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  1. This has nothing to do with petty individual jealousy. This is about how we order our society and treat others. Fox News has infected your soul. You are sick.
  2. Today's cons have strayed so far from the path of righteousness that they are hopelessly lost. If there is a Heaven, they are going straight to Hell.
  3. Nadler: "The answer is no. Why? Because I said so, that's why." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/us-house-judiciary-chair-rejects-republicans-bid-for-impeachment-witnesses/ar-BBXZ1r9?ocid=spartanntp (Full article at above link) WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Democratic head of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Monday rejected Republican lawmakers' request for eight witnesses to appear as part of the panel's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The requested witnesses fall "outside the parameters of the impeachment inquiry," Representative Jerrold Nadler said in a letter to the ranking Republican on the committee, Representative Doug Collins, as the committee heard evidence at a hearing on the inquiry.
  4. And the cheerleaders for aristocracy have to be dealt with mercilessly.
  5. Wealth inequality has become intolerable. Until these people start dying nothing will change. And the cheerleaders for aristocracy have to be dealt with mercilessly. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/28-year-old-atop-one-of-worlds-oldest-fortunes-faces-backlash/ar-BBXXXEP?ocid=spartandhp (Full article at above link) Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster, is the U.K.’s third-richest person. He’s tried to stay out of the spotlight since inheriting his title in 2016, but these days it’s almost impossible for a billionaire, especially one with a global property empire, to remain in the background. Criticism is mounting for the Duke and his Grosvenor Group Ltd. The firm faces opposition to its plans to demolish a London tower that houses some of the city’s poorest residents, attracting negative headlines as rising inequality becomes an increasingly hot topic. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in October blasted the 28-year-old as a “dodgy landlord,” part of a broad-based attack on U.K. billionaires and the “rigged system." This leaves the Grosvenor Group in an unenviable position with this week’s election. If the Conservative Party under Boris Johnson wins the Dec. 12 vote -- the most likely scenario based on polls -- then Brexit will follow, potentially devaluing London property. But if Labour can form a government, the family’s fortune may face an existential threat. Corbyn is campaigning on higher taxes for the wealthy, restrictions on landlords and has also suggested public registers for the type of trusts that discreetly manage the wealth of the Grosvenor family and other dynastic clans. A Labour government “would require far more transparency of wealth, particularly with trusts,” said Richard Murphy, professor of international political economy at City University of London. The Duke “didn’t choose to be what he is, as it’s an accident of birth, but he is a personification of a form of property ownership whose time has now passed.” “With these huge fortunes, power has become extraordinary concentrated in the U.K. and goes virtually unchallenged,” said John Christensen, chair of Tax Justice Network, an advocacy group that pushes for financial transparency. “That has created a country of two parts with a tiny, very wealthy and powerful elite and the rest who are struggling and by and large all the tax provisions are geared to taxing those who are not elite. It’s a massive distortion.” A spokesman for the Duke of Westminster declined to comment. They should be made to eat out of their toilets.
  6. Hard to argue with this decision. She brought home the gold for the USA. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/soccer/rapinoe-wins-sports-illustrateds-top-prize-to-cap-stellar-year/ar-BBXYm6M?ocid=spartandhp (Full article at above link) NEW YORK, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Megan Rapinoe collected another accolade in a stellar year by claiming Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year honor on Monday for her performance on the U.S. women's World Cup-winning soccer team and for her campaigning off the field. Rapinoe rocketed to household fame this year, taking home the Golden Boot and Golden Ball from the World Cup as top scorer and best player, as the U.S. retained the trophy and on the way became advocates for gender pay equity in sport. The midfielder also picked up the prestigious Ballon d'Or award for the world's best female player. "Choosing Megan as the Sportsperson of the Year was an easy decision,” Sports Illustrated's co-editor in chief Steve Cannella said in a statement. "She is a force of nature on and off the field, a trailblazing soccer player who also proves every day how large and loud a voice a socially conscious athlete can have in 2019." The 34-year-old Californian and her team mates sued the U.S. soccer governing body in March for gender discrimination, arguing they had been paid less than the men's squad and were provided inferior working conditions. Sports Illustrated previously gave the Sportsperson of the Year prize to the 1999 U.S. women's national team, who won the World Cup, but Rapinoe is the first individual soccer player to receive the honor since the award was first given out in 1954.
  7. AOC Retweeted this to her 5.9 million followers. Anthony Breznican (Vanity Fair) "The monster of the Nativity story is not King Herod, the bloodthirsty tyrant. He is just the backdrop. The villain is the innkeeper, a common everyday person, who sees their dire situation and chooses not to help. No room. Sorry. America is full of innkeepers these days." Ouch. Burn.
