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  1. That's his best one, DJ QBert. He's actually a Filipino man from California. He does a funny southern accent:
  2. Only if you are the moderator! Nobody else can see it but you! Perhaps you shouldnt be the moderator. I doubt your qualifications.
  3. There I have you. You see Obama was against NAFTA but we still have not only it but TPP. Now, unless you are, as Douglas Adams suggests, that some people are like sheep who are amazed by the same color of the grass everyday, a sheep, you will put two and two together, and say to yourself: Just as Obama was against NAFTA, then Bernie is against TPP. I can infer that they are in the same party and therefore possibly both making fabrications prior to getting elected.
  4. Perhaps you Democrats can give my IP address to the NSA and they can send police to bring me to the poll to force me to vote at gunpoint, frighten me into believing that the lies you tell are different from Republican lies, whilst at police gunpoint while I'm voting, look over my shoulder and tell me how great you made things in the 60s, while I, secretly afraid of the thought police, in the deep recess of my mind, ponder that old people were brainwashed at a young age in the 1950s into believing in American greatness and still foolishly pursue it while the disillusionment of new generations becomes absolute.
  5. Oh, we know what is in TPP. ... http://stoptpp.org/
  6. I sometimes think so myself, that's why I actually have voted for both these women in the past. On the other hand, since half of Americans don't vote, maybe it's showing solidarity with the masses to refuse to vote, and more importantly, it shows that I actually don't want to be an American at all, because people who are not american dont vote in American elections. Voter abstention is still a form of protest, perhaps the more grave or serious kind, to not merely be lazy, but actually to forcefully NOT vote, to be registered, have an ID, live right by a polling place, and on that day know it is happening but refuse to do it. Maybe as proof of not being lazy, I can walk up to the door of the poll, sit there for 10 minutes, then leave without voting, to say I showed up, thought about it, then decided against it!
  7. There is no real new position, except occasionally I feel nicer and think I will vote for Sanders in the Primary in March, but then people like you from the Democrat party seem so stupid and make me so angry, that I think: shove it, I don't want to be one of these people, I'll vote for jill stein or Gloria la riva again, who are all basically like Sanders politically. Then sometimes I feel more negative and think, perhaps I will be more at peace not voting at all. It's a real source of frustration for me.
  8. He thinks of "main street" as he calls it. Yet he makes TPP, which is much worse for mainstreet than NAFTA, which is why they call it NAFTA on steroids. If we need to end super-delegates, then we shouldnt vote. I can see no reason for you to vote in an election which you think super delegates are an abomination. Super-delegates help democrats keep their elitist candidate in power rather than anyone like Sanders who can otherwise woo the voters away.
  9. I just have to stay focused. I live right by a polling place. If I can remain focused, I wont walk in there and vote lackadaisically. After the elections, I will feel liberated and at peace with the world, having focused on not voting and rejection of the 2 party system.
  10. In particular I found Obama's numerous promises to do something about NAFTA, which you can watch on youtube, quite endearing. Strangely, he didnt do anything about NAFTA but secretly helped Wall Street bankers to make TPP, known now as NAFTA on steroids. If he has no power to do something, he should not say he will do it. I am not voting for Sanders just for fun, if he can't back up his words by at least 75% action then what is the point of voting, just for kicks? Peace out. Probably super-delegates will give it all to Clinton anyway. They have these elections rigged with super-delegates and the electoral college.
  11. Funny, a Canadian woman from Ontario once called me a "frog". I assumed it was because she thought I was French, as it's a French racial slur. I didnt really care, because for one I am not French, and it seemed an old-fashioned thing coming from this woman, I could barely take it seriously. I don't resemble a frog. Also this woman loved NYC and considered herself a Canadian New Yorker. Some of her stuckup attitude I attributed to her imaginary New York affiliation. What about out west away from the east coast? I was really thinking to avoid the east coast period. It's a place with a lot of hate! That's why I chose British Columbia. BC is the most ethnically diverse area of Canada with a lot of Asians and people half Asian. That's why in Canadian TV shows they often have a half-Asian woman who is half Canadian white from like BC. If you come into the USA you will find all kinds of divisions you didnt know were there. The biggest is North Versus South, but there are smaller ones like Maine versus Massachusettes. I've noted serious animosity between these two states, and Maine seceded from Mass. Used to be one. They call each other names. Mainers call people from Mass "Massholes". They do seem that way in Mass! Well, good luck immigrating into this shithole. Sanders is probably telling lies BTW. You will find a great disparity between what Dems say and do. If we want Sanders to keep his word we will really have to ride him closely. They lie during Campaigns. It's all populism.
  12. I know you democrats don't respect privacy, that's why you support the NSA and want to prosecute Edward Snowden. I understand of course, I have to be a cliche because I am an American. Don't you wish you were free to have a positive life without old rich people and their 2 party system? I can live a positive life without the geriatric and their 2 parties. Don't let old people and their politics drag you down in your life. Refusing to vote might make you a better, less angry person. Perhaps learn another language like Esperanto. I learned Esperanto, created by a Polish Jew named Zamenhof. It makes you feel good to speak a language that's not American English where the people are not all brainwashed American English speakers.
  13. You see, he's a Canadian in Florida, he must be a rich member of the elite. They come online to troll seemingly in confusion about what people are actually thinking about them. It's like how they tried to put that guy Goni into Bolivia and the Bolivians went crazy protesting. All the time the elite guys were like calmly confused by events until they spiraled out of control. You can tell he's a Canadian because he likes Doughnuts. He misses Tim Horton's in Florida! Florida: flat, hot, and stupid. Ready for the next oil spill/hurricane. USA is run like a battleship. They want to order you around as if there was a hierarchy of command with the top level officers being infallible. Any question of authority would be put down as a threat to the battleship, possibly keel-hauled.
  14. I am not a racist at all. You think I am an anti-semite, but in fact I am probably upwards of 40% Jewish myself. I can pass off as Jewish and have Jewish friends. I was just talking shit about them freely because I know they are banker bastards, but I have enough of the Zehnder, Snyder, and Knoblauch to talk shit if I feel like it. So there I perplexed you. Why are thousands protesting against TPP in Chile if the trade deal does so much good? These fast track trade deals only came about in 1970s. So literally the history of the USA does not show these type of trade deals. If I think the USA can be brought back to the "good old days" you geezers grew up in, then ending Fast Track Trade deals is the way to go! You assholes always talk about how great 50s and 60s were. What made them special? For one they didnt have these trade deals that picked up in the 70s and into 80s. Don't underestimate how bad these trade deals are! Nobody in Latin America wants them. They pave the way for giant corporations to sue governments that restrict them. They hurt the little people. Only a rich elitist like Obama would pursue these things. Sanders is against them! I'm voting Sanders. Point by point, if I wanted Universal Healthcare, I would vote for a candidate who promised it like Clement Atlee PM in UK! Not fake-liberal obama-care payoff to giant corporate health insurers.

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