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  1. If you want to deal in facts , which is always more fun, look up how Democratic presidents have done compared to hate party presidents over the last 60-70 years as far as the economy is concerned . The right is a total disaster as far as the economy or markets are concerned - It is so bad that you would be a complete idiot to invest in any market when their is a president from the hate party in office. This is always fun to rub in these zombie follower's of the right.
  2. If they don't destroy this great country they will bring it to a point that 95% of the population will be hurt by their actions. Now we have a group of haters in control and they are poisoning everything , They have no problem pissing on all the great values that this great country has, all driven by their hate and stewed up daily by their hate machine they put in office . The problem is they are so full of hatred that they don't understand they are working totally against their best interest, when the right takes to give to the golden few . they will take from everyone not just from the democrats.
  3. The screaming carrot gets in front of the camera lies distorts and bullshits his way through the speech so badly that literally the whole speech had to be run through the true and false machine to even get the slightest interpretation of what is going on. Good God people selected this maniac as their leader.
  4. These rednecks have to downplay this to support their pile of shit leader. They can't , he is totally stupid and supporting his shit is as stupid. NeoConvict quote showing that he has no clue was " It's less than SARS and far less than MERS. Likely lower than 1%" , so was he even close and does he have a clue NOPE! This new virus is sars it's name is SARS-CoV-2, Sars and Mers each killed less the 1000 people each while Corona virus has killed 115,000 world wide and his less then 1% kill bullshit is closer to 2% and probably 2% plus. These rednecks have no clue, they will repeat the screaming carrots lies and think they know it all. , they don't , they are as dumb as the screaming carrot.
  5. Ya when a thread is about The screaming carrot, the right responds about Hillary, Obama and Biden and now Sanders , like if someone did something in the past it makes it OK for the screaming carrot to do it now, he can't be wrong any way doing that routine. But they are dam well afraid to say anything good about this pig because even they know how stupid they will look doing it.
  6. These screaming carrot people know exactly what is expected of them. The screaming carrot picks them by whether they are weaklings , criminals , yes men and the first time they don't do what their dictator tells them to do , they are gone. His best picks dumped daily for people who will grovel, You people are pitiful and this countries biggest threat.
  7. https://www.c-span.org/video/?469599-1/department-homeland-security-fiscal-year-2021-budget-request&start=2071 The The screaming carrots head of home security talking about the democratic plot corona virus, The white wash of all times. asked what the death rate is for the Corona virus he said 2% then asked what the normal flue death rate was and he said the same about 2% , what a fuking lie . The normal death rate for the flue is .1% 20 times less then what this hate party puppet told the senate, You right wingers put liars and criminals as your leaders in government.
  8. Bullshit sole result ,if you are correct then match this show with a democrat. Won't happen in a million years ace. pic.twitter.com/gExCCRD5Hb
  9. Not really, I'm guilty of one thing even in your book and that is I hate this countries main threat and its main enemy, that would be you and the Screaming carrot. Which doesn't make me even different then most Americans , as most do as I do and hate this countries enemy's.
  10. You rednecks had a choice between 6 other candidates , you picked this one because of the slimy hatred and ugliness that came out of his mouth. That's who he is and brother that's who you are also.
  11. Biden has more baggage the Hillary you say , lets put this stupidity into perspective, you are comparing the democrats involved to the screaming carrot. Good God man, Ya you bet you have the facts , you my friend are a fucking idiot.
  12. At this point we know how ignorant the screaming carrot is but this defines totally who and what his followers are.
  13. pic.twitter.com/gExCCRD5Hb This says all that has to be said , on how straight out stupid this clown is and how stupid his followers have to be to except this air head God of theirs.
  14. I'll explain to everyone here what the problem is with the sight pic.twitter.com/gExCCRD5Hb" . It is a thread from twitter , they won't let lose of their sight forwarding without copy and paste magic. Which by the time I figured it out . I was no longer allowed to edit the thread. Catch 22 , so I had to respond in the second comment.
  15. This is your last pass , next nothing from you and you are gone.
  16. Try reading red neck My second post "just copy and paste this to the address bar.It's a hoot pic.twitter.com/gExCCRD5Hb"
  17. Wait a second , I responded to a very dumb comment from you that has no base in reality, better known as bullshit. You say something here that means something and I will respond with something different then the obvious that you are just like the rest of you zombie followers and that is being nothing but stupid.
  18. You either contribute or you are out of here. NO WASTING BANDWIDTH!!!
  19. just copy and paste this to the address bar.It's a hoot pic.twitter.com/gExCCRD5Hb
  20. This ones easy who would pick this piece of shit for their leader, the man is dead on stupid , but how stupid does it make his followers. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1081528992484610048
  21. You can't help being stupid , but you don't have to be totally boring also.
  22. No i said "Funny coming from the old fat white guy party. What a hoot. " which shows what a total hypocrite you are. If you need any other thing explained let me know
  23. a voice from another gun bubbas , next it will be a threat to kill me - I don't think I have ever seen one of these rednecks with their picture of gun in hand that doesn't get around with telling you they will kill you ultimately.
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