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  1. Chongo

    Fascist leftist scum

    Socialist give up all legal ability's (right to a life for children and adults) with the entire population living in a military styled state and they will war each other over small differences, (We be shooting at each other and stuff).
  2. The legal ability of >>life<< liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not attached to USA religious freedom that is more of a thought crime protection. Socialist have no individual legal protections and they are nuts.
  3. Taping phones, buying foreign spy reports and leaking information to the press is OK for democrats but then Republicans are not even supposed to be taking phone calls, democrats don't know the law and they think that socialism is only an economic system (that somehow legally kills its own people). Trump is OK but then constitution party for all other state and local representation.
  4. Nazis were only a slightly differing classed and grouped socialist unit however all socialist give up individual legal ability's such as the right to a life., USA is so classed and grouped 2019 people can not drive a few blocks without running into a fussy separatist opposition group. In the USA war between the states family members from the south would join the northern Army and other family members from the north would join the southern Army, we be shooting at each other and stuff, dummy.
  5. You missed some important points, millions died from only a small temperature change to the colder temperatures but now we have billions who are supported by a warmer climate and this would probably result in billions of deaths when and if the temperature turns colder from starvation etc.. The earth had high Co2 warm conditions in the past without a large human population however the climate changed back to cold without any human manipulations. if the earth became cooler >>after<<< lowered Co2 levels show me the data,
  6. Not in the UK, everyone is focused on economic aspects of EU socialism or democratic socialism in USA, but of course if socialism was only an economic system it could have never gained the ability to legally remove an individuals right to a life etc.
  7. Climate change can happen fairly quickly and is recorded in Ice samples and also recorded history.
  8. The Pope has pollution mixed up with earths climate, earths climate has been changing from long periods of ice age back into a warmer climate that is now necessary for the earths large population of plants and animals. Heat from the sun controls the temperature on the earth and whenever the sun is cooler, at a greater distance from the earth or goes south in winter the pollution will get cold along with everything else. In this case all the Pope could possibly have is a prayer because a prayers are the only way that a commune group would ever have any effect on the climate or the position of the sun. Pollution and Climate are two different subjects and the population only purchases the products at increasing high inflation prices after also subsidizing the products, the population is not responsible for product testing or any possible proven or >>>>unproven<<<< pollution problems. USA corporations are already subsidized and they have been doubling prices on services and pocketing the money without cleaning up the pollution. The pope is now making himself a part of the communistic organized crime rip off,
  9. USA male children are either being given life threatening brain shrinkage drugs or are having to live with the threat of being drugged and electroshocked etc., Juveniles are being treated medically instead of being locked up for things like armed robbery but the drugs can have suicidal side effects as seen with the 20 year old in Memphis, not a good solution.
  10. Roman slave training 101, degrade and or remove the male from the family, have the woman train the children.
  11. TV is soap opera waste of time except for the bold and beautiful..
  12. i am not interested in the GMO food deregulation policy. the things you are listing are mostly useless information class and group emotional BS. Beginning of USA government by and for the people. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, Beginning of radical democrat policys Their is no creator or freedom of religion and you will have not have any individual rights or legal ability's including your right to a life and remember socialism is only a system of economics.
  13. Democrats are trying to install socialist administrative authority (communist law with no right to a life) and it is not going to be any better for you than the processed food, water, street gang drugs or 1-800-bad drug medicine.
  14. Bad word useless information slop jaw response, trained to self destruct and self enslave with toxic food and useless information BS.