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  1. Anyone in that restaurant who is a gun rights supporter and gun owner who did not draw their weapon to save the day should be charged with failure to protect.
  2. Yes, you already shouted that - but it STILL doesn't make it other people's job to support what you say. Go figure. YOU: Re-hashing the same Bad word over and over and over is rather boring. Well, watching you run around screaming "YOU have to support my crap!!" is ALWAYS fun. YOU: Of course you wouldn't understand that as you have no thought, just a punk ass'd noise maker displaying the empty space between his ears. More screaming, still no cite. YOU: That being said, if you'd care to debate the topic you're sticking your nose in - I'd be happy for you to take his position and I will gladly wipe the forum with your stupidity. While boring, it's always a pleasure watching you flame out... Until you support your crap, there is nothing to debate. Empty claims mean nothing. YOU: Have at it chump... Got that proof, yet?
  3. And yet it STILL isn't other people's job to support what you say, you lazy sack of shit. YOU: the stuff is posted literally in dozens of threads, and a hundred + posts. It does get old talking about the same Bad word over and over and over. Then you should link to one of those. Since there are "hundreds and hundreds", it should be a snap.
  4. So you can't support the stupid shit you bleat. What a shock.
  5. "Do you know what they do to soft, bald, overweight Republicans in prison, Ernest?"
  6. . Would be over before it started. Every single thing about you screams WEAKLING
  7. Yes, yes, you broken little whore - we know. "Nuh-UH! Nuh-UH! No, I'm NOT! YOU are! YOU are!"
  8. Yes, yes, you broken little whore - we know. "Nuh-UH! Nuh-UH! No, I'm NOT! YOU are! YOU are!"
  9. Still curled up in a puddle of pee, hiding in lies and fantasy and begging desperately for attention. What a sad little whore you are.
  10. In this case, yes, it most likely is. Trump has been Putin's bitch from the very beginning, so it is vastly more likely that he is continuing his slavish obedience. The idea that he would suddenly reverse his position is statistically far less likely. I don't blame you for being too fucking stupid to understand this - being a moron, you could hardly be expected to understand basic logic.
  11. I think this as well. Trump always goes for the "celebrity" to give his lies credence.
  12. Yeah - that's exactly what the lying, corrupt Watergate criminals screamed when they realized that THEY would have to give depositions under oath. Criminals like you always scream in panic as the cops get close. How did that lie work out for them again?
  13. Nope. Trump is desperate for ANYONE to save him, and Giuliani is an out of work has been. Giuliani needed the job, so he said what that delusional idiot Trump wanted to hear. "I can make it all go away for you!" "You CAN? You're HIRED!"
  14. So trump's "tough response" was just another Putin-directed fake performance for the cameras. Trump's record of being Putin's cowering and obedient whore is unblemished.