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  1. Hey, a guy was just shot on the side walk down the street a few weeks ago, a kid was shot in the buttox trying to walk home after getting off the school bus and was killed due to the large caliber of the weapon, yer safety safe there, why all the negativity?.
  2. i have independent sailor friends that favored the Panama area trip but Chongo needs a bigger jungle where poke weeds don't grow very well.
  3. You will only get chongo angry with negativity i have sailor friends that may be in your area who are not quite so unfriendly in the mornings.
  4. Chongo

    Nice Music Thread

    Iron horse has a longer stride and the iron horse is feeling free.
  5. They believe that gas has more to do with the climate than the position of the sun but winters have been getting colder.
  6. You ask chongo to leave the jungle and talk over at your favorite bar, you have a brewski and a sling shot in your back pocket.
  7. Ha, what are you?, is that what the guys over at the bar talk about?
  8. Left winger has focused hate-negativity but is suffering with TV fantasy distractions and these goals will probably be hurting the small left winger group more than others.
  9. Continuing on with strange lopsided investigations against a USA president, you have a sling shot in your back pocket.
  10. A high school sophomore in Clearwater, Florida, admitted to police he fired ball bearings with a Marksman slingshot that destroyed the image of the Virgin Mary in an office building window. The 60-ft. tall oily image appeared miraculously in 1996, and has been the focus of visits by believers and the curious. The attack took place on March 1, 2004, destroying the top three panes of glass. Information received last week led investigators to question18-year old Kyle Maskell. Maskell, an angry teenager driven by guilt to confess, said he was sorry. Update - July 13, 2004 - Downey jailed Maskell for 10 days and ordered him to pay the ministry $1,200 for the damage. The owners of the building didn't want to press charges, but apparently the attorney general did. 2005: Apparently part of the image remains. In January, the building owners installed bulletproof glass over the whole thing to prevent another incident.
  11. Chongo


    Downloading information from the subconscious. To accomplish this micro nap, Dali would sit in a chair with his arms resting on the armrests and his wrists dangling over them. He held a heavy metal key between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, and placed an upside-down plate on the floor directly below the key. The instant Dali dozed off, the key would slip through his fingers, clang the plate, and awaken him from his nascent slumber. In that moment, Dali observed, one walked “in equilibrium on the taut and invisible wire that separates sleep from waking.” The artist recommended this practice to anyone who worked with their mind, believing that the tiny nap “revivified” one’s whole “physical and physic being” and left you invigorated and inspired for an afternoon of creative labor. Yet it has not only been esoteric artists who have credited their creativity to hypnagogic naps, but rational scientific types as well. Isaac Newton, Descartes, and Einstein were all said to have gotten insights into their theories and innovations while lost in a half-awake reverie. CLANG! Write down your insights. Wake up and write (or draw) any ideas that came to you right before you woke up. Be prepared for some of them to be absolutely bonkers and silly. But more often than not, you’re going to discover some great insights using this napping technique. https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/hypnagogic-nap/
  12. Trump is correct, whatever advertising that the Russians were doing is still unknown but the dem commercials continue on 24/7 with laughing machines, SNL is a sad puppet show.
  13. We'll walk in fields of gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJJb8Yvat_I
  14. Chongo

    Now on Netflix: Trotsky

    2019 robotic workers