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  1. I have seen prejudice against this form of media and I have to say I am tired of this prejudice. Video games are a mature artistic medium! Does this medium has to cater only to kids? I like works of art and yes that includes video games that cover serious adult issues like war, genocide, politics, love, sex, etc with maturity. Comic books are now covering serious topics. Video Games are too Violent "Mature" games that are actually mature | GamesRadar What ideas do you have in mind to help the video game medium mature?
  2. I heard this detailed argument against Brown vs EMA from a gamer. Unfortunately, all the demonstrations in the world won’t make any difference. The US government has massive double standards and blind spots when it comes to video games, and will think nothing of coming up with incredibly convoluted excuses as to why games don’t deserve the same free speech protections awarded to other mediums. Like every branch of the US government, the supreme court is staffed entirely with old people who don’t know and don’t WANT to know anything about video games. Like all the other branches, they will happily toss out all semblance of logic and reason in order to differentiate video games from every other medium. So, this blatantly unconstitutional law will be upheld, and Wal-Mart will stop carrying any video game rated M, and probably even T. And since American game publishers won’t greenlight any game that Wal-Mart won’t carry, this will effectively demolish the American games industry, causing a mass exodus to Europe and Japan (and since Atkinson is finally retiring, Australia as well). Wave bye-bye to the Xbox 360, as well as the FPS genre in general (since they are an almost uniquely American genre). If the gamer is right and if Brown vs EMA was passed how would you feel about this entire medium being reduced to mere children's toys? And I think every American gamer would want to behead every Congress person. Most people in the US Military play m rated games. The video gamer militia combined with our military would destroy the US Government.
  3. http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/05/03/katie-couric-offers-one-sided-discussion-video-game-addiction-video-game-research#.U3ss8iiSB8F Why are people so judgmental? We must fight gamer stereotypes!
  4. I think it is awesome that we are getting more adult animation!
  5. We must not let them take away our video games! Down with the censors!
  6. http://www.gamepolitics.com/2011/06/27/us-supreme-court-upholds-ninth-circuit-decision-brown-v-entertainment-merchants-associati#.U3pHKCiSB8E http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/05/03/katie-couric-offers-one-sided-discussion-video-game-addiction-video-game-research#.U3pJeiiSB8E The Supreme Court ruling was a victory for freedom. We will defeat the censors! How can we make the people who hate freedom go away? I think that they should go to North Korea or Saudi Arabia! They don't appreciate freedom. We will defeat every censor in America! We will prevail!
  7. I don't aprove of Mel Gibson's views but I love his character in the Patriot. God bless Cliven Bundy! God bless the militia! God bless liberty! God bless America!
  8. http://www.komonews.com/news/local/University-Place-man-dies-after-being-tased-by-deputies-259010521.html If the police doesn't stop this there will be hell to pay! Actions like these will produce more Cliven Bundys! Our police looks like something out of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union! Proud patriots will rise! We need modern day minutemen to counter police brutality! We need a modern day patriot! There is only one solution to police brutality! The Second Amendment!
  9. Yeah Stereotypes are bad. Just tell your friends to leave video games alone!
  10. Yeah I hear it is going to be a real tear jerker!
  11. Would you play Valiant Hearts The Great War? It is going to make you cry. It will be the saddest video game storyline ever conceived!
  12. Well he should leave a nation that is all about personal freedom! I would throw his ass to Iran or North Korea! Religion can go screw itself!
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