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  1. Biden is a far cry from being a fascist dictator. He is a barely competent, sickly old man who is caving to the woke progressives. I do fear he'll be less than equal to the task in international relations.
  2. I'm more Republican than Republicans when it comes to the death penalty. Bravo, Trump Administration. I will miss this display of justice.
  3. A headline from a right-wing rag, bolstered by a bogus poll. Credibility level - ZERO.
  4. "I have one message to members of Congress who amplified lies to undermine our democracy, encouraged an attack on our Capitol, and tried to overturn our election: Resign. If your lust for power exceeds your dedication to democracy, there is simply no place for you in Congress." Poor Alexandria, all she wants to do is give more Americans a chance at the American Dream. Her generosity is rewarded with slander and near violence. Cons should be ashamed of themselves. This is a black mark in the annals of U.S. History. This will be taught in schools. Future generations will lear
  5. She's absolutely right. When they banned the right-wing extremists, the right-wing pundits lost followers. It happened to Scott Adams too. It makes perfect sense. You might not like it, but too bad.
  6. Trivia. Jim Morrison got the name for his band from this book.
  7. It's been so long since I read Brave New World that I can hardly remember it. What drug are you referring to? I can use some of that.
  8. Sorry, guys, but this is not normal. Too much potential for a bad outcome.
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