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  1. So you admit that he was never convicted of perjury, as you lied. Doesn't it feel better to admit what a liar you are? YOU: Yes, Clinton committed a crime. He lied under oath, duh. Got any evidence to support your lie that he committed perjury? YOU: Are you claiming he didn't lie under oath? I love watching you try to lie and squirm your way away from yet another of your endless lies. it NEVER gets old.
  2. Are you really suggesting what Melania wants is that repulsive blob around MORE? That she wants him after her for sex MORE? She's been sending fruit baskets to his hookers for YEARS.
  3. Demo: Melania probably PAYS women to fuck that disgusting blob and keep him the hell away from her Proof that something is "probably" true? You really are one brainless clown, aren't you. No wonder you have to suck dick for a living
  4. OK - now that you have snarled all your usual nasty, ugly insults, isn't it time for you snivel pathetically about how MEAN other people are to you?
  5. So you admit there is no obejctive evidence of any kind for the existence of god. God for you. YOU: then how stupid would it be to keep asking for objective evidence of God's existence? I never did that. Just more of your endless, relentless lying. I wonder, If you ever stopped lying, would your head explode?
  6. I said no such thing, you fruit loop. Trying screaming some more made up crap. Maybe that will work.