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  1. Lol lmao. He only wanted to divide poland with Russia and sign a treaty that he later broke to attack the communist which were his sworn enemies in germany. 😂
  2. Well that explains going to war with most of the world.
  3. You know people with their head up there ass always smell shit.
  4. You can literally show a flat earthier the earth is round and they will say that's fake news. They will literally call you a liar.
  5. I know these type of forums are not very popular with social media a big thing so I never want to bang anybody. Ever. I've never hit the report button on anyone that I can think of.
  6. I heard kfools will let you be mod if you show us gay porn. You and your uncle's gay porn is fine.
  7. Can't you make a decision without other people telling you what to do? Damn trumpists.
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