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  1. I'm Trump all the way, but I am concerned about his upcoming announcement as to whether or not he will run 3rd party if not nominated by the republicans. He stated (paraphrasing here) that he thinks people will be happy about his decision. If he really cares about the people, to me, that can only mean that he will not run as a 3rd party. If he does, it will dilute votes on the conservative side, and we can then expect the great possibility of obtaining another socialist President in 2016.
  2. Ahhh, repenting feels so good. I may have just found religion. You aren't him are you?
  3. Does that mean you are inviting me over for dinner, Shitstain? Gotcha, Teach... I broke the rules! Sorry, all! Sir, may I have another (s)!
  4. Note that teacher finds humiliation a more effective tool. You weren't included, and don't have the savvy for it. Do you show up as an uninvited guest at parties? Sorry about your train. Ask Isabel about hers. Talk about a mess!
  5. "Ah - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL" The higher the decibel reading, the stronger the force and effect of the point. Am I correct my Empress? Oh, the decibels, the decibels! There's that one exclamation to make my point. I don't see dead people. I hear a hen. Next fishacommin'...
  6. And she bites on a bare hook! Make sure you cut your line though. You don't want that one in the boat. "Poor" Take your pill and remember what Professor Siiya just lectured you about. I'll use "overuse" -vs- "repetitive" to make it clearer for you. You're most entirely welcome. I love you.
  7. "Whimper"... What the intellectually challenged do when they attempt witty pros... Use the same stale words precipitously... until they fossilize. Say Jim, that's a baaaad outfit! Wooooo!
  8. If that were the case, I wouldn't have pointed it out, dummy. You're certainly no wizard. Does an Empress sport a cerebral cortex?
  9. If a cop shoots you, it's because you're a fukking criminal. The end.
  10. The same type of pigfukks who get fiddy cents on the dollar in dirty deals with Koreans using their EBT cards in small Seattle area grocery stores. Those stores get busted all the time here for dealing in "nigtrade". Hey, I think I've just discovered a great new word for Websters.
  11. Really? A member PM'd me, asking where my thread was so he/she could use it for a prime example of your debating limitations. They couldn't find it, then neither could I. Seems your crying must have worked! Tissue?
  12. So what? Just means a colored can only afford a buck for a ticket. A colored would starve his family buying them if he had the cash.
  13. From the HUFF! in 2014. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Romney kicked Obama's ass! "Obama: Romney Was Wrong On Russia, Still Is" Posted: 03/25/2014 1:04 pm EDT Updated: 03/25/2014 4:59 pm EDT
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