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  1. BranchManager

    what are ya'lls plans for MLK Day?

    Ah bee goze tuh Didneylan.
  2. BranchManager

    what are ya'lls plans for MLK Day?

    I plan on working tomorrow, like a human being.
  3. Stand your ground... against NlGGERS!!!
  4. BranchManager

    More Black on White Violence

    Negroes sexually assault, beat, shoot, murder, rape, etc., humans.
  5. Obama is a down-lo Kenyan spook.
  6. BranchManager

    Change The Gun Laws And Gut The Nra

    The Negro hordes would attack the humans of America, if strict gun controls were put into place.
  7. BranchManager

    Your Favorite Old Sitcom?

    Good Times Shows the Negro in its urban habitat.
  8. BranchManager

    Your favorite hymn or praise song

    Camp Town Race is my favorite.
  9. BranchManager

    Obamacare: Negative To American Economy

    Oblame-o Care was put in place to get people's minds off the horrid economy. All true, but these brain dead libs just don't get it. Their Dumbocrats in Congress are just in bed with Big Business as are the Republicans.
  10. BranchManager

    Observations about Facebook

    Facebook sucks. No freedom of speech on there, at elast not in the legal/consitutional sense.