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  1. Have you ever heard the word 'Amendment' ?
  2. If only black people supported football and basketball, the sports would fold after one season. This is more on you than me.
  3. Wisdom sets boundaries to knowledge. Trivial pursuit is not an intellectual exercise. Sometimes you can tell how stupid someone is by how much and by what they know. Earnest Biblical scholars being the most egregious example. (As opposed to Biblical historians).
  4. Back channel, anyone? Nah, never happened. Ignore the evidence of your own eyes. Not bad for not colluding. Patrick Byrne, the pro-Trump former Overstock CEO admits funneling cash to his ex-lover Maria Butina, the glamorous spy elected to Russia's parliament this week (msn.com) (Full article at above link) It is the latest chapter in a political thriller of a life for the young Russian. She has played the role of the girlfriend to powerful men on the US Right and grabbed the headlines when she was arrested for spying. She was imprisoned before being deported to her homeland to a hero's welcome. The Russian agent arrived in the US in the guise of a guns-rights activist and focused on the leadership of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to meet high-profile Republican politicians and set up a "back-channel" of communications with the Kremlin. But Butina was arrested in July 2018 in Washington DC and accused by federal prosecutors of infiltrating powerful political circles at the direction of Russian officials. She pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent and was jailed for 18 months. Putin called the sentencing "an outrage." After her release in October 2019, she was deported back to Russia. Her powerful Russian friends just got her elected to Putin's parliament.
  5. He was looking for trouble. I almost threw down.
  6. I am, but obviously a large section of our country has lost its mind.
  7. I'm driving today to pick up a pizza, and guess what I see? I see a white male driving a pick-up truck with three flags flying in the bed of his liner. One was the U.S. flag, one was a Trump 2020 flag, and the middle one was a Confederate flag with the words "WE WILL RISE AGAIN!" What gives with that, cons? Radicalized much? This isn't the first time I've seen this kind of shit.
  8. New data is coming in literally in real time. Adjustments need to be made.
  9. ^^^^ Insecure losers. Islam is such a backwards fucking religion and culture. They are the laughingstocks of the entire world. Imagine stifling half of your country's intellectual potential due to some Bronze Age superstition. How about Enlightenment sometime this century, Muzzies? The world is sick and tired of your stupid asses. I would be fully in favor of funding the destruction of Islam. China has this one right. Concentration camps to quarantine this mind virus. Taliban orders women employees in Afghanistan's capital to stay at home, official says (msn.com) (Full article at above link) The Taliban has placed new restrictions on women ordering employees in Afghanistan's capital to stay at home. Kabul's interim mayor Hamdullah Namony said that women whose jobs cannot be replaced by men are authorized to go to work-for example, those who are attendants in public restrooms. A final ruling regarding female workers at Kabul municipal departments is currently pending. During the 1990s, women were not allowed to go to school or work and accompanied a male relative when leaving their homes. The Taliban has posed to be more moderate and said they would respect women's rights "with Islamic law," but Afghan women remain skeptical and fearful. Last week alone, the Taliban ordered boys to return to school, but not girls, until they set up a "secure transportation system." The group has allowed women to attend universities but apart from their male counterparts and they must wear Islamic dress. Since the takeover, women have been protesting against the group for equal rights. Activists protested on Sunday after the Taliban closed the women's ministry in Kabul and replaced it with the ministry of virtue and vice.
  10. Dr. Fauci cares too much about the health of Americans to let this reckless decision to sidetrack booster shots get in his way. Fauci: FDA vote against Covid booster shots ‘not the end of the story’ (msn.com) (Full article at above link) A decision not to recommend third-shot booster vaccinations for most Americans is “not the end of the story”, White House chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci insisted on Sunday, two days after a scientific panel appeared to turn the Biden administration’s plan for combating coronavirus on its head. The near-unanimous vote on Friday by scientific advisers to the FDA to recommend against a routine third shot of the Pfizer vaccine was seen as a rebuke to Joe Biden, who announced the “third jab strategy” as a main plank of his six-pronged anti-Covid plan. Fauci told CNN “People need to realize that data is coming in, literally on a daily and weekly basis, and they’re going to continue to look at this literally in real time. It is entirely likely that ultimately the proper regimen for protection, optimal protection and durability of protection would be more than just the prime and the boost followed by three to four weeks, that it might actually entail a third boost I think people need to understand that this is not the end of the story. We are going to see an evolution of this decision.” Defending Biden, Fauci said the president had always been “very clear” that the booster shot strategy is a good one, and one we will eventually embrace."
