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  1. We're still here. It's kinda like the neoliberals have gotten more media attention like the Koch Brothers owned tea party has and taken away from the sane republicans in the republican party.
  2. Just like they cut back funds for embassies, as well. The republicans try to get their lies out there first so when the truth comes out, they think no one pays attention. The republicans controlled the House and Senate and Presidency when it created these two wars and upped the number of military to create this HUGE backlog of services. THEN, they cut funds to the VA FOR these services. BTW, republicans also stopped a Veteran Jobs Bill the President offered.
  3. The President does not write the laws. It takes the House and Senate to make it a law. The President then signs it into law.
  4. I believe there is far more favorable responses to Obamacare than not. We are not $100 trillion in debt. The republicans have yet to offer any health insurance alternative to the one which plagued out nation for decades; that employers could change insurance agencies and thereby the new insurance company could drop those they stated had "pre-existing conditions" prior to the date of the new health insurance, and the jacked up premiums that happened each year.
  5. I don't think the republicans will tolerate any tea party extremism anymore. Their conservative stands on many issues are acceptable by middle of the road voters. The tea party has out lasted its use.
  6. My state is controlled by the Koch Brothers...you can bet these things go on.
  7. Your source is not credible. Here's what they are: "The Washington Free Beacon, a project of the 501©4 Center for American Freedom, is a nonprofit online newspaper that began publication on February 7, 2012. Dedicated to uncovering the stories that the professional left hopes will never see the light of day, the Free Beacon produces in-depth and investigative reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, and media criticism. Whether it’s exposing cronyism, dissecting the relationship between the progressive movement and the mainstream media, finding out just who is shaping our domestic and foreign policy and why, or highlighting the threats to American security and peace in a dangerous world, the Free Beacon is committed to serving the public interest by reporting news and information that currently is not being fully covered by other news organizations." They are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the right wing. That's not news. Those are not facts. That's just more lies pushed by the right to keep from talking about the fact the republicans are letting our economy tank.
  8. No, it's true. Look at all the embassies where Americans were killed under Bush. Why was there no outrage? Because the republicans weren't going after the deaths. The Benghazi is just more lies from the republicans so they can create sound bites for this next election. That really is quite sad. Lies versuses jobs. :Looks as though KEEPING their job and not HELPING the economy is the ONLY priority for the republican party.
  9. I vote we stop allowing the rich to buy the opinions of those in gerry mandered districts.....
  10. Unregulated corporations, no labor laws, no wage protection from slave labor, privatized prisons, lack of control over reproductive rights for women, no birth control for poor women, but viagra for poor old men, lack of respect for others based on the teachings of a republican Christian Reconstructionist movement, allowing criminals and the insane to have guns, stopping gays from accessing state institutions. Yeah, for all their cries of "less government" with the radical right wingers, we have so much more intrusion into our lives.
  11. How decent of them for not convicting the office of murder. It's just an old black woman, right? No investigations. And "she shot first"? Are you SERIOUS?
  12. No, actually, it closed off the insurance companies for profit only and required them to actually INSURE people, and NOT be allowed to drop someone when they NEEDED insurance. It also gives thousands of adult children insurance through their schooling.
  13. The Social Security has a large and growing surplus, unlike banks who bankrupted the nation. Problem is the republicans want the taxpayer withholding to go straight the banks.
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