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  1. What is worse is many of the veterans are being robbed by congress. The fact is that recently to avoid a "Shutdown" where government workers get paid vacations. Congress decided to cut veteran pensions. This equates to a bout a 20% cut at the end of the 10 years! This will "save" us 6Billion, but what it really is is theft! This is what they signed up for, dying and fighting for. And all of a sudden we are stealing that money, while going into more unsustainable wars! It's atrocious! Oh and don't forget that 355BIllion is now given to a nuclear plan for the next 10 years.. wtg congess! W
  2. I've noticed a growing trend of fake liberals & progressives. These guys stood side by side when I and many posted the corruption and abuse of power that had gone on during the Bush administration. These guys would point out how our wars of aggression are causing destruction, mass murder, and chaos all on the backs of the US tax dollars and the lives of our soldiers. I remember clearly these guys protesting with me against the patriot act and it's invasion of privacy. I remember the call for his impeachment for war crimes when he had opened Gitmo. Yet here we are, with Obama who foll
  3. My thoughts on this are simple: ACA is a load of corporate nonsense. It takes away liberty I don't see how any self proclaimed "liberal" would accept it. I wouldn't accept Romney care and I certainly won't accept Obama care. The fact is Obama is about as liberal as Hitler. TPP: where he is pushing for monopolies and copyright extensions for multinational corporations. ACA where is giving the worst people power over our healthcare system: These corporations were the one's who dropped people when they got sick and made tens of millions (Aetna ect). These corporations were the same
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