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  1. nope the republican party needs to die then what is left can combine with the conservadems with the racist vote left to die off
  2. you want to hear putin and trumpy having phone sex?
  3. hopefully lots of it will be spent on thwarting foreign hackers
  4. or she has him on tape talking to russians
  5. Ex President Bill Clinton, Jul. 22, 2003 (Interview with CNN Larry King)
  6. have fun back in Russia BS
  7. evince

    I told you so.

    we really do need to improve mental healthcare in this nation
  8. they are Russian bots or sociopaths or both
  9. clinton bombed them' you screamed at him then you cheated to win an election created false intel and bombed Iraq
  10. Clinton bombed the fuuck out of the Iraqi weapons then you right wing idiots called it a fake war and then you started another war with them saying they were still there which was yet another lie
  11. Distraction from Clinton impeachment scandal[edit] Some critics of the Clinton administration, including Republican members of Congress,[27] expressed concern over the timing of Operation Desert Fox.[28] The four-day bombing campaign occurred at the same time the U.S. House of Representatives was conducting the impeachment hearing of President Clinton. Clinton was impeached by the House on 19 December, the last day of the bombing campaign. A few months earlier, similar criticism was levelled during Operation Infinite Reach, wherein missile strikes were ordered against suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan, on 20 August. The missile strikes began three days after Clinton was called to testify before a grand jury during the Lewinsky scandal and his subsequent nationally televised address later that evening in which Clinton admitted having an inappropriate relationship. The Operation Infinite Reach attacks became known as "Monica's War" among TV news people, due to the timing. ABC-TV announced to all stations that there would be a special report following Lewinsky's testimony before Congress, then the special report was pre-empted by the report of the missile attacks. The combination of the timing of that attack and Operation Desert Fox led to accusations of a Wag the Dog situation.
  12. did they find any stupid
  13. lets remember how Hilary treated Putin you idiots