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  1. The reason why the GOP hates my idea of making a dog breed with the overall mental capacities of an adult human... is that they're afraid they'll lose a political debate against a dog, on fox news, and that a dog could actually be a better president ! hahahahahahaha
  2. I would actually like to see it be able to fly an fighter jet, or be an active part of a space mission and not just a passenger, but somebody who is responsible for its outcome. lol
  3. There is a political advertisement in Arkansas...on TV saying that Mark Pryor lied to the American people. This is what I said to the TV screen lol "Since when are you retards American ? you're too retarded to be American, You are Republican, so he didn't lie to you, you sound like you're from Arkansas not the USA, so how about you get with the Prow-Grum, and hire a Meck-A-Nick to fix your truck" hahahahahahahahahaha
  4. If I was a superior court judge, and I paid the prosecutor to charge me with first degree murder.... and I signed the papers that enough evidence exists for me to stand trial, and then I signed the papers that I plead guilty (waiving my rights to a jury trial, therefore I bypass needing signatures from 12 other people) and then I sign the papers sentencing myself to death... Would I be sent to deathrow ? Or would I be just all over the newspapers as a fool who pulled a publicity stunt ? lol
  5. Home educated children receive their high school diploma from the state's department of education after being evaluated, or they get their GED very easily within a few minutes max.
  6. The reason why I teach my kids at home, is because the public education in the USA is sh!t, and private schools are businesses that are a product of the business owner and what he deals in and sells, basically with the same inflexibility as any other off the shelf commercial product lol I can do much better on my own, and my kid has much better..... NOT because I want my kid to learn religion, or other garbage. In fact, My kids are getting a very progressive and modern education with modern perspectives.
  7. Tell me, what exactly do we need this for ? An area of the USA, known for : Headquartering, and stationing the majority of America's non-union thug truck packers Headquartering, and stationing the majority of America's inhumane slaughterhouses Headquartering, and stationing the majority of America's UBER-UNHEALTY fast food chains Headquartering, and stationing the majority of America's unregulated tow truckers who are thugs and bullies and even terrorists. Headquartering, and stationing the majority of America's "manufactured" "homebuilding" companies that produce total jun
  8. Who do I hate more, men or blacks ? First of all, this is a trick question, designed by the attacker, to make me look like the attacker. Secondly, me stating the sharp differences between whites and blacks whether its genetics, social, or political, or heritage... isn't racist, you turn it into a racist thread when you attack me with racism. And me stating the facts that white people who act black within the context of what is socially black in society, i.e. extensive gameplay in Basketball, baggy thug like dress and language, and accent, has a blurred self identity most likely tho
  9. 4 people dead, with an autistic child undoubtedly in horrible shape... He's a dead man.... there is no life cell with his name on it... the gurney has his name on it. See his photo ? When you do, You are looking at a dead man walking, because that's what he is... he has NO chance of getting life, he is ABSOLUTELY GOING to get the death penalty, there is ZERO chance whatsoever of him getting ANY less than the death penalty. And he won't win F)UCKALL on appeal. He's going to use all of his appeals, every one of them denied, and he's going on the gurney. He can best use his 1 mandatory appe
  10. I know that you take your sex life into your own hands, since you wouldn't be able to get f)ucked in a w)hore house with a fist full of hundred dollar bills. lol
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