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  1. This is a hoot kfool made it so I can't dump 123 , can't ignore him, He is breaking his own rules about being able to put people on ignore.
  2. What did I tell everyone , not one person from the right can even find on democrat who said they wanted open borders , these fucking red necks live on these lies , they are just a pitiful group of puss bag losers.
  3. Show me one democrat who has said they wanted open borders . I don't want open borders but I also want to stop your Nazi dictator to lock up little kids after taking them away from the parent s and then fucking losing them completely.
  4. Funny so she didn't ask for open borders ,is that the point, come on red neck Democrats want open borders, that means to freely walk in our out either way , who is asking for that red neck , fucking losers. This is a hoot. Show me the quote
  5. Fuck you red neck. Backed you red neck hero into a corner and I'm just laughing my head off while you red necks show and prove to the whole world what I've been saying about you for years , you people are fucking stupid. Simple question loser but it was to much for every single one of you rednecks , love it. One democrat which said they wanted open borders. How fucking simple can it be. Just have to bring your source because you would rather lie about everything because the truth always makes ass holes out of you.
  6. Ok that takes you directly to 123s doesn't it. Don't let your political position hurt the quality of this forum. You know I'm right.
  7. So my 60 word repeated response is spam and the goofball rednecks repeated response of thousands of words works for you ,ok. I'm right on this issue and I believe you know that ,so maybe a suggestion or comment would help your forum stay vital and worth the time. What do you think?????
  8. https://t.co/3WJEhYystM?amp=1 Looks like I'm right , since they can't answer what democrat say they want a open border they Respond with my best guess which is" MY best guess is they will do the last thing , just froth at the mouth. " I just love these boards if you are stupid it shows and these red necks willingness to display their stupidity is just wonderful.
  9. This is so easy , hay you scum bag supporters , tell me a Democrat who says they want open border. That's the question , nothing else , I don't care what Obama did just answer the question. This should be fun, since they have no answer my best guess is they will try to change the subject , just call me names , try to bluff their way through this or tell me how stupid I am or just froth at the mouth. MY best guess is they will do the last thing , just froth at the mouth.
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