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  1. remember in Helsinki when trump trashed thousands of Americans working to keep us safe as liars and said Putin is who he trusts instead
  2. Na its trumps evil actions bent on causing chaos in the USA which Putin is paying him to create
  3. bite a dead mules urine dispurser
  4. the world hates him he is a racist and your claims don't agree with the facts
  5. hes a farging racist who the world hates and Putin owns him from his bone spurs to the six foot long orange swirl on his head
  6. the men here are kinda rapey
  7. see the site is doing it on purpose
  8. did you forget the case where "some government" owned company is being forced to release their documents to the FBI???? the judge just forced the prosecutors to admit the Mueller investigation isn't over It in the court records
  9. no some Russian programmer created it russo botholes are not alive many do need a reprograming update though
  10. not very constitutiony of them huh but they don't pretend to love the constitution anymore
  11. you would know if he tried he would no longer be posting anywhere
  12. because the republicans CHANGED what the founders planned they tried to make it pay for its self the founders didn't design it that way they did write it right into the constitution they also did post roads that were NEVER planned to pay for themselves either
  13. if you tried I would kill you