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  1. They could just secede and do whatever the hell they want, but noooo
  2. The sequel to my year-old thread: http://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/170154-public-debt-jumps-to-over-18t/ That's right, over $19,000,000,000,000! Can you even fathom the amount? I certainly can't. http://treasurydirect.gov/NP/debt/current
  3. Right, hence my first post: He was murdered unjustifiably by a corrupt government. That makes him another victim, your righteous blathering notwithstanding.
  4. The most relevant part is from 9:22-9:37. Clearly he's posing a threat to the guy behind him. I'm sorry, what was that?
  5. I didn't realize this one person was now 8 or 10. How does that work? Yeah, there's a reason for that. So shit like this doesn't happen, idiot. [citation needed] I'm sure they appreciate your unconditional fealty, but I'm not so sure it'll help whenever they're ordered to turn their guns on you.
  6. So instead of subduing him with non-lethal methods, they killed him. Without a trial. And you're okay with that. Well, at least we know where your loyalties lie.
  7. No, lol. Selling state secrets to foreign entities during wartime is treason, however.
  8. Certainly somebody running for president wouldn't lie, would they? Rube.
  9. He was killed by the FBI without a trial. And you're okay with that. Good one.
  10. Oh, I must have forgotten that making threats revokes your right to a trial. And that you were born yesterday. Also, if you want to let people know you're an idiot in the future, you can just out and say it.
  11. A one way hail of gunfire is now a fight? Also, since when is reaching for your side a capital offense?
  12. A standoff ending in a one-way hail of gunfire from the FBI. The feds don't care about your life; did anybody seriously expect a different outcome?
  13. Spot on; he'll rely on the same neocons who've been running the country into the ground for almost 30 years, just like Obama, and Bush before him. People voting for Trump aren't doing so because he's a statesman, it's because he's persuasive. Bunch of rubes.
  14. If you think he'll substantially change the way our government works, please tell me why.
  15. You said you could do a 3500 lb leg press, and can't even post a video to back up your claim. Because you're full of shit, and a joke on this forum.
  16. What's it like to have weak baby legs?
  17. 3500lb leg press You're a joke.
  18. Yes! We need more mentally ill people in our courts! What could possibly go wrong?
  19. *sigh* Is there a transcript? I really don't want to watch an hour video on something I can read in 5 minutes.
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