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  1. "I Can Do All Things in Him That Strengthens Me"
  2. Democrat eugenics class and group poster that can not handle a campaign slogan without throwing a fit.
  3. Self employment leading to a possible change in your future s not a sin, if so how?
  4. Chongo

    Republicans to the world

    How do you feel about self employment?
  5. Vladimir Lenin Perhaps Trump is on the right path with possible renewed educational freedoms and more people able to become self employed etc.
  6. i suppose so, why are women mostly silent about socialism?
  7. Drugs, street crime, speech control, education control, controlled media, manufacturing and food production outsourced then all the usual lights out with starvation socialist conditions. Seems like we have been undergoing a situation of somehow Trading places with the Russians.
  8. Godless anti creator monarchy, here is the new boss that is nothing like the old boss because he has no traditional law or controlling authority. The socialist system will quickly contract into a few people who are rather well off and the other 99.9% sent back into various serfdom lights out conditions. Turn off those lights or burn out the solar battery's.
  9. Democrats and many republicans seemed to think that hiring federal employees and favoring higher pay for government employees would somehow create a change for the bigger and better. A few of us dont see how blowing tax money all over the world after rejecting all manufacturing production will result in anything but a starvation-disaster requiring a good old harsh socialism lock down fix with removal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness etc.
  10. Keeps US busy while they continue to brain damage millions of public school children with the rest of the children living with the fear of becoming pharmaceutical brain damaged if they ever say, do or have a wrong facial expression that is considered as something wrong by socialistic control freaks. its an all messed up rope a dope routine.
  11. "When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag, and waving a cross." If and when monarchy comes back to America it will be carried out by anti creation random generated herd animals who call it socialism.
  12. Democrats seem to be doing a constant sad CBS TV puppet show magic with a new form of legal system political work 2016-2019, but has it been working to help democrats or republicans?
  13. Yeah, but i have been checking the washer and dryer for socks but then lost socks sometimes reappear weeks later.
  14. Yeah, but sometimes my socks seem to come back from being lost in the 5th dimension, how does that ever happen?