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  1. Fuhrer is just the German way to say Leader though they changed it to Chancellor Mr President is the American way of saying Leader Are you required to address Obama as Mr President?
  2. Just because I oppose Obama does not make me a racist. I oppose Israel and I'm a Jew. I oppose censorship yet I don't want to hear what you say. I oppose I oppose I oppose
  3. "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police will be more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" -Adolph Hitler 1935
  4. What Russia did to communism you did to democracy
  5. Treason for supporting a man born in the US over a man who was not. Redefining treason much?
  6. Here's the game changer: Vladimir Putin for President of USA in 2016. He is a Christian. He is a Conservative. And you gotta admit that Putin would be better than that evil b**** Hillary Clinton. OK a parking meter would make a better president than Hillary Clinton (or Obama) but Putin has all ready been a president twice and prime minister twice- and he is a huge success economically. Vladimir Putin for president of USA in 2016? I say YES! Oh, I almost forgot Vladimir Putin was born in Cleveland Ohio.
  7. Some titles I would like to see in print. I feigned insouciance -while my dog urinated on my boss's leg. I write etiquette books -because I am to shy to be rude. The case of the San Francisco proctologist -was it true love or was he merely a very sensitive clinician. I taught political science -in a Soviet labour camp. My dog ate my homework -but then I made him puke it up. I saw my parents having oral sex -it was yukkie but kind of interesting all the same. Are those really flies??? -The tragic yet heart warming story of corruption and redemption in a chocolate factory. I confess: Erroll Flynn ate my homework -the dog was innocent after all. Gods divine plan revealed to be colossal mistake -many people now wondering what to do with their lives. George Bush caught napping during own speech -claims he was monitoring the inside of his eyeballs. Breastfeeding in public legalised -but only for men. Materialism proclaimed official world religion -elites breathe sigh of relief. Missionary converts millions of euros -tragically it was into US dollars. Honest lawyer found alive - "I thought I was an oxymoron" claims miracle survivor. Career guidance counsellor proclaims all jobs "shit" -tells students to "get a life instead" Suicidal twin kills sister -by mistake.
  8. Britain was here long before the US and will be here long after by the looks of things.
  9. Your paying you taxes to cover the PRIVATE RUN FOR PROFIT BANK called The Federal Reserve you are currently enslaved to.
  10. Who is going to keep the US in check and stifle their pure aggression?
  11. Imagine meticulously tending to your garden for 17 years, and then having a city official knock on your door and demand you uproot all your plants - or face a $50 per day fine. That is exactly what happened to a couple in Miami Shores, Fla., who owned an organic garden for most of their married life before the local council passed an ordinance banning front-yard gardens. Their neatly trimmed organic garden provided them with the food they couldn't get at the local store, but it also benefited their family and neighbor's too. Sadly they did have to uproot their garden but they're not giving up. In one week the couple went from eating delicious home-grown organic food to buying store-bought vegetables that are less nutritious, less convenient and more expensive. Believe it or not this is not an isolated incident. What about the right to privacy and right to possess and tend ones own property? Isn't there a fundamental right to grow ones own food-to feed ourselves?
  12. Come on guys. Its going full bore now your Congress is trying to kill your net neutrality; your police are killing hundreds of people a year; your Constitution has been shredded; manufactured disasters are overtaking the world; more wars for israel and the arms industry loom, while homeless people starve and freeze in your streets. You-The-People have been put to sleep with "education", fluoride laced water, psychotropics, booze and sports and you are walking into a Fukushima future. Republicans blame Democrats. Democrats blame Republicans I say this only because your shit you fucked up there is now starting to fuck my shit up here. So please get that dam fucktard out of power.
  13. Totalitaria What if the enemy is the state. By Iran Wishart
  14. Is America insane? By any definition America is now insane and driving off the proverbial cliff at a high rate of knots. Deliberate? You have to ask yourself, and honestly. As President Franklin D Roosevelt famously said, nothing happens in politics that's accidental its all planned. Even insanity. Well if you want to destroy a country, the (formerly) leading industrial powerhouse in the world, what's the best way of doing it? 1. Destroy its economy by "outsourcing" its jobs. 2. Destroy its middle classes and its work ethic. 3. Destroy its traditions and since of purpose. 4. Destroy it morale. 5. Instill fear and hopelessness by lying to the people. 6. Destroy its health; medicate everybody with fluoride and other toxic drugs and remove good nutrition. 8. Destroy its hope, get people really depressed. 9. Destroy its freedom. Add them all up and you destroy its sanity, its sense of balance.
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