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  1. Lefty... If I'm an idiot for mentioning Obama's flip-flops and broken promises, how do you feel about Obama at this point?
  2. For the record... I know about this case.. The driver claimed he didn't talk english and didn't know what the people were saying when the screamed for him to stop... And he had food stamps and a EBT card on him... He's living the American Dream!
  3. Hey Lefty... C'mon ....Tell the truth... I bet you believed Obama when he said there would be no lobbyists in his White House.....
  4. Lefty... Aren't you the idiot that claimed Harry Reid was a republican??
  5. Let's add another to the list... Gitmo is still open.... He never ended the Patriot Act.. He did a complete 180% on gay marriage... He never cut the deficit in half... He misled the American people about health insurance.. And now he's keeping troops in Afghanistan after 2014.
  6. I loved when he said "I got your back covered".... VA? Benghazi?
  7. Hey lefty.... Where did you read that Harry Reid is a Republican?
  8. Why was 911 on Bush's "watch" after 8 months......? But after 5 1/2 years nothing is Obama's responsibility? Obama had both houses of Congress and has had a friendly Democratic led Senate for his entire administration...
  9. Did you read how many Democrats wants him to resign? Anyone that thinks Harry Reid is a republican isn't really up on the news.....
  10. Hey Lefty... Where did you read that Harry Reid is a Republican?
  11. I kinda thought the "Hope and Change" would start kicking in by now... 48 million on food stamps... Va a disaster.... Almost $18 trillion in debt.... Pretty ugly
  12. I never knew Harry Reid is a Republican.... It kinda tells you the level of intelligence we're debating here......
  13. William: You claim Bush lied to the voters about WMDs in Iraq. Isn't it a fact then that Clinton lied to Bush??? Didn't Clinton claim Iraq had WMDs long before Bush was ever elected? And must you use this immature language? Are you like 20 years old and trying to get attention?
  14. Underfunded by the GOP? Why didn't they get more funding when Obama had BOTH houses of Congress for two years? Tick tick tick tick.....
  15. Why the name calling?? F this.. F that... Grow up will you? If Obama was against Wall Street and the big bankers he could have voted "no".. If Hillary was against the war in Iraq she could have voted "no"... Right? If Obama is so upset with bankers, Wall Street, bonuses and bail outs he could have voted "no" He voted "yes" It's a fact
  16. Shocking! Nancy Pelosi blames Bush for the VA mess.. I thought Obama was going to fix it 6 years ago???
  17. SupraTruth... On October 1, 2008 Senator Obama voted to bail out Wall Street... Get your facts right.,....
  18. I think what people forget is that his own party are against much of his agenda. Closing Gitmo? Raising Taxes? Key Stone? Immigration? Dream Act? The left wants to blame the GOP but the problem is his own party is against his policies....
  19. I find the relationship Obama has with Wall Street rather odd. He's critical of them and then he bailed them out.
  20. So let me get this right... A republican senator is guilty of treason because he wants to stop borrowing from China, enforce out immigration laws and stop spying on the American people with the NSA?
  21. Gas prices have doubled in many stats since Obama took office.... The stock market was never at zero. If Cheney committed treason why hasn't he been charged? And exactly how many months did we lose 800,000 jobs? I'll be waiting.... And the wars.... John Kerry and Hillary Clinton voted for the wars. One of them has been promoted to Sec of State. The other will be the next president.... Are you going to NOT vote for them because of their war vote?
  22. Are you suggesting that the war in Afgan is "fraudulent"? We have 3000 American's murdered and we shouldn't have gone to war? Really??? Also, could you please address Senator Obama's statement when the debt was $10 trillion?? And how he voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling ?? Also William... If Republican's are racist why did the liberals vote in Robert Byrd for about 40 years in the US Senate?? Wasn't he a die hard Democrat and a member of the KKK?
  23. He got Bin laden?? No he didn't.. The US Military got Bin Laden And they got him because of techniques used at Gitmo and the Patriot Act. However, Obama wanted Gitmo closed and wanted to end the Patriot Act. Remember???
  24. I thought he was closing Gitmo? Do you blame that on the Republican's? I thought he was ending the Patriot Act? Why hasn't he? Let's start with those two.... Go! And after 6 years of Obama and the Democrats control of the US Senate might you start thinking about the Dems being slightly at fault?
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