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  1. What bothers me is the blind willingness that the right will except this to stay in power, just boost up the lies to their brain dead followers and no problem selling out this country and our constitution. They are this countries biggest threat and enemy. They have to go.
  2. Everything that scum bag does is on the top of the list of actions that all dictator use to raise the hate and ugliness needed to control any voice against their dictatorship, pulled 4 press passes from the liathon that his pres secretary spits out every so often. That crap tops the dictator list and the right supports this piece of crap.
  3. And the hate party stole it totally from the Nazi Party. Scum bag was very impressed with Hitler, read his speeches from his bed stand all the time. He loved the power of hate and how to make it work for you, exactly like Hitler.
  4. This was a experiment, This room is a waste. The people who are here own it and deserve it. Cartoon world. The rights new reality. I won't make this mistake again, It is all yours.
  5. You either contribute or your gone , No cartoons. Your wasting bandwidth
  6. Every stupid comment like this shows me just How well I got you by your nuts. So the best you have is nothing. Lots of nothing. Who should be impressed by that and who should waste their time with it. Bring something or your gone.
  7. Oh goody goody, back to the gibberish, Your on erase so if you want to play it will have to be somewhere else because I'm not going to sit around while you spew long sentences on minute ideas and thoughts
  8. Answer the fricken question, Justify this dictatorial act. From your God and leader. You chose this piece of crap, you put this dangerous pig in the most powerful seat in the world , You own him 100% and he is 100% evil/ So tell me how or why should I look around these facts. It took a majority of a group to put him in office , so that group is this countries biggest threat enemy and evil. Own it buddy or change directions, you have only those two possible steps. You are exactly who he is , You are him and he is you. all 88% of your hate group that supports him.
  9. I want to know how you haters are going to try to whitewash this beautiful piece of dictatorship. Executive privileged on the Mueller investigation. Gee I wonder why he's doing that. So white supremacist, Nazi's and KKK bigots tell us why he is doing this. Better yet tell us how you can support this his and claim to be a good American. You people don't care do you?????????????
  10. I think in a matter of a few years this hate group they call a party will die because of demographics and there is nothing better that can happen. The conservative voice will have to go through a serious airing out and start fresh with a group that isn't based on hatred and a long list of ugly other characteristic. I'll will gladly support with my time and money for a new conservative voice but they don't get my vote. If this next group is driven by hatred, they will have to go also. They are toast. The browning of American will take care of them. How would this hate group get these minorities and immigrants to vote for them after treating them like Bad word for many decades. Like I said they toast and nothing could be finer.
  11. You don't get to elect a monster and think you can walk away from it, saying it is only partisan politics. It isn't, you elected this countries biggest threat, you sold out your country.
  12. The right has tested the waters giving multiple reasons why they voted for him and they have been all a sham, unless they come up with something new as a excuse for electing this evil cruel man. They have tested the waters trying to find anything that would justify this act of hatred , there isn't any though , what they did do is elect this countries biggest threat.
  13. You simply have to keep on telling them, by holding their feet to the fire. The only way they will stop is if they are seen as stupid for believing what they believe. It then becomes hard for them to try to sell that crap here. Logic will get you very little with the brain dead. Never let facts get in the way of a opinion
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