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  1. I firmly believe in socialized healthcare. Your theory on Medicare v. WSC is very very interesting and would be nice if it were that way. I had thought of free healthcare before, but higher tax on everything else seems a bit over the top. The theory that you have presented would be a wonderful alternative to the "reform" of the past fourteen years. It's affordable yet won't break the bank of corporate America. I think that your idea is a very good one except there are a few minor flaws: Paper bog, in other words so many Americans are under Medicare that they can barely keep afloat now. Imagine 300 million cases of discount labor...it doesn't end well.; Doctors on strike, interesting enough your idea of a socialized health insurance reform has been done before in Romania. Romania's healthcare has recently fallen off the wagon and is pretty much extinct, the people can't afford the healthcare due to rapid inflation of more money in the pockets of Romanians and as a domino effect, the doctors cannot afford to take care of the people because they can't afford to get the insurance against malpractice, etc. The fact of the matter is that the only way for healthcare to be both affordable and beneficial is to put free healthcare into effect. If you slice it, hospitals and their staff should be basically treated like a police department and it's officers. You up the tax and they get paid a base salary, this of course has only one flaw: the ones who can't afford healthcare at this point would not be able to pay the taxes necessary to fund this. And that is where welfare comes in. This ideal of a standard govt. salary for medical would benefit all and would still pad the pockets of the corporate giants, beings as to how they get more funds off the taxes and still make a 12% profit off of it. So in saying that, there would be no congressmen able to say 'no' to this, except the ones who thrive off of insurance costs, but let's face it; they're little more than Italian mob extortionists in a $3000 suit and an American flag draped around their shoulders. The gist of it is that money runs America way too much, and this is coming from a broker...
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