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  1. I love how fake news works. Here is a fine example of it.
  2. Lol lmao. I noticed ben carson.
  3. Yeah pence would be better than rump. And would be a lame duck just like trump.
  4. Last i checked everybody can own guns unless you broke the law.
  5. Mcconnell put the congress on roving vacation keeping trump from foring mueller or session in a recess appointment. Lol lmao
  6. McConnell's worm is turning

    They blame him for obamacare still living. But its not thst easy. Oh well bye bye mcconnell. May you rot in hell.
  7. 1.8 billion people are for isis. Ah no.
  8. National Anthem

    Stop the video spamming.
  9. Rober E. Lee & Monuments

    Good post fallopian way to change your mind about statues.
  10. Lol lmao. Eating yourselves. Gotta love it. Mcconnell will come out hard against trump obstruction.
  11. Russia Probe Fingering Tramp

    The noose gets tighter.