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  1. Drugged up sunshine and rainbows programming leading up to various socialist kangaroo court situations where your private property is removed and you are out on the street until you become sick and der hospital mandatory ventilates your little fat rat bleep.
  2. Its real simple, there is no higher death rate in USA 2020. It is not a conspiracy theory to believe that USA doctors and hospitals are completely money motivated, the USA medical system charges about 10 times more than any other area of the world. Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug hydroxychloroquine https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/study-finds-84-fewer-hospitalizations-for-patients-treated-with-controversial-drug-hydroxychloroquine The Germans are back! No, not the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-
  3. The votes were deleted or switched by computer programmers in >>>>..foreign areas (Germany)<<<<<< via internet connections.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBmdLehpbYA&feature=emb_logo
  4. There is no extra 150k deaths in USA for 2020 crazyhole, the death rate for heart problems went down for the first year in history, the cause of death was reassigned in order for hospitals to collect the >>>>>>corona virus subside money<<<<<<<<. If i die from a heart attack I don't want these shit bags making any money on the situation.
  5. The computer voting machine programmers based in Germany (foreign election rigging, not legal) do not have to drag and drop votes unless the candidate who has payed to win the election is behind, if the candidate is behind by hundreds of thousands of votes it will tend to make their fraud work too visible and the vote count will have to be be ruled illegitimate..
  6. COURT: PA Election "Likely Unconstitutional" Legislature Should Choose Electors https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/court-pa-election-likely-unconstitutional-legislature-should-choose-electors Chongo: New USA western law proposal: triple jail sentence for anyone participating in a group assault and battery attack on a lone USA citizen and other crimes such as Tortious interference on a lone USA individual that are being performed as a group enterprise.
  7. 2. Russian interference in the election was far greater than most of us ever knew. Russia used several different methods to interfere in the 2016 election. Volume I of the Mueller report includes many pages dedicated to discussing the efforts of the Internet Research Agency (IRA), based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The report makes it clear that Russia was firmly committed to getting Trump elected president. An email to Donald Trump Jr. from the son of a Russian real estate developer stated that they wanted to meet with Trump to discuss incriminating information about Hillar
  8. New USA western law, triple jail time for people who attack a lone individual with a group of people. Two men in, one man out.
  9. 7. The Michael Cohen Scandal Trump’s strongest defender was his private attorney, Michael Cohen, who testified before Congress on Trump's behalf. That testimony got Cohen convicted of perjury. After his perjury conviction, Cohen again testified before Congress. This time he called Trump a racist, a con man, and a cheat. According to Cohen’s testimony, Trump routinely made racist remarks, had Cohen threaten people, had Cohen lie about the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow, and make hush-money payments to silence women with whom Trump had affairs. He also testified that
  10. Fish want to fly, fish can be bird, bird want to swim bird can be fish because each individual creature has its own power of all creation and can even somehow create their own male biological system and a new female companion. The same educational system certifies all medical personnel who tend to believe that you have 0 power and that you will be needing them and their pharmaceutical drugs from birth or you will not even survive. USA doctors die at an average age of about 60 years, USA natives were living to the age of 90 when Europeans arrived in the new world. This much is true:
  11. Hoodoo Voodoo and all kinda weird stuff. Rigged study's, we will probably see the real medical situations begin after the vaccines and it will not be anything new, most pharmaceuticals usually create two or three new disease conditions. >>>>>>Zinc, quinine, garlic Vitamin C Vitamin D create 0 new disease conditions, you just pee them out<<<<<, but you ain't going to pee out something that will immediately start rearranging your DNA and these jivers never seem to report anything about the new untested mRNA iCOVID-19 vaccines
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