I feel that all life has value. Is there any conservative concept you agree with?
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