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  1. Lion...I think the entire movement just starts headaches all over the place.... Can we agree on that?
  2. That's nothing... We had a US Senator in Massachusetts that drove a woman into a pond and went back to his hotel and never reported it... Liberals thought so highly of him they made him their senator for 40 years.... And of course you had a presidential candidate awhile back that got his girlfriend pregnant while his wife was dying in the hospital.... And of course we had a US Congressman from Massachusetts that ran a homosexual prostitute ring out of his DC apartment. He did such a good job convincing everyone that even though there were naked boys walking around he didn't notice anything suspicious. The Massachusetts liberals believed him... Shall I go on?
  3. M3 You're a moderator.. Remember what happened awhile back...?? You adjusted a chart to support your argument and I caught you... You admitted you lied.... Remember?? "Oh well ..You caught me..." was your response
  4. The last march was organized by an Obama supporter... Where ya been Benson?
  5. Wife cheaters? You mean like Bill Clinton... Or how about Ted Kennedy who drove a woman into a pond and forgot to call the police.. How about John Edwards who got his girlfriend pregnant while his wife was dying in the hospital.... Stuff like that Benson?
  6. Getting a BJ is not a felony Committing perjury is
  7. And as many Democrats avoided wars too...........
  8. What are you talking about? Did Democrats bring charges ?
  9. Guys like Clinton how avoided? Or Sanders who claimed CO? Stuff like that?
  10. Harry... Free speech? Have you check out colleges?
  11. Benson.... Clinton was impeached because he committed a felony
  12. When was the last time there was a Democratic president in the White House that actually fought in a war? 50-60 years ago?
  13. Didn't Clinton get a deferment while Bush Sr was shot down? Didn't Clinton get a deferment while Dole almost lost his arm? Yeah....You guys really care about military service don't you?
  14. Don't you just love it when the left opens a can of worms? http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/08/18/bill-clinton-accusers-want-confederate-statue-destroyed-rapid-city-south-dakota