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  1. I don't know since you can make all the claims you want... how about you come to my address and I'll be glad to show ya since you're the one with them ? lol
  2. tell me retard, whats it like to live in a dumpster in a bombed out shanti town [African-American slur]ville ? lol
  3. I love how the "N!ggers are really White people wrapped in black skin" crowd all come at me with the accusations of being on drugs, and living in a trailer park, supposedly full or roaches, mice and rats... and 150 infants crawling every which way from sunday... First of all... My in fact politically centrist self... I never used illegal drugs and I don't drink alcohol... but infact the way out of reality left is more likely to. As for Trailer parks... first of all its none of your fucking business what I live in, secondly.. I never lived in a trailer, a trailer park, a tent or anything else.. and this place here is developed more like the place your soccer mom raised you in, than what exists up there in that fuckin' bombed out shanti town than that n!ggerville full of DUMPSTERS that your fuckin' ass lives in today.. So go fuck yourself with your stereotypes... if you hate the USA so bad, get the fuck out of the USA, cya... don't want to be ya... shoo ! Thirdly the only house I ever lived with an infestation problem wasn't anywhere around here... but on 7th Street, in Philadelphia.. and my sister's boyfriend who was a squatter there... was about 19 or 20 years old. Fourth.. the infants. How many children I have is none of your business, I'll have all the kids I want calculated between what my wife and I decide to make. So how about you go back to raping your mom ? you know... the incest that goes on in blue states. lol
  4. you need to go back to the Al Sharpton forum lol
  5. And I'm providing you with the exact same info you claim to have, put into practice from not one, but four subjects all who went to the same school at the same time.
  6. whats the matter Furries Rock, afraid that you're the one full of shit ? lol
  7. The hair of a Mulatto produces more of its own oil than a Black... but needs more care than a White and still requires a Black barber shop or salon because of its course texture... messy. Mulattos have deficits in long distance running and Jumping against their Black counterparts, Deficits in Weightlifting, Swimming, Discus Throwing and Wrestling against their White counterparts. Mulattos have deficits in hot weather endurance compared to their black counterparts, and deficits in cold weather endurance compared to their White counterparts. Mulattos are often victims of conflicting, competing household rules.... go Ask the teacher what that does. Mulattoes are more susceptible to European flus and colds and pneumonias than their white counterparts, and more susceptible to malaria and tropical fevers than their Black counterparts That's from Four mulattos that I seen in school. So you want to try again ?
  8. Mixed European ethnicity = a wider margin of communication. Mixed Race = Shorter average lifespan that the race with the longer lifespan... conflicting human instinctual behaviors, a wider margin for disease, both opportunistic and hereditary. Possible Conflicting physical traits making them statistically not as good as either one or the other in anything that they do best. A conflict of interests socially as well. So much for your idea of any kind of an advantage.
  9. Alexa just asked me if I have any delusions of myself, or anybody else being accepted by other groups... I said no... I know full well that white people are not accepted by n!ggers, we never have been, and I don't give a flying fuck... that's the difference. I also know that white people are not widely accepted by less white latins... and the less white they are, the less they like us. I don't give a fuck about that either. And I don't give a fuck what part of Europe you're from... you're white.. She said "But I'm Half French, Half Italian, Romande Swiss" ... I told her "A Puerto rican is a quarter n!gger, half Spanish and a quarter Caribbean native" and they hate you too... so you want to try again ya big white girl ? She shut up. lol
  10. When are n!ggers going to understand that I don't date n!ggers ? There is no such a thing as equal opportunity entry into personal lives. And there isn't even equal opportunity employment for that matter... Unless I'm running a company or a Franchise or some other large, impersonal business or entering ONLY (certain) contracts. If the n!ggers want to stay mad because white people aren't dating them... then they can stay mad. I don't date n!ggers. If you feel discriminated against, please hire a lawyer and try to sue me.
  11. My wife asked why I won't adopt a Black child. I told her exactly the truth. Because we're not black. We solve one of his problems, and what we'll do in the end is create more. He needs Black parents, and go make his Black friends and go do the best he can as a Black guy. We also don't know how to take care of him properly, and we're not the most welcome people in the world in businesses in neighborhoods that do. We don't fit in with his people.. and his people don't fit in with us. This isn't Britain or France where most if not all the races get along... and we're not the magical creator of change.. We're a creator problems for the kid and for us too. The fact of the matter is he's Black, and he needs to learn how to interact with other Blacks because He's going to interact with other Blacks much more so, because he's Black. He needs to be a good Basketball player, maybe not a professional.. but he needs to know the game and be able to compete in it, he needs to keep up and maintain black fashion trends within his own people, he needs to be culturally in tune amongst his people and participate in the things that his people do... he needs to believe the things that his people believes.... He needs to pull his weight within his people. We can't do that for him, and We can't even begin to take him there. Him and his people need to develop organically. Then she says... "But you people brought him here"... I said.. First of all that's not true.... Britain and the Netherlands, back then it was Holland.. are the ones who did. And secondly... back in the days of slavery... his ancestors were slaves.. they were not taken care of by us... also, the black community was much more in advance of what they are today, back in times past... percentage wise they had more lawyers and businessmen in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.... today his mom had to get rid of him because she couldn't afford him. So when do you think that they were better off ? So that argument that we brought them here, doesn't add up either. The fact is we Cannot take care of him... we'll create a Black, Franco-Brit American between us.. you want to do that ? He'll never get along like that... and you'll have us harassed. So forget it.
  12. Typical kraut... big mouth until we Brits and Latins shut it for ya by knocking your white honky teeth down your throat. lol
  13. You know my address motherf)ucker... you know my address... come try to break my jaw. lol
  14. All at once bitch boy, take your fuckin' white honky ass back to krautland.
  15. I told 6 Germanic peoples the same thing to their faces in Pennsylvania when I visited the Liberty Bell where I'm from, 3 months before. They don't want a fight because they know I'll kick their f)uckin' a)ss.
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