  8. Carla Sands, the United States ambassador to Denmark, wouldn't allow a Trump critic speak at their own conference. Denmark was outraged, of course, and cancelled the event. It seems childish to me not to allow a difference of opinion as to the way forward for NATO. Someone must be insecure. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/nato-conference-is-canceled-after-us-ambassador-barred-a-trump-critic/ar-BBXXirX?ocid=spartanntp (Full article at above link) The United States ambassador to Denmark barred an American NATO expert critical of President Trump from speaking at an international conference hosted by the American embassy and Denmark, prompting the event’s cancellation, organizers said. The expert, Stanley R. Sloan, was scheduled to give a keynote speech at the conference, which was celebrating the 70th anniversary of NATO, on Tuesday. Mr. Sloan, a visiting scholar at Middlebury College in Vermont, a fellow at the Atlantic Council and a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, planned to speak about the future of trans-Atlantic relations. One day before he was set to leave for Copenhagen, Mr. Sloan was informed that the United States Embassy in Copenhagen had vetoed his participation because of his previous criticisms of President Trump, Mr. Sloan said on Facebook on Saturday. Carla Sands, the United States ambassador to Denmark, did not want Mr. Sloan to participate, and the Danish Atlantic Council “had no other option” than to revoke his invitation to speak, Lars Bangert Struwe, the secretary general of the council, said in a statement. Mr. Sloan said the decision had left him “stunned and concerned about our country.” On Sunday morning, Mr. Struwe canceled the NATO conference. “After serious consideration, we have decided not to proceed with the conference,” he said on Twitter. “The progress of the process has become too problematic; and therefore, we cannot participate in the conference, let alone ask our speakers to participate.” From a Danish point of view, the decision to bar Mr. Sloan would turn the conference’s focus to internal American politics and away from the future of NATO, Mr. Struwe said in an interview on Sunday. There were 12 people scheduled to speak, and about 1000 attendees were expected, he said. “We have all the time known that Mr. Sloan has a critical approach towards President Donald Trump,” Mr. Struwe said in the statement. “That is no secret, especially when following his Twitter and Facebook profile. We have, however, never doubted that Mr. Sloan at our conference would deliver an unpolitical and objective lecture.” In his book, “Defense of the West,” published in 2016, Mr. Sloan discussed the impact that the Trump administration could have on the deterioration of trans-Atlantic relations, given its questionable support for NATO, its relationship with Russia and its response to threats from the Islamic State. The United States Embassy in Denmark in a series of tweets on Sunday said Mr. Sloan had been added to the program at the last minute — without the same joint decision-making used in recruiting the other speakers. The event’s cancellation was “unfortunate,” the embassy said, as it would have provided speakers and attendees an opportunity to exchange views and strengthen NATO for the future.
  9. Cons are corporate cock gobblers. All glory hole honors goes to their Big Business pimp. They whore out their intelligence and character on the cheap. Sappy-headed hoes.
  10. Those scientists really touched a nerve with their diagnoses.
  11. Disaffected cons want to bring about the collapse of a system that they can no longer control. They are becoming harbingers of chaos. Scientists have discovered a syndrome spreading among young male conservatives. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/democratic-party-chaos-vote_n_5de95ab6e4b0913e6f8d3d5e (Full article at above link) A specter is haunting democracy ― the specter of chaos. It is spreading from a decidedly ordered source: young disaffected conservative males. The American Political Science Association uncovered the emergence of a new “psychological syndrome”. This phenomenon, which the authors ominously dubbed a “Need for Chaos,” is disrupting politics not only in the United States but also in other “advanced Democracies.” This new Chaos Voter Theory is quickly hardening into conventional wisdom in the American political discourse, its findings deemed essential to understanding the motivations of Trump voters. Lies, conspiracy theories, reality labeled as 'fake news' people who 'believe' these things don’t really care if they’re true. Posting them is instead an act of political defiance directed broadly at “elites,” and the chief motivation is not to illuminate the masses but to damage those overlords. While this syndrome is more prevalent in conservatives, this defiance does cross partisan boundaries. It is about expressing anger. The main purpose is to disrupt. The researchers also found a strong correlation between those who share hostile political rumors and those who support what they call “violent activism” and a “Need for Chaos.” Researchers asked people whether they agreed with these eight apocalyptic statements: 1. “I get a kick when natural disasters strike in foreign countries” 2. “I fantasize about a natural disaster wiping out most of humanity such that a small group of people can start all over” 3. “I need chaos around me ― it is too boring if nothing is going on” 4. “Sometimes I just feel like destroying beautiful things” 5. “There is no right and wrong in the world” 6. “I think society should be burned to the ground” 7. “When I think about our political and social institutions, I cannot help thinking “just let them all burn” 8. “We cannot fix the problems in our social institutions, we need to tear them down and start over.” The study’s most startling conclusion is that this is not a lunatic fringe. According to the study, 40% of Americans are sympathetic to the expressions about letting political institutions “all burn” and to “tear them down and start over.” The authors thus conclude democracy is in peril: “We suggest that these chaotic motivations go beyond traditional forms of democratic discontent such as political cynicism and populism,” they write. “Instead, they are potentially more akin to precursors of the sentiments associated with radicalism” ― and by “radicalism” they mean violent riots. Social media insanity, they conclude, is not unlike the word-of-mouth rumors that swirled ahead of ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and the Balkans. The threat of fascism and genocide in this country is very real. Clearly, less evolved and with a natural inclination towards violence, these animals pose a very real threat to our republic.
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