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  1. Z09


    Good read
  2. Just not having a good time are you?
  3. You know MM You were 100% wrong. How about impressing me and admitting it?
  4. Actually things are pretty good
  5. Z09

    Libs just admit it.

    Yes.. I'm celebrating. For years and years we've been told about Russia, treason, collusion and how Trump is working for them. It was BS The democrats and their crooked friends at the FBI and the media started this.
  6. Z09

    Libs just admit it.

    RR drank the koolaid
  7. You've been saying "Mueller Time" ...over and over. Massive wrong
  8. No collusion... No obstruction.... No kidding
  9. Hey Harvard... If you had 2 years, $ 25 million, 2800 subpoenas and 500 witnesses and you still can't prove "obstruction" then I'm saying there is no obstruction... But that's nothing... Nadler came out and said that "we really need to investigate Trump"... WTF? Doesn't he have a TV?
  10. Have you seen the video of all the media and Democrats saying...."the walls are closing in on Trump"...
  11. So you approve of more and more investigations even though this last one proved no collusion ? This is how Democrats abuse their power and the American people sees it...