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  1. Baby Bushes liars war was started from day one contracted with Halliburton and Carlyle the two biggest financial winner in that war. They literally started it for their pocket books. They murdered 5000 American hero's doing it. That is as defining of this hate group that is in power now as it gets. They have to go.
  2. This form of a right wing party is toast, it's simply a hate group, following the ultimate hater, They are dangerous and should be treated as dangerous but they have to go, not just their God and leader but his follower also to preserve this federation and it's values.
  3. Again point made. I will point out the fact that most of the guns in this country are owned by NRA wackos who have sold out this country already.
  4. God your boring if you don't contribute your out of here. You are wasting bandwidth. Say go ahead.
  5. When we get rid of Scum Bag, we still will have to deal with the supporters of his hate machine. Maybe chip them so they can be watched for the rest of their lives so they don't get another chance ever to destroy this country. Many of them came from under rocks that society has forced them under with it's morals, norms and conscience ,they have been kept there for decades till they found a voice in scum bag , so they came from out from under their rocks to drive scum bags hate party. The deal is they can be put back under those rocks. They won't go easily because they know they will never have their ugliness and voice in government for the rest of their life time. This country's values will keep them where they belong. Out of sight out of mind. That's what rocks are for.
  6. That and the fact that the pile of crap is supported by pond scum, makes what he wants possible. When we get rid of scum bag we still have to deal with his supporters , so they don't get another chance to destroy this country.
  7. If being thrown out of office was right in front of him, he would start a war in this country. Which he is grooming as we speak. Militarily he would have his Nazi Generals here do his bidding and keep it totally out off the Patriot Generals hands. This of course is what he does.
  8. What I get a kick out of is they have nothing to argue with other then bullcrap, that the puke onto each other and that makes it a fact, for these micro minds. This country wants him Impeached, thats the majority and as the process goes on only the true idiots will support him.
  9. We know there is a lot of hate driven people to drive the hate party, so we have to get rid of them. Put them back underneath the rock that they came from. I would rather be on the patriots side and lose then being on the right wing old fat mans hate party side, sell out my country, my constitution, my flag and win , with the support of the Nazi's , the white supremacists and the KKK. Supporting hate , bigotry, Homophobia, Chauvinism , Islamophobic, the hatred of blacks, Mexicans ,Muslims , government ,our American flag our constitution. The right are simply evil and have to be taken care of like any other infestation. By the way I'm not like the hate party , this comment has nothing to do with me using guns. There is better ways of disposing of them.
  10. Your siblings said that that was normal in your house hold/ and they said you were the lead in all of it.
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