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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Barry makes the Secret Service buy it for them.
  2. How much longer can the legal US citizens live under this type of idiocracy? 2016 will be just another debacle if we make it that far along.
  3. All of a sudden Christie is the "new" enemy of the Dems? Ah Hillary is at it again getting ready for 2016 I see. Where is Goldwater when we need him?
  4. This government is like a poorly run brothel, everyone is screwing everyone else and the only ones who get paid are the pimps.
  5. War in the USA is an unwritten amendment in our constitution. Just like anything else the politicians are all lawyers and are free to interpret our laws as they feel fit. Hence this country is unraveling faster than Al Gore's new book, "I Invented Everything" with a forward written by Bill Clinton.
  6. Politics is a dirty game, so don't whine about Christie blackmailing some flunky mayor. As you have seen the Hillary election group is hard at work hand in hand with the media badmouthing Christie every time he takes a breath. The one feasible Republican candidate is getting a political beat down. That's what happens when you enter the "Game". All is fair in love war and politics.
  7. Canadian healthcare is so good that a large number of Canadians come here to be treated because the wait time is several months or longer for specialists.
  8. When will Republicans stop lying? ???. When will Democrats stop lying, after all of us are on welfare, maybe.
  9. How many Americans died in these wars? Too many. We are still involved in war and always will be. That's how the world works thanks to our so called leaders who do what they are told by their handlers.
  10. Facebook is someones life history gone postal. Who cares if you eat bean sprouts with your ice cream? People are off the hook nowadays.
  11. Clinton or Biden, that's no choice. Clinton is the consummate black widow and Biden has never been anything but a hot air bag.
  12. Our political system has run amok. The government believes it knows what is best for "us". If big business ran like this government does it would be belly up in a week. Flush twice and start over.
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