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  1. Something you Liberal Morons better figure out... IT DOSN"T matter what YOU think... Trump was elected by a LOT of voters who EXPECT him to be given a fair chance to govern... Democrats and their LAP DOG Media have NOT done that... Trump may have made some mis-steps, but the LIES and FAKE NEWS that Liberals have used to MAKE issues out of NOTHING... are NOT being ignored by the PEOPLE who voted for him... People SEE what's happening, and they expect Trump to weather the storm... IF HOWEVER, the Liberal establishment should happen to prevail... expect MILLIONS in the streets to Set things STRAIGHT... and THEY won't be bought and paid for like the Trump protestors... and they WON'T be happy !! These people will be doing it for Democracy, and FAIRNESS, and AMERICA...
  2. THAT wouldn't surprise me at ALL.. If the Clintons were behind this, they NEED to be held accountable... Washington NEEDS to be DRAINED, and the Liberals who have been entrenching themselves in the Washington power structure, to be PULLEED OUT by the ROOTS.. Comey is GONE... who is NEXT !!
  3. HA!! It's kinda tough to be in "Watergate" territory, when there have been NO laws broken by the POTUS, NO evidence of REAL wrong doing, and IN FACT, all public statement indicating that there HAS been NO evidence against Trump... I think it's ALL about SOUR GRAPES fro McCain... and probably a touch of senility... HE should have LOST in the last election, and essentially CHEATED to win. HE is one RINO that NEEDS to GO !!
  4. The ACA was never intended to compete.... competition for Socialists and Liberals is a dirty word. They would RATHER provide sweetheart deals, so to solicit COLLUSION, for the benefit of the insiders... At LEAST until the entire ACA system imploded, and the Democrats (I believe they ALWAYS thought THEY would be in power when it collapsed) could pick up the pieces, and piece it all back together, as an HONEST to GOODNESS SOCIALIZED System... known as "Single Payer"...
  5. THIS after getting TROUNCED in the 2016 election, with SOUR GRAPES on the floor, and the STENCH of Petty POLITICS in the air... Democrats will PAY a PRICE for trying to THWART an HONEST election VICTORY, and the WILL of the PEOPLE !!
  6. The Question we all have to ask ourselves is... ARE we going to LET the ESTABLISHMENT WIN?? It's time for AMERICANS to STAND UP... and SPEAK OUT !!
  7. McMaster said that Trump said NOTHING inappropriate... Tillerson confirmed it... BOTH of those men are 1000X the Americans than the WEASLES in the Main Stream Media are... Hillary Clintion SOLD her influence for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and the Media SAID NOTHING... NOW, Trump says NOTHING inappropriate, and the Liberals and their lap dog Media friends TURN it into a scandal by using LIES and EXAGGERATION... America sees that the media is just being UN FAIR... and the Democrats are stoking it, and trying to take advantage of it... THEY will pay a PRICE because it is likely MORE that Conservatives and Moderates can take... and the 33% who are Liberals... is not enough... they will PAY a VERY HEAVY price !!
  8. FAKE POLLS and FAKE NEWS don't matter... It's OBVIOUS that the MEDIA is OBSESSED with the idea of bringing Trump down... and the PEOPLE SEE the unfairness... If this goes on much longer, TRUMP will be the one who wins... because the PEOPLE will see thru the Media BULL SHIT... they already are... and the entire effort will BACKFIRE !!
  9. I just DO NOT believe ANYTHING the Crooked Democrats try to PUSH... They are UNHINGED... and I ask the Question AGAIN... WHAT SECRETS DID TRUMP disclose? It sounds to me, if ANYTHING, he disclosed ANCIENT HISTORY !! What is it with the Democrats trying to USE THAT as a case for a "SECURITY BREACH"? It's RIDICULOUS... But PUNCTUATES the DEPTH of WHAT Liberal Democrats are Capable of... They are LYING SCUM... and I'm being KIND !!
  10. There appear to be some ODD interactions between the Washington Police, the DNC, and the private inquiries of the family of the victim... Evidently, the Wikileaks began a week after the staffer died... AND, when a private investigator went to the Washington Police dept,., requesting information... the family got a nasty phone call from the DNC, ASKING them what they were doing? There is MORE here than is currently known... BUT, Washington is intent on chasing a NON EXISTANT security breach, and Comey comments that COULD be COMPLETE sour grapes... because the Liberals and their media LAP DOGS are intent on getting rid of Donald Trump ... I think this is ALL going to get VERY UGLY, for EVERYONE, Including the LYING, CORRUPT Democrats before it's all over...
  11. The accounts are that it had to do with ISIS using "laptops" and more potent explosive materials to take down and American Airliner... HOWEVER, THESE stories have been in the news for MONTHS !! This from OVER a MONTH ago... HOW is information "Classified" if EVERYONE already KNOWS about it? People will wise up to this soon, and the it will BACKFIRE on Democrats... the result? EVEN MORE distrust of Democrats !!
  12. John McCain is a RINO and NOTHING more... and establishment elite, and a Globalist, who HATES Donald trump... NO ONE should confuse him as a REAL Conservative OR a Republican... HE is a Dinosaur !!
  13. I think if you believe only 37% of America support Trump, they YOU are a fool... The Liberal Media has been LYING for MONTHS, about EVERYTHING... WHY would anyone believe them NOW? It's just MORE Lies... Do you liberal REALLY think only Liberals can get angry? DO you? YOU are MORONS !!
  14. I'm not threatening anything... I just KNOW there are a LOT of people who TRUST Donald Trump MORE than they do the Liberal Media, and the Washington "establishment elites", and the Media is CONTRIVING things against Trump that they would look the other way with Obama, an NEVER report... They are LIARS and CORRUPT PIGS, and if they somehow succeed, a LOT of people WILL have had ENOUGH !! ENOUG of THEM, of Democrats, of the establishment elites... Conservative have a LONG fuse, but once you get to the nub... there's a BIG HURT coming !!
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