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  1. I would image most of you are upper middle class or rich. How can you live with moron's like Barry Joe and Pelosi making life and death decisions for you? Must have the shallow end of the gene pool on this thread.
  2. Newton another yapping dark face in the coal bin. I wonder if he knew Holder back in the day maybe they did some monkeyshines together?
  3. The Liberal is a body without substance, a mindless automaton following the piper's every tune.
  4. I would bet Obungler will try and name a school after Mandella. Maybe Mandella's High School for Disruptive Children.
  5. I disagree Duhtee he got himself killed. It was bound to happen and it did end of story.
  6. It's amazing that liberals can walk and chew gum at the same time. They are the Pelosi's, Waxman's, Boxer's, Finestein's Frank's Schumer's. The list is endless as is their unquenchable thirst to destroy America.
  7. He may be your hero but if you were white and lived in SA you were his enemy and probably paid with your life. Mandela was the black Hitler and Winnie was Dr. Mengele.
  8. Dayum bro you have some nasty teefeses. Maybe use your FREE healthcare plan to get them fixed. Remember no grape drank or kool aid for 3 hours after leaving the dentist in your case construction crew.
  9. MLK was just another race pimp, a womanizer and a big booze hound. What did he do, nothing really he was helped by the Kennedy's to make a name for itself. Kind of like Jess and Al in the 21st century, drop the n word and the Al and Jesse team are at your door for a payoff.
  10. So Obungler was caught in another "fib" and what about The Black Widow Clinton? Joe Biden was counting cattle wandering across the Canadian Border and immediately called in backup.
  11. If Al Gore is any indication that Global Warming is the real thing, then you Americans are in for a real buggering. One of his profound Global Warming scientific facts was that "The earth's core is several million degrees". I assume that Al has Joe Biden as his Chief Factition. Another observation I have made that Obama is always talking the talk when it comes to being "Green" then he and his dysfunctional family fly off into the sunset on Air Force One spewing hundreds of pounds of pollutants into our atmosphere.
  12. People vote hoping for the best candidate. I lived in the US for many years working for a firm that will remain anonymous. From what I have seen in those years is Democrats are the more liberal and feral while the Republicans are more level headed and tend to be more forth coming with a solution rather than call the opposing party and their constituents names i.e. racist, terrorists, Nazis and other terms you Americans love to use. As for the jobs issue, how many jobs has your current president "actually not imagined" saved, recouped or made since his many unfulfilled promises?
  13. Government run or otherwise mandated insurance of any kind isn't for the peoples benefit. It is in fact for the benefit of big business and the political vermin who use any excuse lie or dirty trick to stay in office. The people are just the pawns.
  14. From what I see here in Canada, Obama isn't even close to being rated at all unless of course you consider the "Worst President" scenario.
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