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  1. An education is the very thing that has brought us the economy that we have. Having an education or have the opportunity to be educated is something to not take for granted.
  2. It's how poor kids get out of poverty. An education is benefit you don't have to teach an employee basic math.
  3. So happy a government official that lied to the f.b.i. got off.
  4. Kinda funny how the right wing was cheering Comey go after that bitch and now all of the sudden is against the very institution. Funny what a few years will do.
  5. It's like he was here yesterday folding up the right wing underwear up their ass.
  6. So Barr gets one of the Trump's off and you right wingers are overjoyed that a liar got off. Good for you clowns. Lol
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