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  1. 45 minutes ago, JinnMartini said:


    The landlord still has to pay his dues  . . . . 

    Don't those parasites need to pay for their utilities either ?


    I own a few apartment buildings here and there in mainland U.S. !


    What if they all stop paying their rent ?


    But I have a clausule in the contract we both signed that allows both the tenant and the landlord to end the contract without giving any reason for doing so !



    As of now they're all paying on time !


    I would advise them not to give you a red cent. Nothing you can do about it, silly contract or not. IT'S THE LAW.


    a man holding a sign in front of a crowd: Bid To Stop Evictions Crumbles In Setback For Biden Administration



    "We won! I don't mind suffering to help others in need."  -Cori Bush



    CDC Issues New Eviction Moratorium After Liberal Criticism (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    The CDC extended a ban evictions in areas of the country with substantial and high transmission of coronavirus on Tuesday, after a firestorm of criticism from Democrats following the lapse of a previous moratorium on Saturday.

    “The emergence of the delta variant has led to a rapid acceleration of community transmission in the United States, putting more Americans at increased risk, especially if they are unvaccinated,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. “This moratorium is the right thing to do to keep people in their homes and out of congregate settings where Covid-19 spreads.”

    The CDC said the new ban, which will be in place until Oct. 3, would allow more time for the federal government and states to enact a rental assistance program that’s suffered bureaucratic delays and for more Americans to be vaccinated against the virus.

    An increase in evictions, Walensky said, “could increase the likelihood of new spikes in SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Such mass evictions and the attendant public health consequences would be very difficult to reverse.”

    The Biden White House faced days of harsh criticism from its own party for the lapse in the eviction moratorium on July 31.   







    In showing her solidarity to those less fortunate, Cori Bush shared in their hardships by sleeping outside in the cold to protest the eviction moratorium. She understands. She's been there. It was a heart-rending moment. How did the Right react to this selfless act of empathy? By attacking her, of course. This is the most callous behavior from cons since AOC protested about the kids in cages. It is deplorable.




    Cori Bush slammed for video of her camping, crying on Capitol steps to fight evictions surfaces (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    Right-wing critics are slamming "Squad" member Rep. Cori Bush for a video showing her crying on the Capitol steps in protest of the federal eviction moratorium that expired over the weekend. 

    "One of the most shameless and embarrassing stunts we've ever seen from a politician, and that is saying something," conservative commentator Matt Walsh said in response to the video. 

    Bush slept on the Capitol steps Friday evening in protest against the end of a moratorium on evictions that stemmed from the coronavirus pandemic. 

     "But when you hear the cries of others. When you hear the suffering of others," she says in the video, while wiping away tears. "We are already fighting a battle, and losing a battle, because there are people who slept out last night, the night, the night before. There are people who are already un-housed. And we don't have enough, we don't have enough shelters, we don't have enough … we don't have the safe housing for them right now." 

    Right-wing pundits are ridiculing her and calling it  "political theater" and comparing it to reality TV, which is ironic because they actually elected a reality show star as President.




  4. a group of people standing in front of a crowd: Capitol Riot Test Image



    Attacked by his fellow citizens, and then dragged through the mud by the Right. Perhaps fearing that our country would devolve into fascism after the near insurrection brought about this crisis. My hands are clean of the blood of Americans.



    Third police officer who responded to Jan. 6 attack dies by suicide (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)


    A third police officer who responded to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has died by suicide, the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department confirmed on Monday.

    Gunther Hashida was found dead in his home.

    A spokesperson for the MPD confirmed to The Hill that Hashida died by suicide.

    "We are grieving as a Department as our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Hashida's family and friends," the department wrote in a statement.

    Hashida was assigned to the Emergency Response Team within the Special Operations Division, according to the department.

    He is the third police officer who protected the Capitol on Jan. 6 to die by suicide.

    U.S. Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood and MPD officer Jeffrey Smith both took their own lives in the days following the January incident.





    Marlette cartoon: America First! (in mass shootings)



    Good! They should be sued out of existence. I wouldn't stop at monetary penalties. The executives should be charged with complicity to mass murder. People owning stock in this company should have their dividends seized and distributed among the extended victims of this crime. A crime only made possible by manufacturing and selling something made for one purpose and one purpose only: mass murder.



    Families of mass shooting victims sue maker of 100-round magazine used by gunman (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    Loved ones of those killed in a 2019 mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, have filed a lawsuit against the maker of a 100-round, double-drum ammunition magazine the gunman used in the massacre.

