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  1. Fly it next to your State of Denial flag. Its the IQ in Roman numerals of most of the residents.
  2. Obama's fault. Has got to be, they will figure out how shortly.
  3. Clinical Laboratory Medicine. for the ignorant. What science???? You are making all this up and won't give me a major because I will trip you up. Boydrew002008 a complete joke.
  4. Climatogy isn't even an actual science???? NOAA on line one.
  5. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the University of Wisconsin. Glorified high school degree. In what ,I notice you never say.
  6. Boy drews degrees. Culinary science,Cosmetology, and Mortuary Science.
  7. My religion is clear about this God hates the sin,NOT the sinner. You may hate what your children do, but you never hate them.
  8. Miss the whole point ,as usual. This isn't about giving up anything. Its about finding alternative pathways. Which we will never start to do until we rip the oil teat away from you frightened children.
  9. Calling you Okay so people give up 6 months of their lives to freeze their butts off in Antarctica and get these cores and then falsify the data???? Laughable. Sorry the truth doesn't fit your agenda. Boy drew describe your three science degrees. I only have one:(
  10. co2 levels in the atmosphere can be determined by analyzing gas bubbles trapped in tens of thousands of year old ice cores from Antarctica. Surprised someone with all your sciency degrees didn't know that. All these wonderful things and all you can think about is burning the damn things.
  11. Petro chemicals will be needed in the future to make plastics. So what are we doing with petrochemicals? Burning the damn things.
  12. I understand, got that oil monkey on your back. Just want that next tank(fix). America needs an energy intervention I think.
  13. Doubt cold fusion can ever be industrially feasible. The NIF The National Ignition Facility has sustained hot fusion caused by huge lasers for a fraction of a second. Cheap nearly limitless electricity derived from the heat of a sustained fusion reaction would be a once in 500 year game changer. The fuel-seawater. Or more specifically the deuterium contained in seawater. If China and India jumped off a cliff,would you follow??? Sparky
  14. The frog in the tub of water whose temperature is raised one degree everyday will not notice a thing until it is too late. To all the oil lovers-Ribit.
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