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  1. HA!! Trump has put one of the most CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS nominees possible on the Court... THAT IN AND OF ITSELF made MOST Conservatives content in electing him... HOWEVER, Trump is going to TRY to get a LOT of other things done also... and if the ultra Conservatives go too far in trying to get him to do what he DOES NOT WANT, or DOES NOT THINK CAN be accomplished... he will PUSH BACK. TRUMP is currently reaching out to Conservative Democrats... IF they are smart, I believe they should respond and look to WORK with him... QUICKLY !! Because, IF the Conservative Republicans regain t
  2. OH BROTHER... Democrats see LEGAL actions as LIES if it's Donald Trump, and IGNORE CORRUPTION, COLLUSION and MOUNTAINS of ACTUAL, AUTHENTICATED and DOCUMENTED LIES when it comes to Democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and ANY of the democrats... YOU MORONS need to WAKE UP !! YOU have made YOUR OWN BED... NOW, YOU "lie" in it !
  3. "Socialized medicine is the KEYSTONE to the establishment of a Socialist State" -- Vladimir Lenin Because if you CONTROL a persons healthcare, you CONTROL the person !! TRUER words were NEVER spoken, and the MOST COMPELLING reason I can think of to REJECT the "Single Payer" option... i.e. code for SOCIALIZED MEDICINE !!
  4. Seems to me the Republicans have a Plan A, and a Plan B on this... BOTH have the potential to work, BUT, Plan B, although it will take a little longer, will EXPOSE Obamacare for the IMPLODING Democrat CREATED MESS that it REALLY is, and be a MILLSTONE around the necks of the Democrats going into the CRUCIAL 2018 election...
  5. I guess if you Liberals didn't LAUGH... you'd have to CRY !! Because ANY HONEST analysis of FACTS, shows the Liberals to be EXACTLY what they are... UNTRUSTWORTHY, DECIETFUL, LIARS, and HYPOCRITES... Dis I miss anything?
  6. Oh Hell ! I took a look at your list, and there are more LIES in that LIST than Donald Trump has told in his entire life... As an example... relating to the birther allegations and Obama wearing Islamic clothes... the following source documents, with news stories, quotes, pictures and videos from 2008, that the VAST majority of those DID begin with Hillary Clinton... during the 2008 campaign... http://thepoliticalinsider.com/7-news-stories-2008-prove-hillary-started-obama-birtherism/ Judging by the those "lies", that were really Liberal Propaganda LIES, I COMPLETELY lost inter
  7. WHAT LIES ??... Democrats are GREAT about making allegations... but NOT very good about Proving what they say is TRUE !! PLEASE provide a LIST of the "LIES" that Donald trump is building his Legacy on...
  8. DeVos, Sessions & Price CONFIRMED... Say goodbye to Public School monopoly, Corrupt Washington, and Obamacare !! The people who will END all of those FIASCO's are NOW in place !! FRAUD? Ladies and Gentlemen... WE NEED MORE FRAUDS !!
  9. Please list Trumps "lies", with evidence (or at least a link) that substantiates them... Note: Opinions are not FACTS, and Projections are not REALITY... Liberals are BIG about making accusations... but not very big about showing that they are TRUE... they are usually OPINIONS, and FAKE Facts !
  10. HEY, Right now... I'm REALLY SCARED !! Typical Liberal BS...
  11. Believe LibTARDS? Not only HECK NO, but HELL NO !! Why would ANYONE believe LIARS?
  12. Actually, after 8 years, I think Donald will have groomed Ivanka... and with her common sense business approach to governing (like her dad), I think SHE might be the first Woman President !!
  13. OH Hell... Liberals calling Donald Trump a liar... THAT is HILARIOUS. Compared to the LIES LIBERAL tell and expect everyone to believe, Donald Trump is a Choir Boy !!
  14. You know something else about slavery? Slavery only became popular because the chieftains of the black tribes along the west coast of Africa TOOK slaves from the other local tribes... then, they realized they could SELL the people they captured to Europeans AS WELL as Muslims, who took them all over the world. The Slave trade COULD NOT have flourished if it were NOT for the black tribes that CAPTURED the people initially, and SOLD them into slavery... SO, just about EVERY BLACK MAN (or woman) who came to America, was initially SOLD into slavery by another BLACK MAN !! CHEW on T
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