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  1. Yeah You're the clown that thinks Bush planned 911 himself
  2. Xavier finds something excessive? Remember this one your friggin hypocrite? XavierOnassis Senior Member 32,288 posts Gender:male Location:Miami, FL · Report post · Posted 1 hour ago 1 hour ago, Golfboy said: From a liberal who supported the attempted political assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. Sumbitch DESERVES a hearty assassination. We do NOT need this assh0le on the court.
  3. Really? You called for Kavanaugh to be assassinated.. Remember? Wanna see your post?
  4. You know Maineman I really think our country will do fine... Like it did with antrax, 911, Swine, Bird Flu etc etc etc...
  5. Remarkable.. You bring up the DPA .... Two months ago your side complained about what he WAS doing... And threw out some "he's a dictator" and "he's stomping on the constitution"... One day he's causing a panic Next days he's not doing enough. Do you know it's un-American to have travel restrictions like Obama had?
  6. 60 million Americans were infected.. And over 12,000 died And he stated he there was no cause for alarm. Your words.....: I think that Obama was absolutely correct in saying that there was no cause for ALARM
  7. Of course you agree.. You claim you gave him $ 25,000 in cash and had your limo driver deliver it
  8. In the US? I don't know.. But I'm not excited that more people might die like you are....
  9. In related news.... Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of News Media Handling Of Wuhan Coronavirus MARCH 26, 2020 By Tristan Justice Of nine leaders and institutions rated by Americans in a new poll on their response to the novel Wuhan Coronavirus, the media fared the worst, and it’s not even close. According to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday, the media was the only institution that scored a negative approval rating among the public with only 44 percent of Americans approving of the way the media has covered the virus. Fifty-five percent disapprove making for a -11 percent rating.
  10. POLITICS MARCH 24, 2020 President Trump's Job Approval Rating Up to 49% BY JEFFREY M. JONES Change in President Trump's Job Approval Rating, by Party % Approve March 2-13, 2020 March 13-22, 2020 Change % % pct. pts. GALLUP U.S. adults 44 49 +5 Republicans 91 92 +1 Independents 35 43 +8 Democrats 7 13 +6 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Approval rating up five percentage points from prior poll 60% approve of president's response to COVID-19 Job approval higher among independents, Democrats
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