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  1. Why would the government try so hard to save lives though?
  2. I was correct about the electoral college. The only state I missed was Georgia. But it's going to be close when it comes to 2022. A year is a long time.
  3. Well I can find a bunch of reasons why the government would off 600,000. But if I thought it was manufactured I think they wouldn't of pushed so hard to protect the public. And if I was going to exterminate millions of people I would of done what trump did.
  4. You think trump knew the virus was released and did nothing and preached against covid protocol on purpose. Hmmmmm that's interesting.
  5. And then they finish off the rest with Jewish space lasers. Then the lizard people can take over because of global warming.
  6. I think they made the calculation if they don't win it's fraud. Which isn't anything new in republican politics.
  7. Oh they will make something up to make it look like it wasn't a mistake. That is a given. But just like rudy they won't claim it in court.
  8. I think they just don't want to be shot in the country. It alot easier to find people to pan in a city. Got a bigger chance of getting money the more people you see. I guess we look at it differently.
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