    The lawsuit was filed in Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County, Nevada, where the bullet magazine manufacturer, Kyung Chang Industry USA, INC., is located.

    "I want to make sure that the actions of all those that were responsible for that day don't go unanswered for my grandchildren," Lashandra James, whose daughter, Lois Oglesby, was killed in the rampage, said at a  news conference on Monday.  "If the Dayton shooter did not have such a large capacity magazine, he would not have been able to inflict the damage that he did," said Ben Cooper, the attorney representing the families of five of the nine people killed. "No civilian needs a 100-round magazine. It's only useful for the military or mass shootings."

    A spokesman for Kyung Chang Industry refused to comment.

    Cooper said high-capacity magazines have been used in nearly 60% of mass shootings in recent history, including the July 20, 2012, rampage at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, that left 12 people dead; the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, that killed 20 children and six adults; the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas that killed 60 people; and the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17.








    Border Patrol apprehends group of more than 1,000 migrants - MarketWatch



    "Let us in!"


    This is a cause for concern, but it was worse under Trump.



    Drone footage of migrants at Texas bridge an ‘absolute catastrophe' from Biden, Republican says (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    Troubling drone footage emerged online Sunday that reportedly showed up to 1,000 migrants being held by border patrol in Mission, Texas, prompted criticism from Republicans who said the footage underscores the crisis at the border. 

    "An absolute catastrophe from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and House & Senate Democrats," Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., said.

    Border patrol did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News seeking comment about the video.

    Republicans have been critical of the Biden administration over its handling of the border issue. They say the president should be more assertive in getting the problem under control given that there is a global pandemic.

    Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, announced last week that he would deploy the Texas National Guard to help troopers make arrests at the border.

    "To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed," Abbott wrote in a letter to Maj. Gen. Tracy R. Norris, adjutant general of the Texas National Guard.

    U.S. officials reported this month that they had encountered 55,805 members of families with children in June, up 25% from the previous month. That figure still remains far below the high of 88,587 in May 2019. (Then wtf is Fox bitching about?-drvoke)



  7. Frustration as Biden, Congress allow eviction ban to expire | Star Tribune



    "Ensuring every American has a roof overhead is a value that unites the Democratic Party. That's why I led a relentless campaign to extend the CDC eviction moratorium. In an act of pure cruelty, Republicans blocked this measure — leaving children and families out on the streets. Democrats in the House had a chance to stop them. They failed."




    AOC blames Democrats for letting eviction moratorium expire, says Biden wasn't 'forthright' (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    AOC blamed Democratic leadership for allowing the nation's eviction moratorium to expire. The Democratic-controlled House adjourned Friday without extending the moratorium that was put in place to help renters amid the coronavirus pandemic. It expired Sunday, leaving progressive Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez outraged and demanding that the House return from its August recess.

    Ocasio-Cortez said House Democratic leadership had an opportunity to hold a vote on extending the moratorium last week, but "there was frankly a handful of conservative Democrats in the House that threatened to get on planes rather than hold this vote."

     "We cannot in good faith solely blame House Republicans when Democrats have the majority. Sure, Republicans blocked the moratorium earlier, which is typical and no surprise, but we could have overruled them if we had held a House vote."

    The congresswoman also singled out President Joe Biden's administration, which didn't publicly call on Congress to extend the moratorium until last Thursday — a full month after the Supreme Court ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could not continue the policy unilaterally.

    "We asked the Biden administration for their stance, and they were not being really forthright about that advocacy and that request until the day before the House adjourned," she said. "The House was put into a needlessly difficult situation."




  8. 1 hour ago, Old Mack said:

    Sleepy Joe has been making waves recently with his weird comments or forgetting to do things. At one point he was making comments asking if there were Republicans who thought Democrats were sucking the blood out of children. A while back Sleepy Joe was weirdly whispering into the microphone in front of an audience. Now he's telling us the number three, but stopping at number two to make everyone wonder.


    Another time Sleepy Joe was talking about his time as vice president under Barack Obama. Biden referred to Donald Trump as "then president" and then corrected himself, saying it was a Freudian Slip. Kinda strange that Sleepy Joe would be talking about Barack Obama and referring to Donald Trump as president. What kind of bizarre Freudian Slip was that?


    At any cost, Sleepy Joe has been entertaining, but sadly he's not in the entertainment business.


    He somehow got elected to run a country and we see how that's going.





    He withheld the third reason to build up suspense. He's waiting for the proper moment for the big reveal. It will blow your mind.

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