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  1. DemoMan


    The Bible says nothing about 'unborn humans". Do you think god will send you to hell for lying about what he says?
  2. DemoMan


    I never said any such thing, you shameless, pathological liar. YOU: i have just proven you wrong because you cannot find one verse where Christ sanctifies abortion. I never made any such claim, you shameless, pathological liar. Thanks for admitting that you can't show anywhere in the Bible where god condemns abortion.
  3. DemoMan


    LOL. First you "weren't sure where (he) found that", then you whimpered that it must have come from an "abortion handbook" (ROTFL), and now you suddenly claim you don't believe in the old testament. How many lies do you-plan on telling? YOU: your little old testament references mean nothing. LOL. YOU: now, try to find a passage where Christ okays abortion LOL. I don't have to disprove your empty claims. You have to support them. Seriously, is this tired, trite old trick of shouting empty bullshit and then demanding to be proven wrong all you lying dirtbags EVER have to offer?
  4. DemoMan


    Found what? Oh, that cite from THE BIBLE that just slapped you in the face? Why are you defying THE WORD OF GOD!!! LOL.
  5. DemoMan


    More from the private message convo that Robin doesn't want the board to see: Robin: The only reason this is private is because I wanted to have a 1 on 1 conversation with you. I could make a public conversation about whether or not you were a troll account, but I didn't think that would be appropriate. Demo: You can't defend the crap you post, and you can't respond to my points at all, so you publicly pout and sulk and say you are "ignoring" me, then you come on here to whine and namecall.
  6. He is talking about the House "Investigation", not the Special Counsel. Why don't you understand this? Oh yeah, because you are a drunken Russian loser, whoring for money.
  7. Not true! Republicans spent a HUGE amount of time suppressing evidence and otherwise covering up for Trump's treason.
  8. DemoMan


    "Not sure where you found that". LOLOL. If a man hits a pregnant woman and she miscarries, he pays A FINE. It was considered a property right. You religious hypocrites always hate it when your opponents know your bible better than you do. Make s it so hard for you TO LIE about what it says!
  9. DemoMan


    So. at the same time that coward Robin is pretending to ignore me here, he is sending me long, whiny private messages. LOL. I guess he doesn't want his humiliating fails made public. Below is the PM convo that Robin wants to hide from the board: ------------------------ Demo: So you only hide from me in public? Robin: no, I just didnt feel like playing your word games. I would rather discuss with someone who actually seemed to want to have a serious discussion. Demo: I haven't played any games. You are just frustrated because the word games you think are such clever tricks are failing you. Now you come on here to complain in private, because you don't want people to watch me endlessly poke holes in your lies and propaganda. Robin: no, pretty much every other liberal on this thread acts in a more mature manner than you, and while it would be unfair for you to be expected to represent the democrat party, you are kind of making an embarrassment of yourself and of liberals. I am fine with disagreeing with others, hell, I do it with every democrat on this forum (including you, RR, untitled, and others). You just seem to be a troll account to me because of your erratic behavior, and I pm'ed you to ask you if you were in fact a troll account and if you actually believed what you said. Conflate, misconstrue, and misinterpret what I have said above to your hearts content. Call it what you want. That's what you do all of the time. Call it "complaining in private" or whatever. I was just asking a simple question. Demo: You sure do talk and whine a lot for someone publicly pretending to "ignore' me.
  10. LOLOL. Poor skank. Your ranting and raving and drooling threats to out me didn't work? Boo hoo hoo! YOU: So, you can keep screaming all you want ....But the truth is...The only reason you are still able to show your face on this site, or in public for that matter is because I allow you too. Yep - same old stalker script that you used to screech as JamiePigShit. Endless screaming, drooling, frothing posts, screaming threats to out and expose and stalk and punish people who made you mad, same pathetic attempts to lie that you know who they are and you're about to really fuck them over - any minute now! - and when they laugh in your fat, ugly face, you suddenly whimper "Well I COULD, but I'm not GONNA cause I'm just too nice..." Your pathology never changes, does it Piggy. YOU: And all your screaming will not ever change that fact.Now run along....Oh , and do the research...You already look like a f ucken idiot who continually cries wolf. Are they going to give you the same inmate number you had when you were in the South Dakota Women's Prison for your multiple felony convictions?
  11. Yes, you are. YOU: Which is why I laugh in your face and accuse you of being mentally unstable everytime your paranoia points a finger .... You are unequivocally wrong about your suspicion .And if you did a little search you would know that your arch nemesis is currently incarcerated...Oops. Liar. Your court date got moved to November 3rd. I guess all those warrants for fraud theft AND ASSAULT finally caught up with your deranged ass. YOU: Now don't you look like a fu cken idiot. Nope. You do. You ALWAYS do, and then laugh and slap you in your fat, drooling face - which is why you had your deranged, psychopathic mental breakdown and got your looney ass BANNED from here.
  12. DemoMan


    And again you run away in terror because you can't defend your dishonest, specious crap.
  13. DemoMan


    Who said that?
  14. Yep. YOU: What do you know about Khashoggi other than that he was a journalist ... More than you, you illiterate white trash skank. YOU: It was rumored for years that he was Saudi intelligence and in fact our own intelligence agencies had him on their watch lists just as our allies did. Lies. YOU: Your ignorance is astounding …. You have a GED because you were locked up in juvie jail for your pathological criminality from the age of 13 - and you STILL misuse and misspell simple words.