  11. Eddie Van Halen Slash Ritchie Blackmore Neil Young
  12. Just some rally attendees. Nothing suspicious going on here. Move along. From Twitter: Pockets bulging The same digital watch (non apple) All black sunglasses Athletic builds Dude still wearing his dress socks Well groomed short faded haircuts Suspiciously watching someone record them in a group
  13. Atheist chaplain. Harvard's atheist chaplain: It's another sign of America's growing secularism (msn.com) (Full article at above link) It is a sign of the times: Harvard University appointed an atheist as its chief chaplain. To many it was a jarring announcement, to others, it was yet another example of the Ivy League being out of touch with “real” Americans. However, an atheist chaplain is more in tune with current trends than one might think. Research finds that a large and growing number of Americans are “religious secularists.” Take, for example, the well-documented rise of the “nones” — people who report no religious affiliation. A generation ago, the nones were such a small group that they were safely ignored, but now roughly one in four Americans count as nones. However, this growth in non-religiosity is the small tip of a much larger iceberg. America’s growing secular population accelerating at an astonishing rate. The nones and secularists are defined by belief in humanist and rationalist principles. We find that the religious secularists make up about one-sixth of the American public. To put this figure in perspective, that is twice the number of Southern Baptists. Given that America — historically and still a highly religious nation — is experiencing a secular surge, it seems likely that the ranks of religious secularists will grow. Religious secularists could be a politically potent group. Like independent voters, religious secularists could become a swing constituency. They are against anything that smacks of government establishment of religion, while nonetheless favoring the free exercise of religion. An atheist chaplain at Harvard? It is a sign of the times, indeed.
  14. Since the police outnumbered the protestors, I would imagine none. Cons don't like a fair fight.
  15. This alone would justify getting the Republicans out of The White House. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. US Bureau of Land Management is returning to Washington, DC, reversing a Trump administration decision (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Interior secretary Deb Haaland on Friday announced that the national headquarters of the Bureau of Land Management will move back to Washington, DC, after it was relocated to Colorado, a reversal of a move by former President Donald Trump's administration to weaken the agency. The bureau, which oversees nearly one-fifth of public lands in the US and has more than 7,000 employees, is recalibrating after losing nearly 300 employees to retirement or resignation after its headquarters was shifted to Grand Junction in 2019. "The Bureau of Land Management is critical to the nation's efforts to address the climate crisis, expand public access to our public lands, and preserve our nation's shared outdoor heritage. It is imperative that the bureau have the appropriate structure and resources to serve the American public should have a leadership presence in Washington, DC. The previous administration's decision to relocate was intended to push out longtime employees and stifle the agency. Many progressives applauded the move back to the nation's Capitol.
  16. Today's forecast: Butthurt and extremely whiny. He should have knuckled under, like Tucker Carlson, and did what he was told. A meteorologist was fired from his TV station after 33 years at the job because he refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Karl Bohnak, a meteorologist who spent more than 30 years working at a Michigan TV station has been fired after he refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine. "I have been terminated because the station's corporate owner has mandated vaccination against COVID-19 for anyone entering a property owned by the company. "Many of you have taken one of these injections, and that is absolutely your right. It is also my right to choose the medical options I feel are right for me," he continued. "I have authority over my body." (Wrong!-drvoke) Health officials have for months urged that the public get vaccinated against the coronavirus. So far, more than 55% of the total US population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. There is, however, a fringe group of skeptics who believe the vaccines are either unsafe or unnecessary. Research shows that the vaccine offers significant protection against the coronavirus. Unvaccinated people, for example, are 11 times likelier to die from COVID-19 compared to vaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are also 29 times likelier to be hospitalized with severe COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, COVID-19 outbreaks have been hitting unvaccinated populations especially hard. And the Delta variant has been spreading quickly in states with the lowest vaccination rates.
  17. ^^^ Mentally compromised by living in a right-wing echo chamber.
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