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  1. "Two people killed in the shooting were identified by the police as Kyren Walton, 25, and Ladarius Alexander, 20." They don't say what the race of the shooters are. Who killed Kyren and Ladarius? I doubt it was Todd. Juneteenth celebrations, graduation party, concert all marred by gun violence (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Juneteenth celebrations this weekend in California, South Carolina, Michigan and Colorado, a high school graduation party in Philadelphia and a concert in Baton Rouge were all marred by gun violence as five peop
  2. Hannity will be historically known as being a low mark in network journalism. His conspiracy boards were pure comedy, and his All-American tossing a football around on set is embarrassing. I would love to intercept it and spike it on his lying, false-smiling face.
  3. AOC is right again. Well, that is getting to be predictable, isn't it? My girl is wicked smart. "Construction of highways can have a disproportionate impact on communities of color, from displacement and pollution, and high-speed rail actually connects these communities to greater economic and housing opportunities," the Bronx congresswoman said. AOC is right about highways and racism (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Highway development in cities historically exacerbated de facto racial segregation and eliminated black and brown weal
  4. It's always bad for the world when a hard-line conservative wins. Iranian Hard-Liner Wins Presidency Amid Nuclear Talks (msn.com) (Full article at above link) TEHRAN—A hard-line Iranian judge opposed to the country’s outreach to the West won Iran’s presidential election, consolidating conservative control over the country’s politics, as Tehran attempts to revive an international nuclear accord that would free the country of some U.S. sanctions. Ebrahim Raisi received 17.9 million votes, or about 62% of the ballots cast, according to Iran’s interior mini
  5. The people who are selling out to the woke mob, and those agitating for reparations.
  6. China is playing this Muzzy game correctly. Put them in reeducation camps. Do not allow the mentality to spread. It is a mind virus.
  7. You knew this was coming. Predictable as a sunrise. Cons are delusional morons.
  8. At least she kept the white stipes. Kind of. They are "off-white". They'll get what they want. They care more than you do.
  9. Can you imagine living in one of these cities and knowing where your taxes are going to go based on the decisions of one person?
  10. The dominoes will begin to drop. Our country can't be taken seriously anymore. 11 U.S. mayors commit to develop reparations pilot projects (sfchronicle.com) (Full article at above link) Eleven U.S. mayors — from Los Angeles to tiny Tullahassee, Oklahoma — have pledged to pay reparations for slavery to Black residents in their cities, saying their aim is to set an example for the federal government on how a nationwide program could work. The mayors had no details on how much it would cost or who would pay for it. All of those details would be worked out
  11. Apparently, all of those white stars on the flag are pissing some people off. Singer Macy Gray proposes new design for American flag (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Singer and black activist, Macy Gray argued in a recent op-ed that a new flag is needed for the United States, saying Old Glory is 'tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect' - and providing a design of her own. Gray, 53, wrote the flag needs to be redesigned to represent all Americans, arguing the symbolism of Old Glory was harmed during the Capitol riot. 'Like the Confederate,
  12. This is a topic that I know very little about, but I think what the article is saying is that Trumpists are flooding social media with demonstrably false, outlandish bullshit with no regard to its credibility. They want to to spread false ideas like a plague through sheer repetition. A plague they are immune to because they are shameless when spouting lies because they believe in some underlying narrative. Beware ‘Smokescreen Trolling,’ Trump Followers' Favorite Tactic | WIRED (Full article at above link) The claims coming out of the Trump camp in re
  13. I couldn't care less. Pence is no longer relevant. That's the important point. He's a Christian nutjob. Fuck him.
  14. Of course, but I don't know that walking down the street justifies drawing down on someone.
  15. I truly believe that she means well and wants to help draft legislation that leads to a more equitable and better life for more people. And this:
  16. Tucker went off the rails a long time ago. He is going the way of Marjorie. I'll bet he ends up ditching his wife and banging her, going full Trump.
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