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  1. Biden is running for president. I think that makes him relevant
  2. Go to CNN and the exact opposite is going on
  3. And the first thing the dems promised when they win back the House was to impeach anyone they disagree with
  4. The president only cares about digging up dirt? The country is polarized..? He wasn't even sworn in and Dems were talking about impeachment.. Some didn't even go to his inauguration... Digging up dirt? Like dossier's, warrants, Mueller Reports and 2 1/2 years of "breaking news"... I think the economy is strong... Record low unemployment and millions less on food stamps.. The poor are poorer? Well....You had 8 years of Obama... Why didn't he fix it?
  5. Tell us Billy... If Trump committed all these crimes why is he still in office...? We've heard years and years of collusion and all these evil things.. Why?
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