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  1. That's the old rules, Farmer gets a cold and goes out to pick up some vitamin C vitamin D and zinc cough drops or whatever, the farmer understands that there are millions of viruses that could have a negative effect on his animals if they do not receive the proper nutrition. The farmer is possibly sick with a dangerous disease and can be quarantined for a short time with the old rules. The new rules are when the private tax paying economy is discontinued and replaced with various doctatorship socialist mandatory commune group contracts. The last remaining non government workers are put out of
  2. The common law legal system has ap[apparently been replaced with old world tribal enslavement law or some sort of pro foreign invading army military law. A person who is from out of state and has an illegal hand gun blown out of his hand before he fires the weapon and later makes the claim that he should have unloaded the weapon on the victim who was fighting for his life walks free with no charges but the person who was being attacked for putting out one fire sits in jail with excessive bail.
  3. Hoodoo voodoo and all kinds of weird shit, I headed North out of all the Jungle Noise.
  4. i think that we should all become world communist because sunshine and rainbows, then after we win the election we can stalk people and start the fun camps.
  5. Your facts are simple thought control propaganda for people who have not studied law. Your said-claimed secular rule of law began with the first Magna Carta contract that was written by a priest and then edited by the Pope eventually leading up to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, legal due process and the end of slavery. A woman who will vote for various anti constitutional >>>>mandatory contracts<<<<< that can not be negotiated by the individual is simply checking everyone into an abusive thought control slave commune (reslave). An u
  6. Rome had slave law that plebs were not allowed to understand, voting for socialist democrats is similar.
  7. Anyone could become a slave in Rome and there was a large class of people who were considered to be partially free but not allowed to know Roman law (plebs) Old world countries generally recognized international slave laws but they could have there own set of local slave rules, Romans could sell their own Children. Former USA slaves are now buying products that are made by slaves and this may also possibly include slave body parts. Every human alive is related to people who were slaves regardless of their skin color. Does that mean that we need to focus on it until we go com
  8. Critical psycho conviction by violent mob is not legal, get a hobby, self employment and things that you like to do that are not illegal.
  9. That is all because you were classified as a pleb animal in the law, the Romans preferred white slaves. Unfortunately you are probably also working to erase various USA laws in order to become a Marxist, communist, pleb, heard animal slave. You are focused on complete negativity that is turning you into a psycho, get a hobby-self employment and things that you like to do while it is still legal.
  10. The religious people helped to create your freedom and improve your living conditions beginning with the first Magna Carta contract (law). Disbanding the Union and dividing the military in the USA will most likly result in WWIII, your world would go from playing video games and viewing TV programing bull shit to something a lot more real where you would be fighting for survival with very few supplies. With the USA weakened foreign army's will also attack and the ancient world rules of enslavement for the defeated will be the new rules. Sullivan Ballou (Union Officer) ho
  11. They also go to democrat areas for their polls, people are getting attacked for a campaign slogan or yard sign, some of the smoke has cleared after they burn down the west coast of the USA with the global warming stopping at the Canadian and Mexican borders. Democrats are openly psycho and will physically attack people due to a campaign slogan etc.
  12. The democrats think they have become Gods, they control the weather, they decide your class and group, they decide who works,where people are going to work, how much they are going to be paid and who is going to live and die, thumbs up or thumbs down.
  13. i saw the video same as drvoke, Gardner was attacked by three people and had fired warning shots, out here in the west it is not legal for youngsters to be grouping up and attacking business owners, old people and women folk. The bar owners are probably all going to have guns, don't try to start trouble, it is not a good idea. I stopped going to bars back in the 1980s around the same time the crack heads began shooting each other because of their shirt color etc.
  14. Peaceful protestor gaslight, blame the victim, you get five or more people together and start attacking old people and it will not be the victims fault when you get hurt, don't go around to bars looking for trouble.
  15. 1. To gut your healthcare The healthcare system is doing a really good job, everyone at the wife's doctors appointment was in a wheelchair or barely able to walk this year. In New York they sent infected people into the nursing homes for the specific purpose of killing old people and sent the quarantine ship back out to sea. The CDC is apparently somehow controlled by the UN and may also call for another complete knockdown of the population this fall with possible fun camps in some states. The CDC had already planed to include the flu with cold viruses as a reason for lock down in the sp
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