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  1. "....And, seriously, how can you deal with a country that flips on you after every election? " And how do you deal with a country that is the leading sponsor of terrorism?
  2. Hey Benny Have you considered these dopes has to keep themselves relevant... This same guy was predicting Trump would resign anyday... That was in early 2018
  3. Way to go Democrats....! Instead of working on issues that matter to the American people and your voters you want to start this nonsense again.. I'm guessing Leftwinger will be the first one applauding Nadler...
  4. The week after he was elected there's articles out there "How do we impeach Trump"?
  5. Painter? Isn't he the guy that ran as a Democrat in Minnesota on the Labor Party...? And he still lost
  6. Remember when the Democrats said we were in a "constitutional crisis"..... ...And then they went on vacation for 6 weeks?
  7. Last year at this time the Dems were promising as soon as they won the House they'd impeach... Nothing Then it was as soon as the Mueller Report was released.... Nothing.. Then it was as soon as Mueller testified... Nothing... So Democrats and Trump-haters.. What's your excuse?
  8. Love the photos.. Most Republicans were working that day.. Obama supporters were on food stamps.. There's millions and millions less on food stamps now
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