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  1. White is too old, fat and ugly now to offer men in bars sex for money (even drunken bar rats have standards), so she posts Russian propaganda for a few pennies per post.
  2. "Ooh hoo hoo! Harry is saying things I DON'T LIKE on an anonymous message board! I don't LIKE that! Somebody STOP him! I'm a VICTIM! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Poor Rippy, first you idiotically burble that Greta using a boat to get around has a big "carbon footprint!" (LOLOL), and now you whine like a little bitch and lie about what a VICTIM you are, because you are losing a debate with Harry. What a loser you are.
  3. ROTFLMFAO. Moron con stooge Rippy: "She's a hypocrite because using the wind to propel a boat has a big carbon footprint!" Rippy - basically too stupid to breathe.
  4. You are a child molester. Prove me wrong, or shut the fuck up. YOU: The goddamn data has been proven to have been altered to ensure a pre-determined outcome. Prove it. YOU: How many predictions of the envirowackos has transpired?Not that you or any of the other chicken little envirowackos will read any of tei because your not interested in any science that contradicts the false data and outright lies your elite one world masters have brainwashed you with. How many times do the AGW doomsday predictors have to be proven wrong to lay this climate hoax and money grabbing scheme to rest? LOLOL. Being told to support your bullshit with facts sure drives you into hysterics, doesn't it.
  5. ROTFL. 800,000 psychiatrists declare you to be a pathetic, whore. No, wait - it was 80 million. No, wait - it was 80 SQUILLION!!!!!!
  6. Yep. And he posts nonsense to get people to interact with him. Sure the interaction consists of him getting slapped and abused, but when you are a desperately lonely and ignored social reject like person, ANY attention is better than being ignored.
  7. Person pants with happiness when he gets played for a fool. At least it's better than being utterly ignored, as he is in real life.
  8. One lame insult? You must think people "take you to the woodshed" all day, every day of your sad life.
  9. Didn't happen. Bea is just permnently butthurt over multiple beatings I have dealt him over the years.
  10. LOL. Another bitter and pouty con stooge leaping in to slap away at me with his flaccid hands. ROTFL.
  11. And you know that a post under this nick was by me and not my son how, exactly? YOU: ... during an exchange you had with native where he asked you point blank and you responded No, I didn't respond, you poor frantic, desperate clown. YOU: That's a clear denial, DemoMan. Yes, that person DID deny they were me. Are you still struggling with figuring out that incredible mystery? YOU: I also quoted and linked a post on the same thread where Z09 implied you were Isabel and you wrote: You can shriek "YOU wrote YOU wrote YOU wrote" all you like you sad little clown. Until you prove it was me making those posts, you are still falling flat on your fat, weepy face. YOU: So go ahead and call me "drunk, stupid, insane, lying" while we all laugh at you. I will, as you are one of the most mentally challenged posters here, and the emotional scars I have inflicted on you over the years are, apparently PERMANENT. LOLOL. YOU: Do you see what I mean, kking? You're wasting your time trying to "debate" this CREATURE. And you'd be a fool if you though she is interested in honest debate. Keep begging, Bea. It's ALWAYS funny.
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