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  1. Yeah Biden already called for the end of troops a little later. Yeah he is ruining everything. Lol 😅🤣😅
  2. @Imgreatagainyou live in a red state huh. 😂 😂
  3. I'm just glad the guy survived. Shit the way they are executing people these days. And being white obviously paid off for him. I love my white privilege.
  4. And did trump.win your state out right. Or lose the election. And are you in a red state?
  5. I just think it's funny you had six ballots.
  6. Yeah and you guys were whinning at what trump did to himself. See.
  7. Just look at the way they treated the clintons.
  8. Blocking bork doesn't justify not voting. They voted on bork and seated a supreme under Reagan. They just didn't block the whole process like McConnell and the radical right wing did.
  9. Its pretty simple. You advise and consent not block like McConnell and the radical right did. Never happened before in our history.
  10. But six blanker want to gaslight like the democrats have done what this last republican lead Senate has done. Which isn't true at all. But it makes him feel better to say the democrats are blowing up the system. It's funny as fuck.
  11. Obviously they don't they are not going to expand the court after the republicans blowing the whole system up by denying votes.
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