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  1. Health care can not be a mandatory situation, doctors and hospital health worker groups make money on sickness, not health. Japan: no mandatory vaccines, low vaccination rate, better health USA: Mandatory vaccines, poor health Japan: doctors can prescribe traditional herb treatments = good health USA: traditional herb treatments are not allowed = freedom removed, poor health Japan: Better health and longevity , less money spent on healthcare Stay out the street, get off the drugs, stop joining gangs, assaulting others and damaging private property = less chance of needing pain medication.
  2. Not good enough now, socialist money experiment, negative bond interest rates is no longer capitalism? Since the Great Recession, Mario Draghi and the ECB have tried to spur growth through quantitative easing (QE), the act of buying government securities from the market to decrease rates and introduce new money into the economy. With record low rates and hundreds of billions of new euros in the market, Keynesians would expect a rallying economy. But growth has been subdued. A recession is inevitable – both in the United States and in Europe. Unlike the last economic contraction, the ECB will be out of bullets, unless it wants to experience rampant inflation and a currency crisis. European nations are deeply in debt, running budget deficits and witnessing putrid results. There isn’t much left for these bloc members to do, except employ pro-market measures, like rolling back aggressive spending efforts, paying off the debt, and cutting taxes. The drunken sailor awakes, where am I?
  3. The dire mommy drama column is not self employment journalism. The Truth is that USA is continuing to do much better than all other countries that have never experienced a free enterprise economy and are instead drifting off into the socialist fantasy land for dependent peasants who have a lot of extra time for destroying property, eating drugs, shooting each other in the back and general drunken bad wordiness. Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address – Wednesday, March 1, 1801: (free enterprise) “…what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? …a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”
  4. The new democrat styled economy (socialism) drains money out of the general population, moves it up into a small group of wealthy people and reclassifies the general population as peasants etc.. What happened to the Libya humanitarian effort? Libya oil money was being distributed out into the public, who gets the oil money now? Who gets the money for building wind generators to collect energy from the wind, sell the energy to the general population at rapidly inflating mandatory contract fiat currency prices in a socialist public-private partnership economy? Not the poor? The poor can not be legally self employed in all the various socialist government situations, then possibly end up becoming non legally self employed with a lot of extra time for destroying property and shooting at other people etc. The USA constitution did not make self employment legal for a few rich people and non legal for the poor. Government / Private Partnership Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address – Wednesday, March 1, 1801: “…what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? …a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” America was founded on the economic principles of the >>>>>>>>“free enterprise”<<<<<<<< system. An individual was free to operate his business under the law without government intervention and regulation. This economic system is being replaced by public (government) – private partnerships. This system is called fascism (a form of socialistic control). The Constitution Party is opposed to public-private partnerships and is for a return to the true “free enterprise” system that once made our nation great and economically prosperous.
  5. Higher numbers of self employment and renewed manufacturing is not going to hurt the economy, the new democrat economy requires restricted speech.
  6. Leftist think the USA constitution and freedom created the problem, socialist programing is creating problems and removing free speech is not going to solve the problem.
  7. Socialism is slowing- draining the world economy and where did the money go? The money is only going to a few people with the main population becoming classed and grouped as poor socialist peasants, herd animals with mandatory contracts, human resource etc. USA constitution did not create the worlds problems or problems brought about by socialist programing in the USA.
  8. Socialist can make the purchasing of commune group electrical power mandatory (mandatory products) and they can make homes that have always been off the grid >>>>>illegal<<<<<<. Socialist can make medicated water and medical products mandatory. The USA constitution did not create a situation of mandatory electrical grid power in California, Florida and many other areas. Constitutional USA money would not be inflating the price of wind.
  9. Socialism drains the money out of the private sector, discourages work, transfers the money over to Gov workers and slows the economy, Gov workers are the tax, gov workers don't produce a product. Dirt farmers receive gov subsidies and can >>>>>still earn millions of dollars<<<<<<<. The poor can only receive subsidies if they are >>>>>not self employed<<<<<<< resulting in a lot of free time for illegal activities such as joining gangs, dealing drugs and damaging >>>>>>>private property<<<<<<. Why can farmers become millionaires but then people who have been herded into the city dont have anything to do aside from eating drugs shooting at each other and damaging property etc.? its all a part of the >>>>>>>>new classing and grouping socialist monarchy<<<<<<<<< (make America peasant dependents again) where the self employed farmers will have enough money to pay hunting fees $$$$$ and haul wild game with a new $50.000 truck but the city people cant afford gas for a 20 year old vehicle. Self employment gas mileage deduction 0.54 per mile. The USA constitution did not create these problems and restricting freedom of speech will obviously not solve the problems.
  10. Circular us against them programing, socialism will grant the said-claimed oligarchs the power to issue mandatory contracts with government enforced fees, fines and jail time penalty's. The wind was free in the USA but democrats want government to pay huge amounts of money for a few wealthy people to harness the wind and sell the electrical power to the individual at high inflation prices (extra tax and fees).
  11. Socialism is a monarchy styled system of class and group manipulation, socialist politicians speak to people as if they were various human resource (herd animal) groups. Socialist problems can be solved with the USA constitution (laws for the individual), not with more class and group programing that will require removal of free speech etc.
  12. We would have the USA constitution and enjoy various common law legal ability's for each individual such as a right to a life, individual contract negotiation ability, the right to be self employed, the right to hunt and fish without excessive fees and fines, freedom of peaceful assembly without fees, fines and jail time, freedom of speech (without fees fines and jail time), freedom of religion, rights that have been developed over a millennia. Rights that afford immunity from various classing, grouping manipulations by a said-claimed upper class.
  13. “I’m an educator and we’ve got to do something about education so that’s the person that I’m looking for,” she continued. “It’s really hard because there are all these stump speeches and I don’t know what they believe.” You already did what you were going to do about education and the USA constitution or individual legal ability's such as having a right to a life did not create the problems.
  14. You already came for me, the IRS questioned me, my home taxes dubbled, I was shot in the back in front of the home a few weeks ago, and you just keep on coming, no one came for the communist-socialist, they are now state representatives and the USA constitution did not create your problems. "What they do"
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