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  1. This future is undeniable. So is 'Universal income' and laws limiting procreation.
  2. "Assimilate or die" should be America's motto. Since when do we have to cater to homeless beggars?
  3. Islam is a plague no better than COVID. China is right to quarantine this mind virus. Hillary was going to flood the U.S. with them. wtf?
  4. I look forward to watching it eventually. I regret that I never read the novels. It seemed too daunting a task.
  5. This was completely predictable given what has happened in Europe. There they have gangs of Muslim men raping a single woman because she dressed provocatively. (meaning not in a burlap sack). I watched one video and it was one of the most violent things I have EVER seen. The difference will be how we handle it. European men are limp-wristed weaklings who will allow their women to be raped with little consequence. I think we should execute them. I am not exaggerating. It should be viewed as an act of 'cultural terrorism'.
  6. The OP makes an interesting point. But it would only be comparable if Alec Baldwin stood over his body and let him bleed out for 9 minutes before calling 911.
  7. Cornpopholio It's only for 3 more years. What could go wrong?
  8. Trump would have fixed this problem already or fired someone for not doing their job. You have to give him that.
  9. I know one thing, Jordan Peterson is NOT a dangerous man. He is a Jesus lovin' whiny little bitch. I'd smack him around just for fun.
  10. Who makes up a story with that kind of specificity? It is so consistent with Trump's hatred for Obama, and for his liking of whores, I feel compelled to believe it.
  11. Sadly, this is not the first time. You would think Hollywood would learn.
  12. I watched as much of this town hall as I could stomach. I was impressed. I am on board with President Biden's vision for America's future.
  13. He killed her. Didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison. Killed himself. Not exactly an original story. They milked it pretty good, though.
  14. Breaking News! A politician lies! Never saw that coming.
  15. Harriet Tubman did a good thing. Good for her. Does it warrant being on our currency. I think not.
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