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  1. oh and the other guy who had to be told not to listen to fake news reports and that phone calls cant be supenaed the whole room cracked up
  2. the facts burn your chaps huh
  3. how much did you spend on investigating benghazi
  4. why do the republicans approve of Putin messing in our elections?
  5. it shows he disguised payments as loans
  6. how many millions have the republicans spent to secure our elections from the russians?
  7. http://thehill.com/homenews/394517-court-filings-show-paul-manafort-received-10-million-loan-from-russian-lender
  8. why does the right want to end unions?
  9. I get the link and copy it to the box and push the submit button and it just disappears instead of posting it
  10. I cant even post a link? what is with this site?