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  1. They are doing nothing but end of life legislation along with asking for 100 trillion in extra tax because they think global warming is going to end the world and they want to get the money first. Democrats will have to continue on with bogus investigation and personal attacks etc.
  2. Share some law, socialist administrative authority law (communist) or sharia law, its all American as apple pie. Trending: The Daily Caller Defends Sharia Law: It’s “As American As Apple Pie” The IRA is the company responsible for the “Russian internet trolls” that produced and promoted content meant to sway the results of the election. And in their communications, they make it clear that it isn’t just President Trump they support, but also Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. >>>>>>>This means that many of the supporters for Sanders’ massive campaign that nearly defeated Hillary Clinton could simply be trolls, according the fake news narrative of the last 2.5 years.<<<<<<<<<< It is unlikely that many media outlets will spend much time discussing this, as the narrative appears to have already been made that it is Trump that Russians wanted elected https://bigleaguepolitics.com/mueller-report-reveals-russia-backed-bernie-sanders-will-cnn-cover/
  3. Russians promoted Black life matters or were paid to advertise black life' matter not just Trump adds.
  4. the problem is that she has no legal training and she is doing another spring without a man etc.
  5. Anti-freedom stup-dupe, those anti- cholesterol drugs that do internal organ damage such as kidney and brain damage are not snake oil, just the things that Jones sells (that did not harm you)?
  6. You are stup-dupe, i can obviously not expect to enjoy any freedom if you are allowed to remove Trumps freedom.
  7. You have no legal training at all, you are nuts and the media is making you worse.
  8. The actual court verdict seems to be not guilty (freedom is not illegal etc.) but then reporters seem to be way out in outer space.
  9. Some of your group-gang wants to impeach Trump but then once Trump is gone you will quickly move to impeach all individuals because freedom is not legal in socialist controlled areas. What side are you and the media actually working for?
  10. Its a wild world, if you want to leave take care.
  11. Get out there and see the west.
  12. Since the Internet hacker were doing a lot of adds for Hillary and the democrats with some reports saying the adds were 80% democrat it seems to indicate that they were just offering advertising services to anyone who would make payment? Democrats made payment for the bogus spy report? Democrats have become socialist, socialist tend to impeach all individuals who are not group-gang affiliated and freedom is illegal in a socialist government.
  13. Perhaps you are in the Chinese or Russian military and you prefer fighting for a communistic military?
  14. I promote some continued individual freedom, other than that you wont be getting much info, I dont do surveys etc.
  15. i know people who have survived wars with no problems but then get their worst injuries on USA streets.