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  1. and did he agree we should have shock and awed the place? his wife agreed because Bush lied us to war with doctored intel the Bush team fed the people who were tasked with protecting us LIES idiot they made the WRONG decision because they were fed lies idiot Oh and INTERNATIONAL INSPECTOR WERE ALL OVER IRAQ FINDING WHAT LITTLE WAS LEFT Bush kicked them out so he could bomb Another reason the world refused to back Bush
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/07/23/clinton.iraq.sotu/ a real link
  3. yes they screamed about that too then pretended to FORGET all their unAmerican attacking of a president protecting us until of course their republican party lied us to a war to get WMDs that were already GONE then they said the same crap about anyone pointing out their lies then too
  4. the quotes you lying arsed republicans use are Pre dec 1998 when we bombed and the republicans were all screaming it wanst needed they were all dead wrong according to the entire world
  5. how exactly do you outlaw political parties you cant really be this vapid
  6. one Koch brothers has shuffled off that mortal coil Now the Murdoch family is crumbling how old is daddy Murdoch …..907?
  7. show us the polls you claim exist and if the people say take them they will get took
  8. it will be professionals better trained and armed than you if its death you want you will receive it quickly
  9. because they like to crash the economy and lie us to wars they REFUSE to pay for its good for the pockets of the wealthy mob scum that own them
  10. another top terror guy left the government because of the repuyblicans planned blindness to the threat His name was John O'Neill he left to take job protecting the twin towers He was murdered on 911 doing his job
  11. for 4 days America bombed and bombed Iraq he didt give a sgi8t abput Sadam he was worthless without the WMDs trump killed the head and left all the weapons and troops tp carry put the evil that head was replaced like 3 hours later a massive fail really stupid huh
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