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  1. "No taxpayer dollars should be used to buy aborted baby body parts. In fact, this practice (which the Biden admin would love to spend big on) should be ended immediately. The American people would be outraged if they knew this was happening with their hard earned dollars." -Marjorie Taylor Greene Damn Q-nuts are already causing problems. Listen to how they talk: "aborted baby parts". Morons. GOP Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene were the only 'no' votes on a bill reauthorizing the National Marrow Donor Program (msn.com) (Full article at a
  2. Biden must act. At least 8 dead, more injured in shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility, authorities say (msn.com) (Full article and video at above link) INDIANAPOLIS — At least eight people were shot and killed at a FedEx facility near Indianapolis International Airport late Thursday, authorities said. When police officers responded to the shooting, they found an "active shooter incident." A spokesman confirmed that multiple people were shot but did not give a specific number, and added that the gunman had died and the public is not beli
  3. He is casting doubt as to their efficacy which is dissuading people from getting vaccinated. That is not in the best interests of the public good.
  4. He is spreading harmful disinformation regarding the vaccine. Given your profession, I thought you might understand that.
  5. I didn't advocate anything. Straight news. Facts, plain and simple.
  6. Chelsea has her mom's balls. Zuckerberg might just do it. He took Trump down. Carlson is small potatoes. Chelsea Clinton calls on Facebook to ban Tucker Carlson - TheBlaze (Full article at above link) Chelsea Clinton wants Facebook to ban Fox News host Tucker Carlson from its website after a clip from Carlson's program casting doubt on the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines went viral this week. On Wednesday, Clinton tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post featuring Carlson's controversial monologue during which he suggested that the vacc
  7. Plastic bag photographed at the deepest place on Earth, the Mariana Trench.
  8. Some disparate thoughts relating to your video. Somewhat interesting. I never would have guessed your love for trannies and queer minorities. I'm afraid I don't share the same passion for them as you. I've known about Chimeras since I was a kid. I used to play AD&D and one was depicted in the Monster Manual. I also took Greek Mythology in high school. I like the art. Props to your daughter. Some Chimeras are real and avhievable! Redneck conservative stereotype: Ball cap/check, beard/check, flannel shirt /check. Ease up on your hatred for commi
  9. You missed it. I'm surprised. My "If this legislation creates enough friction to save one precious human life the struggle will have been worth it." was a complete troll. Humanity is garbage.
  10. Now spouting gibberish. Turn off the hose already.
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