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  1. OK I live in Europe my taxes for health care are 10% dearer which means I have a total I mean total tax bill of something like 40%. If I learn less than 12,000 I pay nothing towards any of the text or social security charges, I am still entitled to free health care. If I see my doctor and I need a visit for a specialist I will normally be seen within 7 to 10 working days. For a visit to the doctor I pay him 25 I will receive in my bank account 20 back, I pay nothing for the specialist or the ongoing treatment if it is life threatening (cancer, tumours, accidents heart, disease) the list goes on. Remember if I earn 12,000 or less this all is still free, the timescale for visiting the specialist is not extended it simply free at the point of delivery. Assuming I am more than 12,000 I will whilst in hospital pay for my food, bed and room at a very reduced rate I think it is 12-15 per day. I can choose to have no additional top up insurance or to have the insurance and claim back 90% of my ongoing costs, it is under the current economic climate becoming increasingly more difficult to afford the additional insurance. However you look at the European system it is superior in my opinion to that of the US, as a poor person in Europe I am not discriminated against within the European health system.
  2. Being a UK passport holder, living in Europe as I do I am able to access health care in 27 I think, countries. As are US citizens that visit. Unfortunately without a really good insurance policy to cover the me visiting the US is unthinkable. The French system although not perfect dose seem to be state of the art as far as health care goes and ALL are welcome to use it as is there need. So I think the US has a log way to go and a lot to learn. For me no access to health care is unthinkable and is disrespectful to the very people that live and pay taxes there. I have visited the US with my expensive insurance policy in hand, when I asked the question why is the insurance TWICE that of any other country I was told "is simple any procedure in the US is TWICE THE COST"
  3. Hi all I live in France but hold a UK passport. I have over the years watched the US Policy on health care (or lack of it) with disbelief and amazement. I have travelled extensively through the world and my ideal holiday is to talk to the locals. One of the most asked questions is "is it true that the US has no universal health care system" So that said how do the richest nation in the world not supply universal health care for all like the UK. The UK system is far from perfect, BUT we all know that should we have a problem we can get help at any time anywhere in the UK/EUROPE. Whilst I listen to the debates through our media and you news networks, I find it hard to believe that in 2014 the US still leaves people without the MOST important thing in the world health care. I know the UK and the US are broke, it's when your broke your need is the most critical. So please don't tell me it's just about money or political wrangling. Thanks oldandugly?
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