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  1. The whole mess has yet to be ironed out, and it remains to be seen whether or how this impacts U.S. food production at a time of supply chain troubles and rising inflation. What is in the 'proprietary business data' that is worth concealing for six million dollars? The problem isn't the hackers, the problem is with unethical business practices and lack of transparency.
  2. Religious schools, even 'homeskools', need to meet a required scientific standard. If they don't, they should be raided, the children given to child services, and the parents put into reeducation camps.
  3. I always hated school. It's like a prison. I spent my days staring out the window dreaming of when life was going to be fun. The 15 minutes before the final school bell was an eternity. By the time you graduate, you are irreparably damaged. An entire new model of education needs to be constructed. The current system should be totally scrapped. It should be a societal imperative.
  4. Say it, cons: "You were right." "I was wrong." "I feel stupid." (optional, but already implied) "I'm getting a vaccination." You can do it. Mother of four who proudly proclaimed her anti-vax status dies of COVID (msn.com) (Full article at above link) A California mother of four who was “proudly” anti-vax, particularly anti-COVID-19 vaccine, died of complications due to the coronavirus. Kristen Lowery, 40, was a figurehead on social media, proclaiming her anti-mask and vaccine views that garnered high praise. “We will miss her always,” her aunt wrote. “So many people need her here, but God must have special plans for her in heaven. You are so loved Kristen. And will be so, so missed.” Lowery’s sister Cassie wrote on Facebook before her death that she was “fighting for her life against COVID and pneumonia.” “My sister has a long life left,” Cassie wrote in a since-deleted post. “We need you here, sissy. Your kids love and kiss you so much. Please don’t give up,” she continued. Since her death, Lowery’s Facebook account — which features a profile picture of her with the caption “unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid...Together we win” ― has gone private. Kristen Lowery leaves behind four children. In a GoFundMe that’s hoping to raise money for her final expenses, Lowery is described as a “beautiful and amazing woman but more than that she was phenomenal mother who always, ALWAYS put her children first.” “She lived for her children (Tayden, McKenna, Ella, and Ryenn) and loved being their mother more than anything in her life,” the fundraiser statement continues. “She was full of life and love her friends and family fiercely.” I don't celebrate the loss of a loving mother. I regret the divisive political climate that has brainwashed people into not protecting themselves.
  5. ^^^^ Despite the conflicting headlines and ballyhoo, this is what most reality consists of.
  6. I bet Jeff Spicoli is running a Haitian Underground Railroad to the U.S. Remember, you heard it here first.
  7. That's true, but not just for politicians but for all privileged people. Some talk show host asked Bill Gates how much did a loaf of bread cost. He wouldn't even answer for fear of how much his guess would differ from reality. We need a man of the people, like the Manhattan multibillionaire Trump.
  8. These are just uncivilized grievance mongers. They should be put down like sick animals.
  9. It was always lurking just below the surface. You can spot these violent fascists a mile away.
  10. All I know is that when Trump cast Bannon aside, he cried real tears. I'd feel sorry for Bannon if he wasn't such a contemptible excuse for a human being.
  11. A company just looking after their own best interests and trying to drum up more customers. Is there a problem? "Anti-vax" billboard on "funeral home" truck goes viral (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Charlotte, North Carolina — An anti-COVID-19 vaccine digital billboard had Charlotte residents and social media buzzing Sunday afternoon. The billboard was on the side of a truck being driven around uptown Charlotte as thousands walked the streets during Sunday's Carolina Panthers game at Bank of America Stadium. The message featured simple white lettering on a black background and read, "Don't get vaccinated." Under it was the name "Wilmore Funeral Home."
  12. There may be trouble with the fact checking, but what is a lie if everyone believes it?
  13. She's asking for it. That is literally the position they hold and say as much to the world. In other words, they admit they are animals without restraint. We should treat them as such.
  14. Stephen King has never seen a missing Black woman get the coverage Gabby Petito got Coming from the big time Lefty and author who overuses the 'magical negro' trope, that's rich. (The Shining, The Stand, The Green Mile, etc.) An aside: Did you know they are remaking Christine? WTF? That doesn't need to be remade. Stephen King has never seen a missing Black woman get the coverage Gabby Petito got (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Best-selling author Stephen King agreed that news coverage given to missing Long Island native Gabby Petito over the past week was unlike the focus typically put on women of color who disappear. “I have never seen a young Black woman’s disappearance covered like the #gabbypetitio disappearance,” he wrote Sunday. “Not once. That is horribly wrong.” “Some people said this wasn’t the right time to say this,” he added. “Bulls--t. It’s past time.” FBI offers $10K for info on missing Native American woman Currently, 64,000 Black women are missing in the U.S. The Black and Missing Foundation on Tuesday claimed that 40% of missing persons are people of color, which they say isn’t reflected in media coverage.
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