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  1. Behind bars? For what?
  2. Yes.. It's strike Not struck It's those smart phones where words come up Tell us Maineman Why does Congress have a secret slush fund to pay off harassment claims but a candidate for office can't?
  3. Did we struck a nerve? The exact same "crime" Trump is accused of is everyday business in DC
  4. She listed herself a person of color 30 years ago And then a native american
  5. Maineman How do you feel about Congress having a slush fund paying off sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior claims and it's totally legal, in secret and funded by tax payers?
  6. Sanders loves Russia so much he headed there on his honeymoon.. His supporters doesn't even know that,.
  7. Remember Bernie Sanders loving Venezuela?
  8. Obama had Congress in his pocket and no one would touch it... Its just a campaign message they use to fool some of the voters but they know it's a non starter... I challenge the Dems to do something.. They won't
  9. Benson Your own party really doesn't want it either.. Did you notice after Newtown how little Obama got done? They know it's a non-winner..
  10. He's doing a great job.. How about working on his reelection campaign in Florida for us?