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  1. Hey Maineman.. Remember when you stated Trump would be impeached by the end of '17? Benson claimed 2018 but backed off the bet
  2. Last week you claimed you NEVER called Trump a fascist. I showed you your post Remember?
  3. Well... Where's the proof? For that matter with all the news out of the Mueller probe and all the indictments can you show us anything on collusion?
  4. Of course there's no proof.. He knows that
  5. Really? Didn't the FBI tell Obama and he did nothing?
  6. What he has done to suggest to you he's acting like a fascist?
  7. Back to your fascism? A few days ago you claimed you never called Trump one..
  8. Benson The NY Times reported differently.. Should we believe the Times or Newshounds? Whose turn is it to lie?
  9. Z09

    Why did God

    I'd rather have him cut off the videos first
  10. Z09

    Why did God

    Zaro Senior Member 34,576 posts Gender:F Location:San Antonio Report post Posted April 30 I officially entered clinical depression stage. All I wanna do is stay high
  11. First the say it never happened.... Then they say it might have happened.. Now they say the guess it did happen but was legal..
  12. Twisting the truth?? You claimed Trump met with a Russian spy at the White House... The same "spy" met with Obama 22 times.. The same spy had dinner with Pelosi... Are you this stupid?