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  1. No he didn't.. Mission Accomplished never suggested that
  2. No one is defending the cops But you're defending the guy that ran in the store and walked out with three big screen TVS..
  3. Well actually.. Didn't YOU call it effective? Wanna explain?
  4. This is about looting.. You seem to feel if a man dies it gives others the right to free TVs
  5. Tell us... Maybe by the time back-up arrived Brown would have attacked the cop a second time with the help of his friend... Or maybe had just gotten away... If you go for a cops gun I'm guessing you're pretty desperate....
  6. But a smart cop... Punish Brown? Brown choose his own path.. He robbed a store....choked a clerk ...punched a cop...and went for his gun... But the cop should have called for back-up because two teenagers were walking down the middle of the street?
  7. Ferguson was put in play because of the actions of Brown. He broke the law on numerous fronts...
  8. Had that stupid cop... But nothing about Brown who stole from a store... Choked the clerk... Punched a cop... Went for his gun... And refused to STOP when ordered to.. But the cop needs retraining...?????????????????? How about Micheal Brown?
  9. ..enjoying to a donut.. There's your mindset right there. Cops have a pretty lousy job and here you are blaming a cop simply because he told a couple guys not to walk down the middle of the road... "..Should have called for back up..." Are you this friggin stupid?
  10. The cop started this by asking Brown to move over? So I'm trying to understand... If you walk down the middle of the street should you assume sooner or later someone might ask you to move over? Simple yes or no
  11. You don't do anything? The guy was walking away... By the time back up comes the suspect is gone
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