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  1. Your missing the point. She is paying taxes!!!!!! You wont want to hear it, or believe it, but she has a ss# and likely takes the standard 0 deductions for fear of the ss# being flagged. She wont file for a return because she may be working on a # that multiple immigrants use. She is paying what is called the secrete immigrant tax, you can hardly get a cash job these days so this is how its done. It will never be fixed because the liberals like the massave amount of revenue it produces, moronic liberal's like politimom can keep a house slave for sub par wages an benefits, but hey she probably drives a Prius so it's ok... of course no one told her how batterys are made. While the republicans are too stupid to realise that by working with the immigrant community to increase visas, greencards and legal immigration for everyone immediately, could empower a party for the nxt 50 years. It's the democrats that want to use the immigrants, the republicans are too cought up in pandering to ignorance because of there own ignorance.
  2. Not to mention she won't file this apr. it's a secret tax on immigrant labor. How's it feel to own a slave poltimom? Lmao. Immigrates deserve better, hope she gets a fair freaking compensation, benies, and time off you privileged white elitist.
  3. If you have seen or read hunter s thompson's fear and loathing, he explains it best in the carnival casino passage.
  4. Nice. "Spam words" lol. Yeah Mitch i get tired of it too. Keep calm and what not.
  5. Ah thanks 5x5. For fucks sake mitch let the " I'm an atheist and therefore superior to you ignorant Christian" thing go. Minds won't be changed with that attitude. Plus as an atheist myself, life is made harder by this whole anti god I hate Christians movement. Leave the believers to spend there time believing, fight social bigotry with the proper argument. Ron.
  6. Its not as if he had both houses, and its not as if the gop has done everything in there power. Im skeptical of the belief that the dem's in power actually wan't single payer, a true single payer I could support with my red tie.
  7. You must have never met an australian or ever been to Australia. Lol. Yep fifteen whole dollars lmao. On the topic of healthcare. How did the democrats end up creating a massive gov sponsored corporate albatross. The very thing they despise. So tell me what was so hard about single payer that we ended up with this?
  8. Oh how similar the 2 are. They simpily pander to the other half of amercia. Remember when Americans where all fired up to attack syria, or that time the Un ensured the down fall of Libya, or that time we decided Egypt needed a regime change so we made sure it happened. Retread tires aren't new they only feel that way for a short while, then the tread explodes and you find your riding on the same old bald tires you hated so much before.
  9. Well I'm out. What is this third party you speak of? Reform party of the united states....The time is ripe to try again.
  10. Come on down. Good cheap living, lot's of culture. Trying for my engineering deg. Right now. Im far too weak for labor class living.
  11. We shall see. After Paul's election whom mitch did not support. He hired jesse benton, Paul's campaign manager surprisingly the tactics haven't changed for Mitch, its stale, and prime for upset.
  12. Yeah but this is kentucky. Everyone has dirt. Ever hear of aqua Buda. (Rand paul) She has been a fair secretary of state. Which is rare.
  13. Five. Move to rural amercia. Slow motion. Your not forced to buy insurance. Google search aca wavers. Thats what im doing. As for the dol and fica taxes, well your on your own with that.
  14. Grimes is one foxy lady, she also has my vote. She won't win. People in this state are dumb at times, but not dumb enough to give up a minorty leadership position.
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