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  1. jbander

    Im Canadian

    Your points are very true, my country is a great country also , right now we are under the control of a hate group that years back was call the republican party. They exist for 1% of the population and have conned enough people to get their hate candidates elected. They care nothing about the workers in this country, they are perceived as the enemy to them. Business has had its highest profits in history from all the new wealth of the wealthiest country in the world , but we have a party who is threatening the capitalistic system here by taking away the one thing that makes capitalism work and that is the possibility of getting ahead by hard work. Since Reagan's trickle down lie nothing but pennies of this massive increase in wealth have gone to anyone except the top few wealthiest people in this country. But they would kill the golden goose so they can have it all. The biggest threat and enemy of this country is sitting in the white house as we speak. The patriots in this country are hoping for a nice long jail sentence for this criminal. That gets closer every day.
  2. What a clown group- you can't justify what scum bag does by what someone else does. That's the total brain dead response to the fact that scum bag is a scum bag. Something by the way ,that can be proven with 100 videos of scum bag himself in his own words proving he is a scum bag. This I must admit is quite the center for you hate party brain dead. Watching from the outside is great support for the democrats. So please continue
  3. That's when I'll get the most satisfaction, he trained them well with screw everyone/everything routine. When it comes back to bury him. It will be a beautiful thing. I want his hate group party to go down with him also. Another conservative voice will come about but it won't be based entirely on hatred. The new group won't be able to use the republican name because it will be to poisoned by that time. Maybe something like the Christian flag wavers party would work for its new name
  4. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    Buddy sorry but all you've done is just verified that you have no clue, so your beyond encyclopedias because you know it all. This conversations going no where so hasta luego
  5. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    Sorry buddy , you have no clue what socialism is, go to a encyclopedia get the definition , come back and with that new knowledge tell us how the democrats, the country or me are socialist or moving in that direction, by the way bring your source. If you think that you idea of democrats buying votes is any different then regressives promising tax cuts for everyone , your nuts. The last regressive president, Bush the liar, cut taxes when we have at that time 4.5 trillion dollars in debt and when he left, he had doubled the debt and increased the future debt with his tax cut and liars war to the tune of $6 trillion in deficits from 2009 through 2019 plus 1.4 t interest that will go along with that debt over that time. That isn't including the supplement program plan he put together for Medicare that is multiple trillions also. And unlike Obama who paid for Obama care, Bush the murderer (murderer of 5000 American hero’s) just dumped it on the deficit forever into the future. You need to look at it with a open mind, what you sau sounds like it came from Fox or Rush and listening to them is living blind.
  6. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    I have heard this before, their key problem is money and there is only one party that says no all the time, that's the regressives, do you think the major problem is something else. I don't mean is there any other problems, there's always problems. But your preaching to the wrong person , I believe that funding should increase in a big way for Va Hospitals. I have to say though that that getting through to what you need is only for one group of people and for the major population who have insurance, they go through a similar process as far as what you can get done. Sometimes it's just no and often it only can be done with their choice of operation or medications, Or after other things are done first, The point is it is just not the VA. I'm really sorry to hear about your hassle , that crap gets old quick, one of the people that's in a group I have, is going through the same things and he is bitter and that just gets in the way.
  7. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    Vets are dying, doubt it, there is a distance rule now. So I doubt it, It's quite simple actually, since I've spent over a 1/2 year of my life in hospitals. I feel at least I have a perspective. The regressive at every opportunity have turned down more funding for vet hospitals. The monetary problem is from the right. The quality of the care and how quick you get care is in almost direct proportion to what they charge. The more it cost , in general the better the care. The vet hospitals have better care then their cost would generally dictate. So for quality they are quite good. General hospitals are the cheapest and you don't get as prompt as care as you would at a expensive hospital. In fact I have horror stories of LA general hospital from years ago. People moving you to Phy therapy or xray and literally forgetting where they took you. Put that together with the fact you could be left in a hallway for 6-8 hours before they got around to giving you your xray. Or getting moved from one ward to another and spending 36 hours in the hall waiting for a opening. There has to be a balance with the cost of vets hospitals because in simple general terms, Regressives have the money to take them where they want to go for hospitals and they don't think the rest of the society deserves anything but rock bottom pricing on , well everything, including Vet hospitals
  8. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    And you still don't exist.
  9. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    And you don't exist
  10. jbander

    Medicare For Everyone

    Boy your really off the wall aren't you. You attack me for lying by saying massive amounts of Canadians come to us for health care. This is my comment"Regressives argue against Obama care by the fact that Massive amounts of Canadians and everyone else in the world come here for health care until they think they can make a point by the opposite , then they give you a remark like his about a million people getting health care out of this country" Now tell me in that comment how it is me saying that about Canadians coming here. Your to goofy for me, we are done. I won't respond to you again.
  11. No it wasn't Your post was in response to me pointing out that you would rather fantasize about my penis than tell the truth That's why there was so many lies in it ---------------------------------------------- The truth is beyond you Well yes it was, anyone who wants to can simply look at the heading and what you will find is" "Can a liberal statist please define gun nut for me?"The correlation between your penis is of course only in your mind but the correlation should be pointed out. It's simple, i think all license to carry should be on the condition of whether a person is doing it to show us his manhood or is it really for protection. I mean considering that violent crime rates of 2010 were 1/3 the rates of 1994? So if there is so little violent crime now ,gun goofiness should go down but it hasn't has it, it shows just how goofy the gun honchos are. Everyone who is looking at this phenomenon from the outside, if you per chance get to listen in on these bang bang boys in their conversation about guns and their perceived enemies, perceived reasons for them to carrying guns, you will join me in my laughter at these mochos.